My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start - Chapter 491 - King Landhar III’s Confession

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Chapter 491: King Landhar III’s Confession


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Sylvan rushed forward. He was shocked that Avril’s body had not rotted after more than ten years. However, compared to his surprise, he felt a longing for her. Unfortunately, he had not even taken two steps when a powerful force blocked him.

King Landhar III’s body emitted a powerful aura of a peak diamond-tier elite. He extended his right hand, but his palm was the size of a mountain, giving Sylvan a compelling pressure. Even his space was distorted, and the ground sank several meters.

“Gravity Control.”

King Landhar III had used the technique that he learned from the past seven gods, including the Goddess of Earth and fertility, Gaia. The seven gods had not only taught him faith but had also given him a portion of their energy. That was also why he could become a peak diamond-tier elite even though he did not cultivate.

Unfortunately, the seven gods had already broken off their connection with him. It would be difficult for him to improve in the future. However, a peak diamond-tier elite was enough to suppress Sylvan.

At that moment, Sylvan was only an ordinary diamond-tier elite. He had consumed the Dragon Transformation potion in Mount Creation and turned into a sovereign-tier dragon, and he had the strength to contend with a starlight-tier existence. However, in front of King Landhar III, he was still a little weaker as he had not transformed into a dragon.

“King Landhar III, what are you doing?”

Sylvan’s expression changed. “I can feel the strong pressure under my feet as if it was going to press my body to the ground.”

“Nothing. I don’t want you to get too close to Avril’s coffin! I’ve already set up a lot of magic barriers here. Even the crystal coffin is a diamond-tier relic from some ancient ruins. It can barely protect Avril’s body from decay. If you approach and destroy the crystal coffin and the magic barriers around it, I will kill you mercilessly.”

King Landhar III’s voice was calm, but there was an unquestionable tone in his words.

“King Landhar III, what are you talking about?”

“You don’t believe me? Then I’ll show you.”

King Landhar III waved his hand, and the crystal coffin immediately caved in. A huge pit appeared under the ground, and skeletal arms stretched out from within it. Then, the owners of those skeletal arms—zombies with tattered clothes and some parts of their flesh and blood—crawled out of the ground.

Some of those zombies looked old, while others seemed quite fresh. Whatever kind of zombies they were, their bodies emitted a greenish-gray mist, and their turbid eyes contained no life other than a desire for flesh and blood.

The moment those zombies appeared, Sylvan’s face stiffened, and his face was covered in disbelief. “King Landhar III, you planted so many zombies under Avril’s coffin? What are you doing?”

In the past, a zombie crisis had erupted in the territory of a certain nobleman in the kingdom. At that time, the region had been infected by a strange virus, and the infected corpses would come back to life. They became monsters that only knew how to devour without thinking, and those bitten by such a monster would become the same horror. That virus had caused panic in the kingdom. Later, King Landhar III ordered the army to burn that nobleman’s territory and everyone in it, so the spread of the virus was prevented.

Sylvan knew about that matter because the main cause of the incident, Sven, was a servant on Mount Creation. Furthermore, he also knew that the matter was not as simple as it seemed.

“Are you surprised? Why don’t I tell you what I did in the years after Avril’s death? First, I purged the Demoness Church and sent troops to search for a large number of ancient ruins. My men had explored most of the ruins in the kingdom. Finally, I combined some of the Demoness Church’s methods to create a crystal coffin that could protect Avril’s body from decay.

“I’ve also been sending people to research ways to resurrect Avril. I’ve searched almost all the ruins in the kingdom when the Dragondspine Snow Mountain collapsed. That was the fault of one of the researchers I sent—Moriarty! On the one hand, I wanted to collapse the Dragonspine Snow Mountain and use the Winter Nation to pressure you. On the other hand, I also wanted to use the magical beasts on the Dragonspine Snow Mountain to develop a power that could resurrect people. Unfortunately, that research failed, just like the zombie virus that I spread in the nobleman’s territory. ”

King Landhar III’s expression was calm as he spoke as if he was talking about someone else.

“You’re saying that all your efforts have been to resurrect Avril. King Landhar III, you’re lying, right?”

Sylvan’s voice trembled. “I saw Avril die in your arms. I also saw you send troops to exterminate the Demoness Church without even burying Avril’s corpse. Now you’re telling me that your goal is to resurrect Avril?”

That was ridiculous.

He hated King Landhar because the man had killed Avril to fight for the throne. After that, he even sent people to spread the word that Avril was a woman with a dark heart. He took the opportunity to exterminate the Demoness Church. Such a person had kept Avril’s body and wanted to resurrect her? Was he putting on a show?

No matter how scheming a person was, there was no need to persist ten years for a show. Furthermore, King Landhar III did not even let anyone know about it. What kind of show was that if no one knew about it?

At that moment, Sylvan finally understood him. If King Landhar III did not let Avril down and did everything he could for her, then what reason did he have to hate him?

“Sylvan, it’s okay if you don’t believe me. But now that you’ve seen this, I hope you can help me! No matter what methods I used, I could not bring Avril back to life. But now, I see hope, and that hope is in Watson. He has the skills can fuse things and make them stronger. It’s obviously the key to bringing Avril back to life.”

“I had planned to resurrect Avril when I take over Watson’s body and write a mandate to let Watson become the King. That way, I can continue living with Avril, and the time will return to more than ten years ago! What a pity…”

Amidst the roars of the zombies, King Landhar III’s eyes never left the woman in the coffin. He looked nostalgic.

“You killed your two sons for that reason?” Sylvan gulped.

“I never treated them as my sons. I don’t even have any feelings for Isabella. I only love one person in my life. If you don’t believe me, I can kill her now. That way, you can trust me.”


King Landhar III looked away from the woman in the coffin. His eyes were full of darkness.. His words were firm and without a trace of humanity.

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