My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again - Chapter 706 - You Are Using Your Official Position To Benefit Yourself (2)

Chapter 706: You Are Using Your Official Position To Benefit Yourself (2)

Zuo An strode towards the sofa and said to her, “Come over here.”

Xu Weilai’s doubt was written all over her face, but still, she meekly walked towards the sofa and stood in front of him. Just when she was about to question further, he gestured her towards the sofa with his chin.

“Your job today is to sit here and rest.” He ordered.


Xu Weilai was stunned for a moment, her dark eyes blinked a few times as she tried to wrap her head around his words. She repeated after him, “You want me to… sit here and rest?”

He called her into his office room not because of work-related matters, but because he wanted her to take a rest?

“This is not asking you to take rest, this is work,” Zuo An stressed.

As he saw that she had no intention to move, he raised his hand and placed them on her shoulder, gentlemanly yet firmly sat her down onto the sofa. “Your working hour has begun. Please ensure that you complete the job perfectly, Secretary Xu.”

This rendered Xu Weilai speechless.

She raised her head to look at him. Her lips wavered but could only mutter a few words, “Big Boss, you are using your official position for personal gain.”

Zuo An lowered his eyes and met her gaze. “Then, do you accept this mission?”

Of course, she would. She would be an idiot not to accept a task so favorable to herself.

Moreover, she was indeed not feeling well, to rest lying on this sofa would be a much better choice compared to sprawling on her worktable outside, Thus, Xu Weilai happily accepted, “Then… I shall borrow your sofa to rest for a bit.”

Corner of Zuo An’s lips lifted, “Let me know if you need anything.”

He turned around and went back behind his desk and continued with his work.

Xu Weilai stared at him, sparks of warmth emitted from her eyes. She had always known that her Big Boss was a considerate person. If only…

A thought flashed through her mind but the emotions in her eyes were quickly subdued and returned to normal. The dull pain in her tummy came in waves and was enough to suppress all other thoughts playing in her mind. She leaned back on the sofa and shut her eyes to rest.

Silence overtook the room, with only the flipping sound of documents that came from Zuo An in the background.

After some time, Zuo An noticed heavy breathing that was coming from Xu Weilai. He glanced over towards Xu Weilai and saw her gradually fading complexion as colors drained from her lips.

He did not know what would women do in a time like this. Would they just continue to endure the pain until it subsided?

While he was still thinking of what to do, Xu Weilai’s moved and curled herself into a ball with her hands wrapped around her tummy, as she trembled slightly.

She was obviously in pain as he judged from her expression, but she bit her lips and refused to let out even a tiny whimper. Was she used to keeping the pain to herself, or she was afraid that it would distract him?

Zuo An’s brow furrowed, a trace of heartache flashed through his eyes.

He put down the document in his hand and stood up. He then tip-toed towards the door as he did not want to wake Xu Weilai.

He was back to the office fifteen minutes later with a cup of warm water and a small bag, then walked over to the sofa and went down in a half-squat. “Weilai, wake up.” He patted lightly on her shoulder.

Xu Weilai was in confusion from the pain she was enduring. She struggled to open her eyes, but her stare towards him was unfocused.

“I asked someone, and they told me that you will feel better after taking this painkiller. Take one.”

Zuo An held his hand with the pills towards Xu Weilai’s mouth who spontaneously opened her mouth to take in the pill and swallowed it. Then she obediently drank the warm water he fed her.

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