My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 1554 - Scary Men  

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Chapter 1554: Scary Men

Fu Shiyi no longer found his brother’s behavior weird.

But it was the first time for Zhou Qi’an and his friends to see Fu Hanzheng in this way, and they were all frightened.

Fu Hanzheng was showing off his love at the table as if no one else was around, and Fu Shiyi and Ding Dongdong did not back down either. That made Zhou Qi’an and his men very annoyed.

“What is wrong with you three brothers? You were single together when you were single, but now you are in relationships at the same time! Must you be so orderly?”

Fu Hanzheng was married and had children.

Fu Shiyi was showing off his girlfriend in front of them as well.

Fu Shiqin was not here today, but if he were here, he would have brought his girlfriend with him too.

“No way! I was not single with them!” Fu Shiyi said proudly.

When his brother and Fu Shiqin were single, he did have girlfriends, although they were always replaced quickly.

But the moment he said those words, he felt a killing intent spreading around him.

He looked at Ding Dongdong who was watching him and corrected himself.

“…What are you looking at me for?”

“Are you very proud of changing your girlfriends one after another?” Ding Dongdong asked with her teeth clenched.

“Ashamed, I am very ashamed.” Fu Shiyi had a strong desire to live on.

Damn, how could he show off in front of his girlfriend about his lack of singlehood?

He must be feeling a bit dizzy after a few glasses of wine.

Zhou Qi’an and his friends burst into laughter at the sight of the arrogant Third Master.

“Third Master, is that all you’ve got?”

Fu Shiyi squinted at him in displeasure. “You always make fun of me, but don’t talk bad about my brother!”

Zhou Qi’an glanced at Fu Hanzheng who had a cold expression after Mrs. Fu left, and whispered to Fu Shiyi who was sitting next to him, “What did your sister-in-law do to make your brother so scary?”

The moment Mrs. Fu went out, he returned to his normal self. When Mrs. Fu was around, he was always watching her, looking so gentle and sweet.

“If my sister-in-law really had rice soul soup, she would not have fed it to my brother. He would have drunk it himself.” Fu Shiyi snorted.

Zhou Qi’an shook his head. “You men that are in love are so scary.”

Fu Shiyi smiled proudly and asked, “Are you really planning to marry your fiancée?”

Zhou Qi’an’s expression sank. “It was arranged by my family, not by me.”

She had just made a fuss here and now he was going to have to still marry her!

They were just talking when Gu Weiwei finished going to the bathroom. When she came out, she was stopped by Wei Ziting and Li Xing’er.

The two of them looked embarrassed. It seemed that they had not done well in remaining here.

“Weiwei, let’s talk?”

Gu Weiwei looked cold. “Don’t call me by my first name, we are not that close. Just call me Mrs. Fu.”

Wei Ziting and Li Xing’er looked annoyed, but they still said, “We have known each other for so many years, and the incident today was our fault, please ask Fu Hanzheng to forgive the Wei Family.”

Gu Weiwei found it amusing.

“Yes, we have known each other for so many years, but you have never spoken or apologized like this before.”

When Li Xing’er framed her years ago, she had never treated her like they had known each other for so many years.

But now when she was at a disadvantage, she wanted to tell her how long she had known her for! Did she look like a saint?

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