My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 1242 - Alone?

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Chapter 1242: Alone?

Fu Shengying stayed silent. Of course he could not bear to see him like this.

But he had not expected that Hanzheng would fall so deeply into that relationship.

Fu Hanzheng went to the study, locked the door and made a call to Gu Weiwei.

Gu Weiwei did not answer the call until a long while later. “I was bathing the children. Are you there?”

“Yes, I am here,” Fu Hanzheng answered with a gentle voice.

“Did you eat dinner?” Gu Weiwei asked as she helped the children get dressed.

“I just ate, are the children still obedient today?” Fu Hanzheng asked with a gentle smile.

Gu Weiwei sighed helplessly. “They are good, it took Tiantian a long time to burp.”

Burping might not be a big deal for adults, but it was worrying for such a young child.

Also, the two children were eating more and more, and the breast milk was not always available. Luckily, the two babies were still drinking milk powder, so she did not have to struggle with feeding them.

“Don’t sleep with the children when I am not around, otherwise you will be too busy to sleep.” Fu Hanzheng warned.

When he was around, she would occasionally take care of them for one night and he could help her out.

“You are not here, do I have to sleep alone?” Gu Weiwei mumbled.

Since she was pregnant, he had spent too much time with her, so she felt very disappointed when he was away for a few days.

If she had not had two children to take care of, she would have missed him terribly.

“I will come home as soon as possible,” Fu Hanzheng said.

However, his parents had just arrived and he was not sure when they would leave, so he could not urge them to return home.

“When is the earliest?” Gu Weiwei asked gloomily. When he did not answer for a long time, she whispered, “I miss you.”

Fu Hanzheng sighed and wanted to go home instantly. But when he thought of his father and mother outside, he had to suppress the thought.

“I will go home after work.”

“No need to be in such a hurry. I will take good care of myself and the children, just focus on your work.”

Gu Weiwei could tell that he sounded guilty, so she changed her words.

It was true that she missed him, but she did not want him to ignore work because of her.

Otherwise, in order to rush home as soon as possible, he would work tirelessly and make her worried about his health.

“It is getting late, rest early. Give the children to the nursery teachers, don’t force yourself.”

Fu Hanzheng said a few words to her and ended the call with her.

He finished some work in the study and went out to meet Fu Shengying and Mrs. Fu in the living room.

“When are you going home?”

“We have just arrived and you are urging us to go home?” Fu Shengying was displeased.

“I am very busy, I don’t have time,” Fu Hanzheng said.

If they did not leave, he would not be able to take care of her and the two children.

“We will stay for a week and then go home. You can do whatever you want, we will not affect your work.” Mrs. Fu tried to persuade him with a gentle voice.

He had been gone for half a year and barely returned home. That was why they wanted to visit him in the first month.

They had only been here for less than a day and he was already asking them when they were going home. He truly did not want to see his parents.

“You already have,” Fu Hanzheng said.

Their arrival had affected his life. His life had not been smooth because of their arrival and he had not been in a good mood at work, which had indirectly affected his work.

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