My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’ - Chapter 710 - Ye Qingcheng 2

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Chen Fan followed Mo Fei and others to leave where they were.

“Hey, are you sure you’re not worth anything?” Zheng Xuan folded his arms, full of inquiry to look at Chen Fan.

Chen Fan nodded, firmly saying, “Yeah, I am quite sure.”

Mo Fei demurred, “But, you are obviously very valuable! You were worth a lot before, now worth even more. Is there any misunderstanding between you and Chen Xiaoyao?”

Chen Fan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Don’t believe what’s written on the WANTED.”

Qian Ye, with a dark face, said, “That’s right, but so many star crystals, if we don’t try, we’ll regret!”

Chen Fan smiled awkwardly and said nothing more.

Mo Fei shrugged. “Well, don’t expect pie in the sky. Let’s get our task accomplished first.”

Lou Yu nodded and said, “You are right.”

Mo Fei showed the whites of his eyes, “Xu Chengfei that idiot, he said to me, it’s all disciples of Motian Sect in here, but the fact is that it’s true there’s are lot of people from Motian Sect, but also got a lot of beauties, and also a lot of their admirers. Those from Motian Sect aren’t even enough for us to kill.”

Su Rong gave a wry smile and said, “Master Xu probably didn’t expect this situation.”

Mo Fei and others went to hunt down people of Motian Sect outside the city.

“Are they from Motian Sect? It looks, like, kind of weird!” Mo Fei stood on the peak and looked at the people passing below.

Those who were walking below, their faces full of livor mortis, eyes bloodshot, and slow movements, looking really horrible.

Chen Fan nodded and said, “You should be careful. Their attack is unpredictable. And if you got wounded, you’d be like one of them.”

Lou Yu frowned and said, “Are these people still human?”

Chen Fan pursed his lips, helplessly saying, “I don’t know, should be half human and half dead.”

“How could anyone be willing to join such a disgusting sect?” Mo Fei looked disgusted at the scene.

“The fact is that there are people who want to join them, and a lot of them.” Chen Fan lightly said.

Mo Fei looked at him and said, “A lot? Are they crazy?”

Chen Fan shook his head, “No, that’s not true. Practicing this kind of skills could increase one’s life expectancy.”

Mo Fei frowned, “To increase one’s life expectancy?”

Chen Fan nodded, gave a light sigh and said, “Hmm, a lot of cultivators who are going to die, in order to survive, will join the sect, including earth class and heavenly class masters. Day by day, the fear of death is strong enough to drive one crazy, however, those who practice that kind of skills are not truly alive.”

Mo Fei lowered his head. “Is that so?”

“In fact, only a small number of people join the sect out of their own will, more people are forced to do so. After being attacked, people with insufficient strength will have disordered consciousness and crazy behavior. And those with sufficient strength, though able to retain their consciousness, will also become extremely bloodthirsty.” Chen Fan explained.

Mo Fei nodded. “I see.”

Squinting, Lou Yu said, “Don’t think too much. Let’s hurry down to solve these people first.”

“Try to attack from a distance. Don’t let them get close to you.” Chen Fan reminded them.

Mo Fei and others nodded and then rushed down.

Deafening thunder falling from the sky, strong wind rolling up, hard ice and burning flame falling together, the intense alternations of coldness and hotness, golden cones flying around…

After all making it to xuan class, this was the first time they fought together.

Their strength had surprising improvement. Fighting those human class and xuan class of Motian Sect together, they were like invincible. Soon those demon cultivators from Motian Sect all got wiped out.

Mo Fei and others’ resolute action eliminated five teams in succession.

Chen Fan looked at the bodies lying on the ground in shock, mumbling, “You…That’s impressive!”

Mo Fei waved his hand and said, “Flattered, flattered, just so so.”

“We have collected eighteen xuan class star beads. With two more, we’ll accomplish the task.” Su Rong checked the trophies.

“Pa pa pa~” Hand clapping sound was heard, a woman in white slowly walked before them.

“Guys, impressive!” Ye Qingcheng walked out and said.

Mo Fei involuntarily frowned, “Miss Qingcheng, didn’t expect to see you here. It’s really our honor.”

Ye Qingcheng lightly smiled, “It should be Mr. Mo Mo Fei, right? After Xiao Chen joined Luoxia Sect, he’s often praised you before everyone.”

Mo Fei shrugged, “He really overpraises me.”

Ye Qingcheng squinted at Mo Fei and said, “These are your companions, right?”

Mo Fei nodded. “Yeah!”

Ye Qingcheng’s eyes swept over Lou Yu and others, “I have long heard that you have got five inseparable companions owning extraordinary strength, today as I saw it with my own eyes, indeed, worthy of your name, but, Mo Fei, it seems that you got a new member!”

Ye Qingcheng’s eyes fell on Chen Fan. Mo Fei grabbed Chen Fan’s shoulder and said, “This is Alian, who joined us later. Although Alian has no money, he has a loving heart for you. Miss Ye, will you consider about him? He admires you so much.”

Ye Qingcheng, “…”

Chen Fan blushed and said, “Mo Fei, don’t talk nonsense!”

Mo Fei looked at Chen Fan and said, “Since you like her, at least speak it out! And if Miss Ye falls in love with you at the first sight, you will realize your dream. What do you say, Miss Ye?”

Ye Qingcheng, “…”

Chen Fan, face sunk, said, “Miss Ye, Mo Fei is kidding. Don’t take it to the heart.”

Ye Qingcheng chuckled, her voice sounding ethereal, “Just kidding? You don’t like me?”

Chen Fan, “…”

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