My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1236 - Adulterer

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Chapter 1236: Adulterer

In the end, even though he was the young master of the Nangong family, Eagle’s security was tight. Without someone to lead the way, no one could enter. Hence, Nangong Ze could only call Chi Yang.

Although the Nangong brothers harbored ill intentions toward him, Chi Yang understood that they were still his brothers and uncles. Chi Yang did not dare to neglect them, so he called Nuannuan and asked her to personally fetch Nangong Ze in.

Currently, Nuannuan had nothing else to do for now. After receiving the call, she went out immediately. She drove herself out because there was quite a distance to cover from the combat headquarters to the main entrance.

After departing in her car, she found Nangong Ze already waiting for her outside. Seeing her in the car, he asked happily, “Nuannuan, are you leaving already?”

“I’ll wait for Big Brother Chi Yang and Eldest Uncle. It seems like they’ll only be done in around an hour.”

“I see.” Nangong Ze’s eyes twinkled as the gears in his head started moving. “Nuannuan, do you know that there’s a roadside stall that sells delicious skewers? Everyone in the special forces here loves them.”

“Really?” Nuannuan’s eyes lit up. For a foodie, this was definitely the right thing to say.

“Haven’t Chi Yang brought you there yet?”

Nuannuan shook her head.

“He’s too irresponsible. How can he not bring you to such a delicious place?” Nangong Ze took the opportunity to smear Chi Yang’s name.

“He’s busy.” How could Nuannuan not know what these elder brothers, uncles, and her grandfather were thinking? They were unhappy because they failed to find a chance to show off.

Nangong Ze was a smart boy too. Seeing that Nuannuan had started defending Chi Yang, he ended the topic immediately.

“This is the military base’s car, right? Why don’t you park this car here, and I’ll take you to that place that sells skewers? We’ll come back after we eat, and by then, they’ll probably be done with their work.”


Nuannuan got into Nangong Ze’s car without a second thought. Nangong Ze even thoughtfully helped Nuannuan fasten her seatbelt.

Nuannuan smiled at Nangong Ze. Finally at the receiving end of Nuannuan’s gentleness, Nangong Ze mustered up the courage to reach out and pat Nuannuan’s head.

This was compulsory for an elder brother.

If an elder brother had never patted his younger sister’s head, then he did not deserve to be an elder brother.

Today, Nangong Ze had finally fulfilled his wish. However, he was afraid that Nuannuan would be angry, so he only patted her head twice. Not just that, he even pretended to pat her head accidentally.

However, the sensation of patting her head felt amazing.

How he wanted to pat her head again…

Even though Nangong Ze was convinced that he ‘accidentally’ patted Nuannuan’s head, Nuannuan detected the stiffness in his movements as he was unfamiliar with this. It was completely different from how Big Brother Chi Yang patted her head as though he wanted to push his hand into her hair.

Nuannuan glanced at Nangong Ze and saw the embarrassment in his eyes, feeling an awkward embarrassment rising too. “Let’s go.”


Nangong Ze received the order and brought his younger sister to eat roasted meat immediately.

What they did not know was that there was a woman watching them from afar.

Or rather, they were aware that the woman was looking at them. Yet, since they did not know her, they did not think much of it.

However, in the woman’s eyes, Nuannuan and Nangong Ze were flirting behind Chi Yang’s back.

After all, how could just any man and woman be so intimate with each other?

Watching the car as it rolled away, the woman’s eyes were practically glowing.

What Nuannuan did not know was that not long after the car left, a woman dressed in a camouflage suit with two lines and two stars on her insignia appeared at the door.

This woman was none other than Hong Feixu, the same woman who had long coveted Nuannuan’s Big Brother Chi Yang.

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