My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 574 - Staged Crash

Chapter 574: Staged Crash

However, just because she did not strike up a conversation, it did not mean that the old master would not!

Judging by Old Master’s personality…

Zhong Nuannuan lowered her head with a slight smile hanging at the corner of her lips, invisible to the old man. She walked toward him.

When the old master saw Zhong Nuannuan walking towards him, he quickly covered his mouth with his hand and whispered to the two bodyguards following closely behind him, “Go! Go! Both of you, go away! Don’t obstruct my flow.”

The guards obeyed and immediately walked toward another fork in the road. It was as if they were never on the same path as the old man.

At this moment, Zhong Nuannuan was getting close to the old master.

Seeing this, the old man threw everything he had into this performance and fell to the side.

The guards who kept some distance from the old man widened their eyes in shock.

The old man had originally wanted to stage a crash with Zhong Nuannuan. However, he failed to notice the electric-powered scooter coming from behind him, and it was very fast.

Seeing the old man suddenly fall toward her, the woman on the electric-powered scooter screamed. Yet, it was too late for her to hit the brakes. The scooter came flying toward the old master’s body.

The old master jumped when he heard the scream, but it was too late. After all, he did not live in a place where something as dangerous as the electric-powered scooters ran wild in the street. Hence, he did not think too much about it when he tried to stage crash into his granddaughter-in-law. It was too late for regrets now.

The bodyguards were dumbfounded. They wanted to rush forward to save him, but because of the old master’s orders, they were too far away from him.

Just when everyone thought that they were going to die, Zhong Nuannuan extended a leg and kicked the electric-powered scooter. With one hand, she stopped the old master from collapsing, and with the other, she held onto the person riding on the scooter.

Then, as the scooter was kicked away, she held onto both people.

The person riding the electric-powered scooter was a woman in her forties. At that moment, her face was frozen with fear. When Nuannuan kicked her electric-powered scooter away, it emitted a loud bang and shattered into pieces. Only then did she recover from her shock.

The old master was obviously surprised by this sudden scene.

He was simply surprised—joyfully, even—not scared.

He did not expect his granddaughter-in-law to be such a strong girl with quick reflexes.

As expected of Old Chi’s granddaughter-in-law!

This skill was comparable to a trained soldier!

Of course, Old Master Chi had investigated Zhong Nuannuan’s family background in detail. Although she was from a military family, she had been abducted by human traffickers at the age of three.

For the past 14 years, she had been living in a remote and backward village. It was only when the family that had purchased her passed away one after the other in a car accident a year ago that she had gone online and found her original family through Baby Come Home.

It could be said that Zhong Nuannuan was a girl with no background, and her status could not be compared to the wealthy ladies in Emperor District.

However, to become the Chi family’s granddaughter-in-law, she only needed to fulfill three conditions.

Firstly, Chi Yang must like her; secondly, she must treat him well; and thirdly, she must be a person of admirable character.

The Chi family did not lack anything except family members.

Therefore, when he first heard that his eldest grandson had actually gotten married and reported his marriage, Old Master Chi’s nearly withered heart was instantly revived.

If that was not utter happiness, he did not know what was!

However, after finding out that his grandson had filed the marriage report because he was set up while attending a banquet…

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