My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1218 - Delivery For You

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Chapter 1218: Delivery For You

“As for you… You shouldn’t pester Big Sis Luna all the time too. After all, you don’t have feelings for her, so you should avoid leading her on. Otherwise, what’s the difference between you and a scumbag who keeps her around to receive the love she has for you while never promising her in return?”

Feng Shengxuan gritted his teeth and said, “Did you just call me a scumbag?”

That was indeed what Dan Qi thought, but for the sake of his teeny life, he continued explaining, “No, no, I’d never. I’m just making an analogy.”

“It’s not that I want Bai Liyue to come back. I can sense that something’s wrong. I’m worried that something might have happened to her. Please help me check.”

When he heard that something might happen to Bai Liyue, Dan Qi became solemn. “Okay, I’ll find out immediately.”

After hanging up, Feng Shengxuan looked out the window. Although the sun was shining brightly, it was void of the ability to nurture life with its warmth. Whether it was his heart or the flowers and trees outside, everything seemed bleak.

Bored, he continued to read for a while before falling asleep again.

After losing track of time, the voices downstairs woke Feng Shengxuan up. He got out of bed and glanced downstairs. There was a huge truck parked outside. The driver was anxiously explaining something to the guard. The guard had a serious look on his face and was completely unmoved. Only when Chi Zeyao went out in a wheelchair did a glint of humor flash across Feng Shengxuan’s eyes. He looked at the window with wry interest.

“What’s going on?” After Chi Zeyao went out, he looked at the guard. The guard then said, “Sir, this person said that he’s from the post office and has delivered a lion over. He said that the item was sent from the old marshal’s house.”

Chi Zeyao’s eyebrows twitched. “There’s a lion inside?”


“Open it.”


The guard received the order and together with the trembling truck, they stripped off the truck’s heavy cover before opening the truck door.


Da Bai, who had been locked up for a long time, saw the car door open. Yet, when it realized that he was surrounded by unfamiliar faces, the lion was enraged. It opened its bloody mouth wide and let out a deafening roar at Chi Zeyao. The driver was so scared that he collapsed to the ground on his rear. The guards hurriedly formed a meat shield in front of Chi Zeyao and pointed their guns at Da Bai, looking like they were facing a formidable enemy.

The driver was scared out of his wits. Oh, my god! The lion’s roar was simply too scary! Looking at the hatred in its eyes, it felt like the lion would munch on everyone here until no bones were left!

“Sir, this…” The guard looked at Chi Zeyao with a twisted expression, not knowing what to do.

Chi Zeyao, who was sitting in his wheelchair, looked at Da Bai expressionlessly. “Who’s the recipient?”

The driver quickly passed the bill of parcel to Chi Zeyao. “Sir, this is the recipient’s information.”

Chi Zeyao received the bill, expecting the lion to be Feng Shengxuan’s. Unexpectedly, he saw Nuannuan’s name.

He narrowed his eyes and said, “Get someone to bring the lion down.”


After receiving the order, the guard immediately summoned a few others to lift the lion down.

The lion was especially heavy. Coupled with the reinforced metal cage, having four people to lift it was already a difficult task. Moreover, the lion was transported in a truck one where there was some distance from the truck to the ground.

It was a little too much to ask for a crane, so Chi Zeyao asked the guards to look for ladders.

When the fuming Da Bai saw that someone was about to lift it down the truck, it stopped throwing its temper tantrum and curled up inside the cage.

Seeing this, the guard mustered up the courage to put the poles through the chain. Together, the four of them lifted the cage.

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