My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start - Chapter 466 - The Race Chess Pieces

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Chapter 466: The Race Chess Pieces

Under the orders of King Landhar III, the third prince quickly left the palace; he also left the magic crystals in King Landhar III’s hands.

“Father, I wonder how you plan to reward us?”

After the third prince left, the second prince licked his lips and rubbed his hands in excitement. The first prince might be mature, but he also felt happy in his heart.

Their gifts did not satisfy King Landhar III, but he still kept them. What did that mean? That meant they had a higher status in King Landhar III’s heart. Even if they did not give him a better gift, King Landhar III would still praise them. He believed that King Landhar III would be more willing to hand over the throne to one of them.

In other words, the third prince had already lost the right to compete for the throne.

“Don’t worry. I will reward you now.”

King Landhar III walked up to the first prince and picked up the Blessings of the Gods and Demons in the gift box that the first prince had given him. After sizing it up for a moment, he placed the potion in his hand in front of the first prince and said, “My dear son, thank you for being so respectful and for finding such a precious potion for me. Unfortunately, I am already old, and even if I start cultivating now, I will not be as good as you young people! Therefore, rather than giving this potion to me, you should eat it yourself.”

“Father, how can you say that? That is a gift from me to you. I can not accept it.”

“Listen to me and eat that potion.”

Since it was an order, the first prince hesitated for a moment but still nodded. “Very well, Father.”

He had always yearned for that potion. During the journey, he could not help but want to swallow the potion several times. However, for his father, he endured it. Then, with his father’s approval, he could not hold it in any longer.

As soon as he finished speaking, he swallowed the Blessings of the Gods and Demons. A set of six enormous wings appeared on his body in a flash of light, and a halo also appeared above his head. A holy aura spread out from the first prince’s body, making him look noble.

Seeing the first prince transform into an angel, the second prince looked envious. At that moment, King Landhar III said, “As for the World Tree sapling that my second son gave to me, I won’t be able to use it for a while. I might as well return it to you.”

The second prince opened his mouth to refute his words. Before he could speak, King Landhar III had already stretched out a finger to stop him. Then, he turned his head to look at Baldur and the other two standing not far away. “I want to use that World Tree to increase the strength of my second son. I wonder if you have any good ideas.”

“I know a way to combine plants and the human body. However, that method requires the crops to ripen first. If it’s just a sapling, even if it’s a sapling of the World Tree, it would be difficult for it to last until the moment of perfect combination with the human body.”

Gaia, who looked like Augustus, crossed her shoulders and walked out to speak.

Controlling the crops was part of her power as the goddess who controlled the earth and fertility.

“Leave the ripening of the crops to me.” After Gaia spoke, Diana, who was riding the Purple Lightning Dragon, waved her right hand at the sapling, which had already grown to several meters on the ground. A huge, dark-red moon immediately appeared above the sapling.

Under the illumination of the dark red moon, the World Tree, which was several meters tall, grew rapidly. Soon, its size expanded dozens of times, and it became dozens of meters tall. That scene surprised the first prince and the second prince, and they could not help but retreat.

At that moment, Diana walked quickly to the second prince’s side. She stretched out her slender arm and hooked it around the second prince’s shoulder. Then, before the second prince could react, she bent down, her soft lips pressed against the second prince’s mouth. That kiss made the second prince’s pupils dilate, and a red cloud quickly rose on his face.

As a prince, he had seen countless beautiful women. However, Diana was different from all the beautiful women he knew. It was as if the woman in front of him was the most beautiful of all the women; she was the goddess that he was destined to meet. A long breath of aftertaste accompanied the sweet and delicious kiss. It made him feel as if he had fallen into a dream and could not extricate himself.

“Hmph, I did not expect Diana would not let even a mortal off. I think she should not be called the moon goddess, but the wanton goddess.”

Gaia saw what Diana had done and stood to complain. Even though she was complaining, she still extended her right hand toward the World Tree that had become dozens of meters tall. With a light pinch, the World Tree immediately shrank. She pinched it into a ball of emerald green liquid. Not only did that liquid have the aura of life in the color of emerald, but it also had the glittering blessing of fertility from her goddess of the earth. One after another, illusions that looked like plump wheat ears rose from the emerald liquid.

“With the name of the goddess of the earth and fertility, Gaia, I hereby bless that young man in front of me to be able to bear the energy of the World Tree. He will be able to bear everything just like the earth.”

As Gaia prayed, the World Tree sap turned into a stream of emerald light and entered the second prince’s body. As the liquid entered his body, the second prince’s body immediately emitted a thick and heavy aura, and his tier continued to rise.

The second prince’s strength was not weak. He was at least gold-tier. However, as the aura of the World Tree entered his body, his tier instantly rose by an entire tier. He had entered the platinum tier and was still rising. He did not stop until he reached peak platinum-tier.

“I’ve also reached the platinum-tier?”

Feeling the powerful strength coming from his body, the second prince pushed Diana away. He casually extended a finger from his right hand. An emerald green vine immediately stretched out from his hand and swept across the ground. It broke the ground, leaving a ditch that was more than ten meters long.

“Eldest Brother, I seem to have become stronger than you.”

Feeling that the branches of the World Tree that he could control now seemed to have become one with the World Tree, the second prince could not help but say in pleasant surprise. The first prince’s expression was very ugly when he heard that. He had finally eaten the Blessing of the Gods and Demons and turned into a platinum-tier angel. He had thought that he would be able to suppress his other two younger brothers, but he did not expect his second brother to become even stronger than him.

“Do not be anxious. That level is not considered powerful. Next, you can become even more powerful.” King Landhar III’s voice rang out behind the two of them. “You have been my sons for more than 20 years, especially my eldest son. Previously, I was a little too harsh on you, and I have never given you any rewards. At that time, I will make it up to you.”

“Thank you, Father.”

The first prince and the second prince agreed in unison, their hearts filled with doubt. Usually, King Landhar III was not only strict with them, but he also always had an expression of disappointment. At that time, King Landhar III was so amiable that they were not used to it. That was the first time King Landhar III had said such a thing.

While they were puzzled, the two princes could not help but feel ecstatic. If King Landhar III had made them feel as if they were distancing themselves from the third prince, then at that moment, after hearing their father’s words, they no longer held the third prince in any regard. They had become platinum-tier elites; they would definitely become stronger. The third prince was not even a gold-tier elite; what right did he have to compete with them?

Filled with joy, they saw King Landhar III beckon to the leader of the Dragon Knights. The person called Julius immediately took two transparent bottles for their father. Inside the bottles, two dark, unknown things were squirming.

“Come, you two, eat these.”

The two princes subconsciously felt nauseous and disgusted by the things that King Landhar III had given them. They opened the bottle, thinking that it might be of great use if it looked disgusting. They swallowed the dark, viscous liquid.

“How does it taste?” King Landhar III asked coldly.

“Father, thank you for your gift. It tastes pretty good. Ugh!” The second prince gave a thumbs-up. Just as he was about to praise it, his facial features twisted, and he could not take it anymore. He walked to the side and vomited.

“Ugh! Ugh!” The first prince was more straightforward. He walked to the side and vomited.

The intense nausea made the two princes dizzy. After vomiting for a while, they fell to the ground. They had vomited a large amount of blood. The blood was mixed with something that looked like ruptured organs.

“What is that?” Staring at the thing on the ground, the first prince’s eyes went blank as if he did not quite understand. At that moment, he suddenly felt a piercing pain in his back, and he turned his head with difficulty. He found a dagger stuck in his back, and the owner of that dagger was King Landhar III.

The second prince had also fallen to the ground. There was also a dagger stabbed into his back, and his dead fish-like eyes stared at the sky in disbelief.


He never thought that his father, whom he had always respected and loved, would attack him. Just a moment ago, his father’s face was kind, and he had wanted to help them improve their strength. How did things turn out like that?

The dignified King Landhar III looked sad. Tears slid down the corners of his eyes. “I’m sorry, my sons. I did not give you enough fatherly love, and now I have killed you! As a father, I can only say that I am not qualified to be one. The only thing I can give you in return is to let you enjoy the feeling of becoming strong before you die.”

“Father, you—”

The first prince’s lips moved. He wanted to say something, but he could not say anything. His eyes rolled up, and he fell straight to the ground, turning into a corpse.

King Landhar III took the dagger on the first prince’s back and wiped the blood. He threw it on the ground. The flashing platinum light showed that that dagger was a platinum-tier weapon; thus, it could destroy the hearts of the two princes who had improved their tiers.

“King Landhar III, you are a ruthless guy. You wouldn’t even let your own son go. I did not expect that you’d use your sons’ bodies.” Baldur crossed his arms, he said indifferently from the side.

When King Landhar III led them to the palace, he thought that the bodies that King Landhar III had prepared for them were the bodies of the palace guards. He did not expect King Landhar III to kill two of his three sons with his own hands.

The aura of a peak diamond-tier emerged from his body, evaporating the tears at the corners of his eyes. King Landhar III’s face remained sorrowful. “Don’t say anything anymore. I’m also very sad to have made such a decision! If I could, I would not want to kill my son. Unfortunately, I have no choice. If I let them live, they would die sooner or later because of my plan. I might as well let them be the vessels of the gods and contribute to the descent of the gods! My eldest son took the Blessing of the Gods and Demons. According to my understanding, that potion can grant one immortality. If your companions want to descend, they had better hurry up. Otherwise, things will be difficult if my son is resurrected.”

“You don’t have to tell us that. Don’t worry. For the gods, the descent is only an instant. The will of the body that the gods possess will be completely assimilated and controlled by the gods! Even if that person’s body is still alive, if his mind is absorbed, they are no longer alive,” Baldur spoke in a calm tone.

As he spoke, the two corpses lying on the ground suddenly trembled. Black light appeared in their eyes, and they crawled up from the ground.

The pure white wings on the first prince’s back had turned bright red as if they were soaked in fresh blood. He opened his mouth and laughed loudly with an insolent expression. “I’ve been waiting for a long time.” Last time, I was careless and killed by Watson. When the time comes, I will definitely take revenge on him. If I don’t crush his bones and drain his blood, I will not let the matter rest.”

“This body is stronger than the one I used last time. However, why does this body smell like Gaia and Diana? Two streams of foreign divine power remain in the body, making me very uncomfortable.”

On the other hand, the second prince’s body also floated upward. Vines emerged from his body and intertwined with each other, forming a huge vine-woven ship. The ship was covered in a floating storm that contained lightning.

At that moment, the last two gods, Ares and Agares, had also returned to the mortal world.

“Agares, what is your dissatisfaction with that body that I helped to upgrade? If you are dissatisfied, you don’t have to use it. After all, that body has Gaia’s stench on it. It will prove to be hard on you.” Diana chuckled as she spoke.

Gaia was instantly unhappy. She clenched his fists, and the ground beneath her sank by several meters due to the invisible force. “Diana, I think it’s because your stench is so strong that the Agares can’t stand it. If it were only my power, perhaps Agares would not be uncomfortable, he might even jump in joy.”

The divine power of different gods involved different domains. If it was not a god with a similar domain, the divine power would not increase its strength and even weaken due to conflict. That was also the reason why Agares complained.

“Gaia, you are so confident. Shouldn’t you ask Agares and see whose fault it is?”

“Fine. You think I’m afraid of you?”

“Gaia, Diana, I can hear your argument from afar. You’re arguing like humans. Don’t you feel ashamed?” Another female voice interrupted the argument between Diana and Gaia. A woman with silver-white hair flew down from the sky. It was Sidi, who had taken over Ash’s body.


Diana and Gaia looked at each other and turned their heads away, neither of them looking at the other.

“Sidi is here as well. Other than the time travelers, all of the gods have gathered together. Let’s start our plan now to avoid a long delay. Agares and Ares, where is that thing?”

After Sidi appeared, Baldur’s gaze landed on Agares and Ares.

“It’s on us.”

Agares and Ares replied. Both of them reached out their right hands and inserted them into their chests. After a moment, they did not pull out their hearts. Instead, they pulled out a brilliant chess piece. The chess piece was shaped like a tower; it was as if it had been grabbed from the brightest core of the stars. After it appeared, even the sun in the sky was suppressed.

“What are those?” Even if it was the first time that King Landhar III had seen those two chess pieces, his eyes could not help but flicker, and he sucked in a breath of cold air.

As a peak diamond-level elite, he was not weak. However, after those two chess pieces appeared, he felt a powerful pressure. It was as if those two chess pieces contained an enormous amount of energy, like a planet. After looking at them for a long time, the chess pieces really became bigger in his eyes. They became as big as the stars. He felt like an ant.

After shaking his head, the strange feeling disappeared again.

“These are the chess pieces of the races. To be precise, they are two pieces of the human race’s chess pieces. This is something that many races in ancient times risked their race’s future to obtain!” As Baldur casually explained, he extended his right hand toward the two chess pieces that appeared on Agares and Ares’ chests and grabbed them gently. As he moved, the two chess pieces merged in midair and turned into an even bigger chess piece.

After the chess pieces left their bodies, the two gods heaved a sigh of relief. They looked much more relaxed.

“The race chess pieces are something that existed before this world was destroyed and even before life appeared. Their function is to identify the races that live in a world. Only the races that possess the race chess pieces are qualified to live in that world. The races that lost their race chess pieces would be destroyed. Even their descendants or even a drop of the race’s blood would not survive!”

“There are many legends about race chess pieces. Most of them are spread throughout the world where the gods live. I won’t explain them all. I only need to briefly introduce its effects. Apart from ensuring the existence of the race, it can also be used to enslave the race. As long as the corresponding race chess is planted in the body of a certain person of that race, the same race will be controlled. Even if it were Watson, it would not change.”

As Baldur spoke, he released his right hand that was controlling the race chess pieces. The chess pieces instantly turned into a ray of light and flew across the sky before falling to the ground. It fell to the ground on top of the underground prison where Watson was.

When that ray of light flew across the sky, the hearts of all the humans in the royal city, including King Landhar III, were filled with panic. It was as if something was watching them from the shadows. Something terrible was about to happen.

On the street not far from the underground prison, the old king was on his way to the Sword Saint’s courtyard. He did not go straight there. Instead, he walked and stopped on the road, trying to see as many changes as possible in the capital. He even went to every shop and every deserted alley, which meant that he still needed some time to reach the Sword Saint’s courtyard.

At that moment, he was standing in front of a weapon stall, admiring the platinum-tier weapons there. Suddenly, he seemed to have sensed something. He raised his head and looked at the sky. A burst of light streaked across the sky. A huge, broken chess piece that was faintly glowing appeared, enveloping the entire area of the royal city.

The chess piece was made of starlight. It was so big that it overlapped with the sky; all the people could only see the outline of the chess piece.

“What is that thing? What a big chess piece!”

“Recently, there have been frequent anomalies in the sky of the capital. Was it caused by Watson, who might not have anything better to do? But is he not currently in prison?”

“Perhaps Watson had nothing better to do in prison, so he created a huge chess piece that could emit light to play with.”

The discussions in the surroundings entered the ears of the old king, causing him to narrow his eyes. To the residents of the royal city, the appearance of a huge glowing chess piece in the sky did not cause them to panic. During the battle between Watson and Reid, Watson’s performance in the match had caused the sky to hold grand scenes like the divine kingdom or the source of magic. The residents were used to such phenomena.

‘I did not expect the young man would be so popular in the capital. The residents immediately thought of him the moment the phenomenon appeared in the sky of the capital! However, I think he did not cause the phenomenon in the sky. It makes me feel uncomfortable and somewhat familiar. I seem to have seen it somewhere before. Where have I seen it?”

Stroking his chin, the old king narrowed his eyes and stared at the sky for a long time, unable to leave.

In the direction of another street, Nia was wearing a long black dress and carrying two large bags of fruits and fresh pastries in her hands as she walked toward the underground prison.

After Watson was thrown into prison, she immediately rushed over, despite the obstruction of her family. As Watson’s servant, she should accompany Watson when he was suffering in prison.

“I don’t know what Master likes to eat either. I bought all these fruits and pastries according to Charlotte’s advice. I hope that Master will be satisfied.”

As she walked, Nia muttered to herself. Suddenly, the illusion of a huge starlight chess piece appeared in the sky. It made her subconsciously raise her head. When she saw the scene above her head, her eyes suddenly widened, and the pastries and fruits in her hands fell to the ground, scattering all over.

“That is… a race chess piece or a human chess piece. Within the area covered by that chess piece, all humans will be enslaved by it. That kind of thing should exist in the divine realm and be controlled by a few god-kings. Why would it appear here? Has a god-king invaded the world?”

As Nia muttered, she noticed that a meteor-like light was falling toward the underground prison under the illusion of the huge starlight chess piece in the sky. That caused her expression to change. She suddenly rushed forward and turned into an illusion, disappearing from where she was. There was only one sentence left in the air.

“Not good! Master is in danger.”

Watson was sitting cross-legged on the bed, talking to the old king that he had created using life elements. He wondered, ‘If I time it right, the old king should have arrived at the Sword Saint’s courtyard by now. However, I can’t rule out the possibility that he betrayed me and did not go to the Sword Saint’s courtyard. After all, he is the father of the current king! I just told him about King Landhar III’s plan. It was only a part of what I heard. Even if he betrayed me and spread the news, it would not be a big deal.’

‘As for the border, now that I’m in prison, King Landhar III must have sent people to check it out! That is inevitable. After all, the border is the border count’s territory, and he has always been at odds with King Landhar III. It’s normal for the King to check it out. I want King Landhar III to see the border’s power and the Blackmoon Knights. After he checks it out, I can use the potions I created in the Dragon Clan to strengthen the border.’

Before leaving the Divine Dragon Star, Watson did not bring the Golden Flash and Charcoal with him. Charcoal had returned to the Tower of Babel and continued to be the hundredth-level boss. The Golden Flash returned to Mount Creation with the ten potions he took from the Dragon Lair. After King Landhar III’s people had finished exploring the border, they would start mass-producing those potions using the Wish for the World rings. That would transform the people on Mount Creation from platinum-tier angels into dragons, thus becoming a dual race of dragons and angels.

According to his instructions, Mount Creation would let the Blackmoon Knights patrol the mountain in their angelic form while the others would completely conceal their auras, making King Landhar III believe that only the Blackmoon Knights had the angelic form on the Mount Creation. After having that misconception, he could proceed to the next step of his plan.

Finally, how could he guarantee that King Landhar III’s people would go to Mount Creation, and how could he ensure that King Landhar III would receive false information? That would depend on the intelligence network that he had ordered Elven to build at Severed Fingers Gang. After he had requested to create the intelligence network at Severed Fingers Gang, it had already been secretly set up in the kingdom. In particular, the Severed Fingers Gang monopolized all the intelligence near the border, ensuring that the king’s people had no way of infiltrating it. Even if he had heard the news, it would be the news that the border wanted to spread.

From leaving the border to building the Tower of Babel, to building the Dragon Palace, Severed Fingers Gang, and the Divine Dragon Star, all of Watson’s efforts had been combined. It had finally allowed his power to have the ability to confront the kingdom head-on.

He was thinking about what he should do next to expand the advantage he had built. Before King Landhar III could react, the internal structure of the Holy Dragon Kingdom would have collapsed. At that moment, Watson suddenly felt a wave of unexplained panic in his heart. It was as if something threatening was about to descend on his head.

Most elites have a certain level of danger perception. The stronger one was, the more sensitive they would be to danger. At that moment, Watson subconsciously stood up from his bed and dodged to the side. Just as he moved, a stream of light descended from the sky and landed on his right shoulder, sending a piercing pain through it.

If he had not dodged, that thing would have landed on the top of his head.

“What is that?”

Watson turned his head to look at his shoulder—a broken, glowing chess piece-shaped thing had wriggled into his body. His shoulder was in great pain, so much so that he could not help but frown, but there was no wound.

When he was trying to figure out what was inside his shoulder, he suddenly felt a sense of control. It was as if his body had become someone else’s marionette, making him unable to move freely.

That strange feeling made Watson’s expression change. That was the first time he had felt such a feeling. Subconsciously, he wanted to activate the fusion system and fuse the chess piece in his body with other things to make it disappear.

However, when he wanted to activate the fusion system, he was stunned. The chess piece that entered his body had disappeared entirely. No matter how much he scanned for it, he could not sense its location. He had even looked through the two magic sources, chaos and life, but he could not find it. Other than the feeling of someone spying on his fate in someone else’s hands, reminding him of the strange situation in his body, he felt like what had just happened was just an illusion.

“How could that be? Is there something in this world that can’t be found after entering a person’s body?”

Watson was a little flustered. Ever since he had transmigrated to that world, he had not been afraid, no matter how powerful the enemy was, because he could fuse them. Even if he had very few resources, he could surpass the strong with just a little accumulation. However, it was different then. That magical chess piece disappeared after entering his body. How could he fuse with something that he could not find?

“Young Master Watson, what’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

While Watson was puzzled, the prison guards outside seemed to have heard his voice. They walked into the cell with flattering expressions and asked respectfully.

“I’m fine. You two can leave.”

Watson waved his hand. The two guards nodded and subconsciously touched the shackles around their necks. With a regretful expression, they turned around and left.

They were people controlled by Watson, and they hoped that something would have happened to Watson.

He reached out and pressed his arm. Watson looked shocked and uncertain. Then, he gritted his teeth and stabbed his right hand into his throat. With a sound, his throat was pierced, and blood spilled all over the ground. His eyes lost their color, and he turned into a corpse lying on the bed.

Blood oozed from his wound. After a while, he sat up again in the bed and rubbed the wound on his throat that was already healing. His expression became more unsightly.

He had taken the Blessings of the Gods and Demons, so he would not die. He wanted to use death to test whether the magical chess piece would leave his body after death, but unfortunately, he had failed.

“Is it because I haven’t been dead long enough? Why don’t I try dying longer?” Watson muttered.

At that moment, a piercing sound came from in front of him, followed by a man’s calm voice. “Watson, you don’t have to try it. No matter how long you die, the chess piece will not leave your body. The race chess piece is something that appeared before the creation of the world. Its level is above the rules. A strong person can see the rules, but you can’t see the chess piece! Even though I can’t see it, you will be under my control. Watson, you should stop struggling.”

As his voice fell, a man with purple hair appeared in front of Watson. It was Julius, and a few more people appeared in the room after him. They were the gods who had occupied different human bodies. King Landhar III was among them.

“From the looks of it, you should be one of the seven gods! Six of the seven gods had come for me. You must really think highly of me.”

His gaze swept past King Landhar III and focused on the six people behind himI. He could feel that those people were emitting an unusual aura, and there was also Sidi in the crowd. That made Watson instantly confirm his guess.

The only thing that he did not expect was the first and second princes with the group. Those two had talked to him all night because of the matter with the throne. Although he did not like how those two princes liked to scheme against people, he did not hate them. He did not expect the gods to take over the two princes’ bodies. King Landhar III was really ruthless.

“That’s right, Watson. You have no way to resist now that the chess piece has taken over your body. Last time, you destroyed my body. This time, it’s my turn to own you.” Ares, who had taken over the first prince’s body, was one of the six gods. The blood-red wings on his back flapped, immediately setting off a bloody storm in the room. Then, he stretched out his hand, and a scarlet sword appeared in his hand. He stabbed it in Watson’s direction.

Although the person in front of him looked different, Watson was still able to determine that the person in front of him was Ares, whom he had fought with previously based on his aura and tone.

Watson instinctively wanted to retreat. However, Baldur said, “Don’t move.” Watson immediately lost control of his body and stood there foolishly. He allowed Ares’ sword to pierce his chest, causing him to break out in cold sweat from the pain.

Not only did Ares’s sword have a murderous aura, but it also had a power that could make people lose their minds. That power was corroding Watson’s nerves. If it were not for Watson’s powerful strength, he would have been completely corroded by that power and become a wild beast.

“Watson, weren’t you pretty strong last time? Why won’t you fight back?” Ares held the sword in his hand. Just as he was about to open a few more holes in Watson’s body to vent his anger, Baldur reached out and pressed on Ares’ shoulder. “Wait a moment; I’ve allowed you to make a move. I don’t intend to let you keep doing that. If you keep making moves, you will destroy Watson’s body, and we won’t be able to get what we want.”

“What does that have to do with anything? That thing is bound to Watson’s soul. Only by disintegrating that brat’s soul will we be able to take that thing for ourselves.” Ares retorted, but the other gods behind him refuted him.

“Ares, as the God of War and Hunting, your blood has the power to make people go crazy, and it can also control the other party to a certain extent. If you control Watson, doesn’t that mean that Watson will belong to you?”

“That’s right, Ares. Since we have all descended into the mortal realm, we should follow the original agreement and fight each other until the final victor is decided. Before that, we will attack anyone who wants to occupy Watson. Ares, do you want to be eliminated early?”

Gaia glanced at Ares and clenched her fists. The ground shook. Sensing Gaia’s gaze, Ares was unhappy. He gritted his teeth and dispersed the sword in his hand. “Forget it. I’ll let that brat have his time. I’ll be the one to win in the end anyway. I’ll torture him slowly after I win.”

As the power in Ares’ hands faded, the crazy feeling in Watson’s body disappeared as well. He let out a sigh of relief.

“Your name is Ares, right? I feel that it won’t be easy for you to obtain the final victory with your strength! Of the seven gods, I have the most faith in Baldur. They said that he was the strongest. The race chess piece that controlled me should also be his handiwork, right? He clearly said that he would not control me before the outcome was decided. What is going on now? If one of you defeats Baldur, but he is not willing to hand over the race chess piece, what then?”

Watson had a hunch that those gods would find trouble with him sooner or later, but he had not expected it to be so soon. Furthermore, he had underestimated the power of those gods. As expected, the elites who could surpass the mortal world and enter the divine realm had their own strengths. At the very least, it was impossible for him to think of something like the race chess piece. He also could not understand how it worked.

All the gods turned their gazes to Baldur. Their eyes flickered. Baldur said, “There’s no need to use such a low-tier goading method. Even intelligent humans would not fall for it, let alone gods! Watson, before our duel, if I don’t control you, you might use that thing to escape. I swear on my life that if I lose the battle, then the right to use the race chess piece will be transferred to the person who defeated me. At that time, no one will think that I’m breaking the rules.”

“Watson, I’m sorry. It seems like the contract I made with you will be nullified! I did not expect Baldur to have such a thing as a race chess piece. Now it seems like it’s easier to get that thing from you.”

Sidi’s gaze moved away from Baldur as she spoke to Watson with some regrets.

Even Sidi, who had previously made a promise, said so. Watson knew that he might not be able to escape that day. He could only rack his brain to think of a way to solve the predicament in front of him. He had never encountered such a troublesome situation since he transmigrated.

Just as he was thinking, Ares, who had previously made a move, suddenly extended his right hand to him and said, “What are all of you standing there for? Isn’t the one who snatches Watson will be announced as the winner? If all of you don’t make a move, then I won’t hold back.”

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