My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 650 - Live Face Slapping 2

Chapter 650: Live Face Slapping 2

Startled, Li Xing’er smiled.

“Just some private words.”

Mu Weiwei must have told Jolin what she had said in the dressing room.

But no one would believe what Jolin said.

Most of the audience were on her side, and even if Jolin was telling the truth, no one would believe him.

“Private words?” Jolin sneered and said, “Then tell me, what did you say that made her hit you?”

Li Xing’er exchanged a look with her agent and said, “Actually, my mother and Mu Weiwei’s father are married but she has always hated us. We met the other day because I wanted to invite her home to visit father…”

If she did not speak about it, Jolin would have revealed it, so she might as well say it herself.

Hearing her words, the host was a bit confused, but soon realized what was going on.

“Xing’er, are you saying that your father is Mu Weiwei’s father?”

Li Xing’er nodded. “Mu Weiwei found it unacceptable that my mother and Father Li remarried, so she left home and became distant from us. That day, we talked about letting her go home and then…”

The host sighed and consoled her.

“You are just being nice. Even if she has something against you, she should not have attacked you so ruthlessly.”

Jolin looked at the host in amusement. She was totally on Li Xing’er’s side.

She had a lot of supporters, right? Luckily, he had a strong hand, so she was going to be slapped in the face.

The host consoled Li Xing’er and asked Jolin, “Manager Qiao, I can understand why Mu Weiwei can’t accept her father marrying someone else, but it is not right to hit someone.”

“Is that wrong?” Jolin snorted and said as he threw a look at Li Xing’er. “It was good that I wasn’t there, otherwise it wouldn’t have been Mu Weiwei that slapped you, but me!”

“Agent Qiao…”

The host had not expected that not only was Mu Weiwei so violent but so was her agent.

Not only was the host displeased, but the audience was also furious.

[Mu Weiwei and her agent should get out of the entertainment industry.]

[I don’t want to see such a terrible artiste again, a terrible agent]

[You are not sorry at all for hitting her! You are so arrogant!]

“My mother and Father Li loved each other, so they got together after Aunt Mu passed away. But Mu Weiwei just could not accept it.”

Li Xing’er pitifully sighed, as if she was blaming herself.

Li Xing’er had spoken about the family relationship several times before, and she had also mentioned that her parents were remarried and her step-father and her mother were in love with each other when they were young but did not get together until many years later.

Among Li Xing’er’s fans, they found the love between her parents very touching.

Jolin sneered. “They do love each other. When Mu Weiwei’s mother was still alive, they got together.”

“Agent Jolin, don’t talk nonsense. My mother and Father Li used to work in the same company but they have always been innocent. They only got together after Aunt Mu passed away. Don’t ruin their relationship…” Li Xing’er countered.

Few people knew about the real relationship between her mother and father, and no one would believe what he and Mu Weiwei said.

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