My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’ - Chapter 630 - Leaving the Self-reflection Cliff (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Then Mo Fei and others followed Cheng Mobai to leave the cave.

For their thing, Cheng Mobai had a big quarrel with those relevant disciples, which even alerted the chief.

The chief sent someone to investigate the case, the final result was that a disciple mistook the two tunnels.

Originally, Lou Yu and others were supposed to stay at the cliff for one more month, due to the facet they took the wrong tunnel due to the guarding disciple’s carelessness, they got exempted.

Inside the secret chamber

Li Mo looked quite pissed, “I didn’t expect Cheng Mobai would stand out for them!”

Fortunately, he had earlier sent someone to deal with the disciple who worked for him, or else he would have been in trouble if they found he was the one behind.

Luo Jiayue said angrily, “It’s such a shame that Lou Yu didn’t get frozen in there.” Having stayed in there for over a month, but none of them died? What a shame! But even if no one died, someone was supposed to have ED issue, wasn’t?

Li Mo clenched his fists. It was nothing that Lou Yu didn’t die inside. He even heard that someone called Mo Yi obtained an ice crystal bead and directly made it to the peak of the middle stage of xuan class!

Li Mo clenched his fists. Obviously it wasn’t three months yet. How did Cheng Mobai know it? If the news hadn’t been leaked, maybe they would have died in there!

In the refining room

“Disciple, the one who led them to tunnel B got killed when carrying out a task a few days ago.” said Cheng Mobai, frowning.

Mo Fei bit his lip and said, “I know. About this thing, it’s over.”

Cheng Mobai nodded, and said, “Fine.”

Mo Fei screwed his eyebrows. The other side did things very cleanly. And Cheng Mobai was not good at forming cliques. So he didn’t want to embarrass him.

Cheng Mobai took out a storage bag and snapped, “This is the compensation from the chief. That guy is getting stingier. Only compensated eight hundred inferior star crystals!”

Mo Fei shrugged his shoulders and took the bag. “Better than nothing, right?”

The little sea monster really had a good appetite. Recently Mo Fei couldn’t make ends meet. Fortunately, now the little guy would go to that ice cave. He liked it very much. Cheng Mobai also said the little sea monster was growing faster in there. So Mo Fei only felt safe leaving him there.

Recently rumor has it that the souls of those who died at the Self-reflection Cliff became quite active, they kept screaming day and night.

Thinking of that rumor, Mo Fei couldn’t help feeling guilty, but even so, Mo Fei never meant to call the little sea monster back. Anyhow, it’s better to let the little sea monster frighten them than frighten himself.

In the bamboo house outside Cheng Mobai’s place, Mo Fei and others gathered together.

After obtaining the ice crystal bead in the ice cave, the quality of the water spiritual bead inside Mo Yi’s body got great improved, and its property also changed. Mo Yi changed from water awakener to an ice awakener, and his attacking force improved a lot.

Mo Fei folded his arms and said, “My shifu said that the one who led you into tunnel B accidentally died on a task a few days ago.”

“Dead? Oh, that damn bastard! He just died too easily.” Qian Ye looked resentful.

“I think perhaps that man’s death is not an accident, but got silenced.” Zheng Xuan said blandly.

“It ought to be, or else it wouldn’t have been so coincidental.” Lou Yu closed his eyes.

They had no grievance against the disciple who led the way for them. If no one was behind it, that disciple wouldn’t set them up.

The chief was such a peacemaker! He just pressed such a serious matter down.

It was not that the chief could not find out what was going on, but that they were not important enough to let the chief get it thoroughly investigated.

Lou Yu held his fists. After joining the sect, except Ji Ru, Wang Weixing and his few disciples, they hadn’t offended anyone.

Lou Yu secretly thought in the heart: About this matter, it should be my senior brothers. Ji Ru isn’t this able.

Qian Ye shrugged while saying, “We got set up but could do nothing! Feels so awful!”

Lou Yu raised his head and said, “I don’t think we can’t do anything. Cultivate harder. After you are powerful enough, you can take the revenge whenever you want.”

Qian Ye squinted, eyes flashing some harsh light.

“Feifei, how did you know it?” Qian Ye asked Mo Fei.

“Yuan Yuan told me. Speaking of which, we owe him a big thank you.” said Mo Fei thoughtfully.

Lou Yu nodded and said, “Yeah.”

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