My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 886 - Sleeping With The Marriage Certificate 2

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Chapter 886: Sleeping With The Marriage Certificate 2

During dinner, Fu Shiqin reminded his brother to drink the soup three times, but his brother did not drink a single drop at all.

After dinner, Fu Hanzheng went upstairs into the study for a video conference with the director of the European branch.

Fu Shiqin went to the kitchen and said to the servant, “Don’t pour away the soup, heat it up for my brother.”

“Fu Shiqin, can you stop being so concerned?” Gu Weiwei asked furiously when she heard him talking to the servant.

Fu Shiqin threw an innocent look at the woman who was berating him. The two of them walked away from the servant and he said, “Sis-in-law, there are some things that I shouldn’t say, but… if I don’t say it, no one else will either. I know you two are close, but you should control yourself in certain aspects. Didn’t you see how weak my brother is today…”

Gu Weiwei did not wait for him to finish the words, but started to beat him up with the sofa cushion.

“If you were away on a business trip for two days and had only been back for a night. Wouldn’t you be tired?”

“You didn’t sleep well the whole night, you…”

Fu Shiqin widened his eyes in surprise. Apparently, he was thinking about something else.

“What the hell are you thinking? Your brother went out last night,” Gu Weiwei said angrily.

What did this guy mean? Did he think that she had squeezed his brother dry? Is that why he had someone make soup for his kidneys?

“Out… out?” Fu Shiqin raised his eyebrows.

That shouldn’t be the case. His brother had only come back for two days after going on a business trip, and he had even proposed so sweetly at the old residence. How could he still go out?

“Keep your imagination to yourself.”

Gu Weiwei threw the cushion back onto the sofa, dusted off her hands and went upstairs.

Fu Shiqin scratched his head. His brother had gone to get the marriage certificate in the middle of work today, and his sister-in-law had gone to the wedding crying. He had a feeling that something had happened, but he could not tell what was wrong.

He thought about it for a while but could not come up with anything, so he gave up.

Anyway, they were already married. What else could happen?

Gu Weiwei went upstairs to have a shower, changed into her pajamas and came back out. She then tidied up the room, picked up the marriage certificate that was on the bed and started to read it again.

After the video conference, Fu Hanzheng went back to the room and asked in amusement, when he saw her staring at the marriage certificate, “Does this certificate look better than me?”

She hugged it when she slept, and also stared at it so intently.

Although the wedding today was a little rushed, he felt that they had made a wise decision.

Gu Weiwei came back to herself and said with a smile, “This one looks good, but not as good as you.”

Fu Hanzheng approached her and took away the certificate.

“You don’t have to hug it to sleep anymore, and you don’t have to keep staring at it. I don’t want to break up, much less get a divorce.”

Gu Weiwei asked in a low voice, seeing the handsome and gentle face of the man, “Why aren’t you angry?”

She had lied to him for so long and her surname was still Gu. It was natural for him to be angry.

However, he was neither angry nor reprimanding her.

Fu Hanzheng took her into his arms and sighed.

“I can’t think of anything to be angry about.”

She had gone through such a tragic death before she had come to his side. She carried so many burdens and still loved him. What right did he have to be angry at her?

He wasn’t angry. He just felt sorry for her. She’d endured so much on her own, but he knew nothing. No one had helped her.

“But I might make Grandma Fu angry and disappointed with you.” Gu Weiwei sounded depressed.

Grandma Fu and the others had always been good to her. If they knew that she was not the Mu Weiwei they thought, but Gu Weiwei of the Gu Family who had always been at odds with the Fu Family, they would be very sad.

Then they would be angry and disappointed at Fu Hanzheng who was still with her.

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