My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start - Chapter 489 - Watson’s Backup Plan

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Chapter 489: Watson’s Backup Plan

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“Watson, you didn’t tell me you were the future king?” Antonio smirked.

“Certainly not, Master Antonio. Why would I deceive you?” Watson responded.

“What happened, Watson? Why did King Landhar III unexpectedly name you as the King’s heir? Tell us everything.”

Reid came to a halt in his struggle with Antonio and rushed to Watson, gripping his hand as they entered the courtyard.

He and Antonio had always hoped to assist Watson in becoming the next monarch. As a result, they indirectly approached many noblemen. It would take at least ten years, according to their strategy, to get the backing of all those noblemen. On the other hand, Watson simply needed a month to do what they could not in 10 years—making King Landhar III abdicate the throne. They were all curious as to how Watson had done it.

Watson, Reid, and Antonio exited the courtyard, eager to find a private place to talk.

“How is it possible that Frier has picked Watson as the next monarch?” the old King mumbled, the wrinkles on his cheeks squeezed together. “Frier has three sons and a daughter. Watson has qualified to become the future King, but he can’t become the King. Frier, what are you thinking? No, I will have to track him down and question him.”

The old King’s eyes glowed with a tinge of evil. He dashed out of the Sword Saint’s courtyard and approached the palace.

When he arrived in the Sword Saint’s courtyard, he had learned a lot from Antonio and Reid, including Watson’s plot to usurp King Landhar III’s throne and how much power Watson possessed. He had intended to inform King Landhar III, but a fight between gods had erupted in the skies, and Antonio and Reid did not leave the courtyard.

Antonio and Reid were preparing to leave after the battle to assess the situation. However, he exploited his statements to incite a disagreement, ending in a brawl between the two of them and their refusal to leave.

The old King had no idea what was going on outside. He only wanted to stall the two of them and prevent them from assisting Watson. He concluded that Watson would be no match for King Landhar III without the assistance of those two.

When the old King departed the Sword Saint’s courtyard, Antonio and Reid escorted Watson to a quiet chamber. Antonio and Reid shut the door as soon as they entered the room. One of them released an energy barrier to firmly surround the pillar in the room, preventing any sound from escaping. He turned his head to look at Watson after that.

“Watson, wait, should I inquire whether you are Watson?”

Antonio and Reid raised their heads, one after the other, each with a solemn expression on their face as they stared at Watson. Their eyes glowed with suspicion. If Watson did not respond to them, he would be killed.

“Masters, what is the matter with you two?”

Watson extended both of his hands in greeting.

“King Landhar II has been delaying time by inciting us to fight. On the surface, we appear to be arguing, but in truth, we have been paying attention to what is going on outside. The conflict was on a godly scale. There are only seven gods in the kingdom, aside from you and the young girl from the Saint Laurent family.”

“King Landhar III invoked the kingdom’s seven gods, and you are now the king-to-be. There is not any explanation for that. He never does anything that is not beneficial to himself. It is difficult for us not to assume that is his aim! He didn’t think twice about summoning the kingdom’s seven gods simply to hand the throne to you. According to my best estimate, King Landhar III performed those things to inhabit your body. So, Watson, are you still alive?”

Reid’s Threads of Destiny encircled Watson, trapping him from the front, rear, left, and right. He made that assumption not just because of his extensive knowledge but also because Watson had previously divulged a part of King Landhar III’s plot to him.

Watson had also established a backup plan to avoid him from being occupied by King Landhar III without anybody noticing. It was not that they did not want to aid him; it was just that they could not materialize in the way he had planned.

“Of course, I am Watson. I will show it to you, my two masters.”

“Fusion system,” Watson said as he stretched his right palm toward the Thread of Destiny.

As his voice faded, the Thread of Destiny and Antonio’s Crown Staff transformed into rays of light that entwined in the air and transformed into a magic staff consisting of barely noticeable threads. It was blazing with the original power of the separate elements. They united into a massive crown, at times retaining the stance of a staff and at other times transforming into threads of various colors that meandered throughout the space.

[Congratulations, Master, for merging two starlight-tier items to make a peak tier tool.]

[Peak starlight-tier too: the Fusion Thread of the Dual God.]

[Effect: contains all the abilities of the Thread of Destiny and the Crown Staff.]

[Additional effects: Fusion Imprint (through the connection of the arcane peak line, the ability of the tool can be given to different people, allowing them to gain the power of the Crown Staff and be under their own control), Fusion Creation (creating a mysterious creature with strength comparable to that of a god).]

The ability was considerably more significant when the two starlight-tier tools were fused. The tool allowed the owner to become a crown mage, but it could also be used to turn other individuals into puppets. It also possessed the strength of a crown mage and the ability to construct magical beings akin to gods.

“My power is fusion magic. Do you think I am Watson now?”

While he was playing with the fusion thread in his palm, the strands containing the original energy fused in the air were transformed into elemental beings with a hazy starlight aura. Some of the creatures resemble dragons. In contrast, others resembled asteroids that had been compressed many times, releasing a tremendous aura. Their bodies were linked to the threads and were under Watson’s control.

“Watson, the King most likely desired to possess your body because he admired your fusion abilities! If you are King Landhar III, utilizing that ability is pointless.” Reid was impressed when he saw Watson’s fusion talent, but he quickly shook his head.

“It makes sense. I don’t have any viable options for proving myself right now. Even if I tell you anything you are unaware of, it will be interpreted as an invasion of my memory to acquire your trust, right? If that is the case, I shall leave now. In fact, I recently finished building a Riptide Palace for the sea folks. If that does not work, I shall move to the dragons’ Divine Dragon Star. After the fusion, I shall reclaim the peak starlight-tier tool. I will also take away the other weapons in the courtyard, so you don’t have to worry about them injuring you.”

“You don’t have to prove it, Watson. We know you are Watson.”

Antonio abruptly nodded.

“I believe that as well,” Reid replied.

“Why do you believe me, Masters?” Watson was dazed as he noticed Antonio scratch his nonexistent beard and giggle. “Watson, if you are King Landhar III, it doesn’t matter if you use the weapon to entice us or your fusion magic to threaten us. King Landhar III will not be able to reclaim the weapon.”

“Yes, you’d take away our weapons after fusing them, and also the other weapons.” Watson’s stingy approach was undeniably his.

Reid nodded. Watson was rendered dumbfounded by his statement.

“Is that how you determine my identity, Masters? Is that how you think of me?”

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