My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’ - Chapter 628 - Blind Guessing (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Inside the Refining Room

Zheng Xuan frowned, looking pale.

Mo Fei looked at him while asking, “Are you all right?”

Zheng Xuan bit his lip and clenched his fists. “I can feel Yiyi. He is not in a good condition.”

“Yiyi? What’s wrong with him?” Asked Mo Fei gravely.

Zheng Xuan frowned and said, “Yiyi said he is cold, freezing cold.”

Mo Fei’s heart sank. “Is it possible you are too worried about him so you have illusions?”

Zheng Xuan shook his head. “I didn’t feel it wrong. Yiyi is cold.”

At this moment, Mo Fei’s information jade pendant vibrated. Mo Fei took it out and read the message, his face suddenly changed.

Zheng Xuan looked at Mo Fei’s face and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mo Fei grinded his teeth and said, “They might have been calculated.”

Zheng Xuan’s eyes suddenly shrank up, Mo Fei then briefed the whole story, and as Zheng Xuan listened, his face also grew darker and darker.

The message was sent from Yuan Yuan, who overheard that the patrolling disciples found that someone at human class got promoted in the tunnel that was supposed to imprison the xuan class cultivators. He thought something was not right, so he tried to tip Mo Fei.

As Mo Fei finished, with a palm, Zheng Xuan smashed the table aside.

“I’m going to look for Yiyi!” Zheng Xuan said urgently.

Mo Fei looked at Zheng Xuan indifferently, “If you just go like this, I’m afraid they’d already throw you out before you see Yiyi.”

Zheng Xuan took a deep breath, slowly closed his eyes, tightly clenched his fists, once again he deeply felt his weakness.

Cheng Mobai came in, looking at both Mo Fei and Zheng Xuan’s face, titled his head

“What’s wrong with you two? You are both look bad.” Cheng Mobai asked.

Zheng Xuan looked at Cheng Mobai, facial expression changed several times, and suddenly knelt down.

Cheng Mobai looked at Zheng Xuan, confused, “What are you doing?”

“Please save Yiyi. He is dying.” Begged Zheng Xuan urgently.

Cheng Mobai frowned, “He is dying? How is that possible? I ever saw your paramour. He has only stayed at the Cliff for a few days. He wouldn’t die.”

Zheng Xuan raised his head, firmly saying, “I am sure something happened to him. I can feel it.”

Cheng Mobai said strangely, “Why don’t you expect something good of your lover, but only wish something bad happened to him?”

Mo Fei opened his mouth and told the story briefly.

Cheng Mobai was full of surprise, “Hmm? You mean they took the wrong tunnel and went into the one that is supposed to imprison the xuan class cultivators?”

Mo Fei nodded, “Yes.”

Cheng Mobai grinned, “Disciple, you think too much. How can there be such stupid people? And the four of them? If you say one is stupid, it’s understandable. But four?”

Mo Fei helplessly said, “Shifu, Zheng Xuan and Yiyi’s double cultivation has reached a certain level, they could feel each other’s situation. So, we are sure something happened to Yiyi.”

Cheng Mobai looked at Mo Fei and Zheng Xuan, saying after thinking for a while, “If so, I’ll go take a look with you.”

Mo Fei’s face lit up. “Thank you, shifu.”

Cheng Mobai, together with Mo Fei and Zheng Xuan, sat on a huge skylark and rushed to the Self-reflection Cliff.

Cheng Mobai held his hands behind, floating in the air unworldly, with his robes fluttering in the wind.

Cheng Mobai’s sudden arrival attracted the guarding disciples at the cliff, who got into a mess.

“Elder Cheng, what brings you here?” An old man with white beard came forward to greet him, somewhat flustered.

Cheng Mobai tossed his sleeves and turned to the disciple guarding tunnel B, saying, “Let Lou Yu, Mo Yi, Su Rong and Qian Ye come out. My disciple made them some food. Ask them to take it.”

The old man with white beard pretendingly asked his disciples to go into the ice cave to find them for him.

After quite a while, as expected, they didn’t find anyone there.

“Elder Cheng, these four people are not here.” The old man with white beard said, pretending to look panicked.

Cheng Mobai originally thought that Mo Fei and Zheng Xuan were just guessing blindly. But seen from now, someone was really playing underhand tricks. If one took the wrong tunnel, one would die!

Cheng Mobai’s face suddenly clouded down, “What? They are not here. But I saw people from the law enforcement hall sent them here!”

The old man with white beard, trembling, said, “Perhaps they accidentally took the wrong tunnel.”

Cheng Mobai looked very angry. It was true he didn’t like Lou Yu. But he still felt upset seeing his own disciple got tricked.

“They took the wrong tunnel? How dare you send some human class cultivators into the tunnel for xuan class? This is murder, you know?” snapped Cheng Mobai.

The old man with white beard was startled.

Mo Fei frowned and said, “Shifu, let’s talk about that later. Let’s go find them first. Yiyi is dying. And I don’t know how Lou Yu and others are doing.”

Cheng Mobai nodded, “All right.” Anyhow, Lou Yu is his disciple’s lover. He got frozen to death, that’d be a big trouble. But…if he got ED issue due to the coldness, that’d be good, since his disciple would be on top!

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