My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1807 - Not Easy to Fool  

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Chapter 1807: Not Easy to Fool

“Teacher Zhong, it’s just a competition between classes. Friendship comes first, and competition second. How could someone play well with somebody they don’t like? What’s the point of the game, then?”

Teacher Zhong was really speechless when faced with these rich and powerful parents.

Just as she was about to retort, Lil Sun stood up.

“But your daughter and I aren’t friends. I never agreed to pair up with her.”

Lil Sun’s words almost made Nangong Nuannuan laugh out loud.

This little expert was really giving this girl a slap in the face.

He had not said anything earlier because he wanted Li Xinjie to draw some attention to herself first.

Under her mother’s depressed gaze and Li Xinjie’s reddened eyes, Lil Sun walked up to Li Xinran and asked, “You don’t want to be with me anymore?”

“I do!” Li Xinran quickly nodded.

Although she knew that this would make her aunt and Li Xinjie unhappy, she was ostracized in class because she did not have a mother. Only the little Nan Xu was willing to be her friend. She did not want to lose this friend, so even though she knew that her aunt would teach her a lesson back at home, she still nodded without hesitation.

“Xinran!” Li Xinjie’s mother called out, and her gaze was thick with threat.

Although Li Xinran was very afraid of the way her aunt was looking at her, she only bit her lips and did not change her mind.

“Since Li Xinran and Nan Xu have no intention of changing partners, Li Xinjie, you should team up with Wang Hongjin.”

“Teacher Zhong, wait.”

Li Xinjie’s mother quickly walked up to Li Xinran and bent down to say to her, “Xinran, you’re my niece. Usually, Xinjie lets you have anything you want. Why aren’t you willing to let your sister have this small thing?”

“So, in your eyes, am I just a commodity? You should let me decide what I want for myself. I’ve already said that I’m not friends with your daughter, yet you still insist on making me team up with her. What right do you have to do that?”

Seeing that Nan Xu was being so disrespectful at such a young age, even though Li Xinjie’s mother was unhappy and felt that this child was too arrogant, she could not say anything. Even Yuan Anmin could not afford to offend his aunt and future uncle, let alone the Li family.

Li Xinjie’s mother put on a smile, “Nan Xu, boy, you’ve misunderstood Aunty. How could Aunty treat you like a commodity? You and Xinran are good friends. You should know that Xinran and Xinjie are sisters, right? Think about it. You’re both friends. If you only get along with Xinran but not with Xinjie, wouldn’t Xinjie be sad? She and Xinran used to be so close. Could it be that they drifted apart because of you? If you can be friends with Xinran, why can’t you be friends with Xinjie too? You should have a good relationship with the both of them. If you’re friends with both of them, they’ll both be very happy!”

“So you’re saying that if I want to be friends with Li Xinran, I have to be friends with Li Xinjie too? And if I want to continue being friends with Li Xinran, I have to pair up with Li Xinjie in this competition?”

Li Xinjie’s mother, “…”

Everyone said that children were easy to fool. Why was Nan Xu so hard to fool, then?

She had initially wanted her Xinjie to be friends with this bigshot and not let that little b*tch, her annoying niece, pair up with him. Who knew that this little bigshot would see right through her?

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