My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’ - Chapter 629 - Leaving the Self-reflection Cliff (1)

629. Leaving the Self-reflection Cliff (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Of course Mo Fei would never know what Cheng Mobai was picturing in the head. The three of them quickly entered tunnel B.

Zheng Xuan recklessly moved in, while Mo Fei followed behind Cheng Mobai, holding his own body, shivering.

The little sea monster jumped out of Mo Fei’s body, rumbling to the depths of the ice cave, looking quite in the mood.

The ice crystal force poured into the body of the little sea monster.

The star source force constantly poured into the body of the little sea monster, which gradually became transparent little by little.

Looking at this scene, Cheng Mobai was amazed, “It seems your little beast could absorb the ice crystal force! Good!”

“Oh, shifu, I feel so flattered.” Said Mo Fei with a trembling voice.

Cheng Mobai looked at Mo Fei stiff face, “Disciple, are you very cold?”

Mo Fei nodded his head quickly. “Yes! I’m freezing!”

Cheng Mobai said with disdain, “You are really fragile!”

Mo Fei nodded awkwardly and said, “Sorry to lose your face, shifu.”

As Cheng Mobai raised a hand, Mo Fei was immediately enveloped in an invisible shield, and the chill around his whole body was instantly melted.

Mo Fei looked at Cheng Mobai with gratitude and said, “Thank you, shifu.”

Cheng Mobai gave a snort and ignored him.

Mo Fei looked at him, feeling warm in the heart.

After walking on and on for quite some time, finally they saw Mo Yi.

Mo Yi was enveloped by a thick layer of hard ice. Lou Yu and others quickly took out their yanyang beads and lay them around Mo Yi. But even so, the hard ice was still increasing thickening.

Mo Fei was struck dumb at the scene.

As Zheng Xuan saw the frozen Mo Yi, his eyes shrunk, and he hurriedly walked to his side.

As he approached Mo Yi, around his body was giving off some dazzling red light, and the hard ice started to melt gradually.

Like Mo Yi felt it, his chest was giving off some kind of dazzling blue light, and slowly, the red and blue light integrated.

Some kind of dense spiritual qi was flowing out of Mo Yi’s body and transmitted into Zheng Xuan’s body, and Zheng Xuan’s aura was booming suddenly.

Mo Fei turned his head and asked Cheng Mobai, “Shifu, what’s happening?”

Cheng Mobai squinted, “MoYi seems to have taken some precious thing, but that thing was too nutritious that he can’t take it, and this is the result as you can see.”

Mo Fei said urgently, “Will he be all right?”

“Easy! Don’t you see someone is sharing it with him?” said Cheng Mobai faintly, “Big achievement!”

Zheng Xuan’s strength rose to the peak of the middle stage of human class, and then stagnated.

Mo Yi opened his eyes in the ice, and then broke that layer of solid ice on his body.

Mo Fei looked at the scene, feeling relieved.

Zheng Xuan quickly went forward to embrace Mo Yi, while Mo Yi buried his head in Zheng Xuan’s arms.

Mo Fei stepped forward quickly and felt Mo Yi’s pulse.

“How is he?” asked Zheng Xuan worriedly.

Mo Fei said faintly, “Everything is normal, should be too tired.”

Zheng Xuan breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s great!”

Cheng Mobai looked at Zheng Xuan and Mo Yi and said while picking up his eyebrow, “You two come out with me.”

“Thank you, senior.” Lou Yu cupped his hands.

Cheng Mobai glanced at Lou Yu, saying with an unnatural tone, “You don’t have to thank me, I just did it for my disciple. By the way, is your down part wasted or not?”

Under Cheng Mobai’s expectant eyes, Lou Yu said with a distorted expression, “Sorry to make you disappointed. It still works.”

Cheng Mobai blinked, full of doubt, “Is it possible you are trying to keep up your appearance before so many people? Let me tell you. You can’t hide such a nothing. It’s be exposed sooner or later.”

Lou Yu took a deep breath and said, “It’s really fine…”

Cheng Mobai was full of disappointment, “Such a pity…”

Cheng Mobai nudged Mo Fei and said, “He is not wasted. Don’t expect him to offer the top position to you. So you better win credit for yourself.”

Mo Fei, “…”

“Shifu, it’s too cold. Let’s go out first…” said Mo Fei helplessly.

Cheng Mobai nodded, “Yeah, you are right.”

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