My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again - Chapter 708 - Gossips (2)

Chapter 708: Gossips (2)

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Assistant Lin gave a slight shiver when he heard a chilly “Enter” came from behind the door. He took a deep breath and braced himself as he pushed the door open and walked in.

The atmosphere in the office was inexplicably oppressive.

Assistant Lin slowly walked to the desk and secretly sized up Gu Yu. He looked like his usual self, a face with no expression. But he felt it in his guts that it was storming under that calmness of Gu Yu.

He could not control himself and blurted out, “CEO Gu, Are you okay?”

Gu Yu was signing off some document when he heard this. He paused and raised his dark gloomy eyes towards Assistant Lin. He sneered and asked coldly, “What do you think is wrong with me?”


Assistant Lin wished he could give himself a tight slap at this very moment as he brought up a sore spot on Gu Yu.

“Cough.” Assistant Lin coughed heavily, not willing to continue with this topic. Instead, he changed the direction of the conversation and talked about something else, “CEO Gu, I’ve already reprimanded the group of employees just now. I’ll issue a warning letter to each of them. What do you think about it?”

Gu Yu lowered his eyes, “Whatever.”

Assistant Lin secretly heaved a sigh of relief as he knew that this matter was over. He quickly turned into an eager-beaver, “CEO Gu, I’ll make you a cup of coffee.”

Assistant Lin left the office room for the pantry and used all his skills to ensure that he brewed the perfect cup of coffee that was to Gu Yu’s taste. He then brought the coffee into the office and placed it on Gu Yu’s desk, “Enjoy your coffee. I’m going out.”

After he left the office, Gu Yu’s gazed upon the cup of coffee. It was a long black. He extended his hand and held the cup of coffee in his hand. His brow furrowed after he took a sip from the cup of coffee, then let out a self-mocking laugh.

None of the employees dared to talk about Zuo An and Xu Weilai after Assistant Lin warned them against gossiping about the management level. Thus, Xu Weilai did not hear of them as well. However, she could feel that they were looking at her differently these days.

Initially, she thought she had something on her face or she was wearing the wrong clothes. But after some trial and error, still, she could find nothing wrong with either her face or her clothes.

She tried asking them as well, but to no avail as all of them kept their mouth shut. She couldn’t get a single word out of them.

Xu Weilai was kept in the dark for a few days and was on her guessing game until she heard of the answer in the bathroom.

The bathroom was indeed a sacred place for women to gossip. She was changing her sanitary pad in the bathroom cubicle when she heard two women discussing what happened the other day.

Xu Weilai listened for a while, and a sudden realization came to her. It turned out that the entire company was spreading rumors about her and her Big Boss, thinking that they were having an affair and likely had been together as a couple.

Excitements grew between the two female colleagues as they continued to chatter on. They described her as the luckiest person on earth. She had the aura of a heroine, and she even had divine help.

First, she married Gu Yu. Then, she met another man that was nowhere inferior to Gu Yu after being divorced.

Deep down in her heart, Xu Weilai wanted to laugh her heart out.

What outsiders saw was her glamorous life, but in reality… she had never wanted such a “god blessed” life. Whoever wanted it, could have it.

She was the one with a heroine aura? Which heroine would lead a miserable life like hers?

However, these were all not the major issue. The biggest issue now was that everyone was spreading rumors about her and her Big Boss. If he was to hear about it, it would be awkward for them to work together later on.

This could not be. She had to solve this problem before their relationship turned awkward.

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