My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start - Chapter 465 - The Best Gift

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Chapter 465: The Best Gift

Each of the Holy Dragon Kingdom’s seven gods held different abilities and authorities. According to the difference in authority, the abilities of the gods were different. It was difficult to tell who was stronger and who was weaker. However, among the seven gods, if one ignored the special abilities and purely discussed power and defense, only one of them could take the lead. The other gods would not be able to contend with that one god.

That god was the Goddess of Earth and Fertility, Gaia.

She wielded the power of the earth and could flip the earth with a wave of her hand, crush the world with a stomp of her feet, and her defense was the same as the solid earth. Ordinary attacks, even the attacks of gods, could not penetrate her defense.

As one of the six gods who had made an agreement with King Landhar III to hunt Watson, Gaia had occupied Augustus’ body. The original Augustus had died when Gaia’s consciousness overtook him.

“This body is different from what I expected. The only place the entire body can be attached to is the brain. The rest of the body is completely made up of weapons. Even though it’s said to be a human, this body is more like a puppet.”

“It’s a modified human created by the Campbell family. There’s no problem with calling Augustus a puppet.”

King Landhar III chuckled at Gaia’s rib.

Originally, Augustus was the kingdom’s third-ranked genius. However, he had lost his room for improvement due to his modified body, which was still a powerful combat strength for the kingdom. After he fought Watson a few times, his weapons had been reduced to platinum-tier, and his self-esteem was damaged. The Golden Lust Poison had also corroded his mind. He was no longer worthy of being called a genius.

Instead of letting Augustus die, it would be better to use his body as a tool to carry the gods and do something meaningful.

“Now the second god has successfully descended, I have to prepare for the third god’s descent,” King Landhar III muttered to himself.

Two days ago, Augustus had given birth to many children during the Dragon Knight recruitment process because of Watson’s Golden Lust Poison. Those children had been adopted by the Campbell family. Augustus had become weak because of that poison. Subsequently, he had sent Sidi to treat Augustus. On the surface, it was to treat him. In reality, Augustus had been transformed into a vessel suitable for the gods to facilitate their descent.

Over the past few days, a female servant had heard Augustus’ wail. That was because Augustus could not bear the burden of being transformed by Sidi, so he had shouted.

King Landhar III said, “Goddess Gaia, don’t forget to go out and greet the members of the Campbell family later. After all, this body is a member of the Campbell family. If you don’t go out, those people will be suspicious.”

“I know.”

Gaia spoke casually and stood up from a pile of rubbles. Initially, there were remnants of tables, chairs, benches, and furniture sitting under her butt. As she stood up, an invisible fluctuation spread out in all directions. The remains were turned into ashes under that wave. Not even the dregs were left.

Feeling satisfied with Gaia’s strength, King Landhar III’s lips curled upward. He turned around, pushed open the door, and walked out of the room. The moment he left the room, he was surrounded by members of the Campbell clan, led by Armand. “Your Majesty, what’s going on? Is Augustus alright?”

“You’ll know if he’s okay or not when you see him for yourself.”

King Landhar III pointed behind him. Everyone looked behind him and saw Augustus walking out of the room. Augustus had changed a lot compared to a few days ago. First of all, Augustus’ steps were small and coy, like a girl. In addition, he had his hands on both sides of his pants; it was as if he was lifting his skirt, a feminine gesture.

“Why does Augustus look like a woman? Could it be related to the potion Watson gave him?”

“It’s possible. The potion Watson made can even make a man give birth. Perhaps it’s because that potion can change a person’s body structure to a certain extent, making a man feminine.”

When the Campbell family members saw Augustus’ posture, they could not help but curse Watson, their faces filled with anger.

Augustus’ father, Newman, hugged Augustus while they were talking. His heart ached as he looked at the huge hole in Augustus’ chest and lower abdomen. “Augustus, it’s been hard on you. I’ll ask Father to help you repair your body! Don’t worry. I’ll definitely make Watson pay the price for this.”

Although Augustus had suffered a lot due to the birth of his children, it was not without benefits. Those children were born with gold-tier strength. There were more than 1,000 of them. If those gold-tier children were properly nurtured, they would be able to increase the Campbell family’s combat strength in the future. Even if they were not nurtured, they could be transformed into puppet warriors.

The children were the Campbell family’s last hope. They decided to use those children to defeat Watson and avenge Augustus.

As they spoke, Newman pulled Augustus toward the direction of the laboratory. The others were prepared to accompany King Landhar III. However, they were rejected by King Landhar III because Augustus’ body was more important.

After strolling around the Campbell family’s manor, King Landhar III quickly left and arrived outside the manor. When he realized no one was around, he immediately said, “The third ceremony can begin now.”

Baldur, who had left the Campbell family with him, held the Purple Lightning Dragon’s claw with a slight force. A ball of black smoke suddenly burst out of the Purple Lightning Dragon’s body. The black smoke covered its huge body. It turned into a squirming black liquid and drilled into its body. Covered by the black smoke, the Purple Lightning Dragon was immediately terrified. It opened its mouth and roared in panic, struggling violently to escape.

“Julius, what are you doing? I’m your companion! And I’m a dragon. If Lady Fafnir finds out that you’re treating me like this, she won’t let you go.”

“I’m sorry, Purple Lightning Dragon. I’m not Julius! Relax. I hope you can become a vessel for my companion. You won’t feel any pain, and you’ll also receive supreme power.”

The Purple Lightning Dragon spread its wings and struggled even harder. However, no matter how hard it tried, it could not break free from the black fog. No matter how much it screamed, its voice could not be heard. Soon, its body was completely covered by the black fog. It was daytime in the sky, but a dark red moon appeared next to the sun, giving off a seductive light. That dark red moon appeared for only an instant before it disappeared.

As the Dark Red Moon disappeared, the Purple Lightning Dragon, covered in the black fog, gave off the same dark red moonlight. Then, its body squirmed and changed to its human form.

It was a voluptuous woman with purple hair with red tips. She was different from the human that the Purple Lightning Dragon had transformed into. There was a dark red crescent-shaped pattern between the brows of the woman. The pupils in her eyes were also crescent-shaped. She looked very magical.

After the transformation, the woman stretched her waist. A bright moonlight appeared along her body and turned into a milky white dress on her body.

“This body is not bad. It is diamond-tier and the body of a dragon. With this body, I can unleash more than half of my strength.”

Clenching her fists, the woman spoke slowly. Her voice was soft and beautiful, like water crashing against a stone or like a wind chime shaking. It was very pleasant to hear.

That woman was the third god that King Landhar III had summoned. She was the Goddess of Moon and Love, Diana.

After the Purple Lightning Dragon transformed, the Campbell family’s manor door was pushed open, and Augustus walked through it. At that moment, Augustus had already completed the surgery; he looked much smaller than before. His red hair hung loosely behind his back, and there were two long horns in his hair. The most surprising thing was that he had two bulges on his chest.

At that moment, Augustus could no longer be described as a male but a female.

Newman had looked at his son with a pained expression and asked Armand, “Father, what is going on? How did my son become a woman?”

“Augustus asked for that himself. I did not agree to it at first, but he said that if I did not agree, he would not accept the modification, so I could only agree! Anyway, his main body only has his brain, and the other parts are all made of weapons. It doesn’t make a difference whether he becomes a man or a woman. If he becomes a woman, he’ll have two more platinum shields to his chest.”

“It doesn’t make sense! It’s not that simple! The Campbell family’s great, my son, has become a woman. If other people in the capital knew about this, wouldn’t they laugh at us?”

“Do you think there are still people not laughing at our family? Alright, since the transformation is completed, it will consume a lot of energy to enter time again. For the time being, I can’t do it. If I want to transform Augustus again, it will take some time.”

“Why would Augustus request to change his appearance to a woman? That is different from the Augustus I know. As expected, he must have been provoked by Watson.”

Newman knew that he could not change his son’s appearance even if he wanted to, so he could only suppress his unwillingness and shift his dissatisfaction to Watson.

“Gaia, I did not expect you to care so much about your appearance. Do you really want to look like a woman? Anyway, your body is just a lump of metal. What’s the point of doing that? It will increase the risk of you being discovered.”

The conversation between Armand and his son had reached Diana’s ears. She could not help but mock Gaia.

“Shut up, Diana. What I want to do is my trade. Furthermore, what right do you have to criticize me? Aren’t you famous for being a social butterfly in the divine realm? You like to use your beauty to seduce other male gods. If I remember correctly, the dragon body you’re occupying was originally a male. Even if you use magic to change your appearance, you can’t change its essence. In other words, you’re only a transvestite now.”

“Gaia, what did you say? Are you courting death?”

“Am I wrong?

Gaia and Diana glared at each other. Their gazes collided in midair, creating intense sparks. It seemed like their relationship was not too harmonious.

“Stop arguing. We’re here with only one goal, and that is to obtain the thing in Watson’s body. If you two start a fight, I don’t mind sending the two of you back to the divine realm.” Baldur crossed his arms. The pride in his voice caused Gaia and Diana to shut their mouths.

“Did you bring the item that I asked you to bring?”

Seeing that Gaia and Diana were no longer arguing, the coldness in Baldur’s eyes faded as he continued to speak.

“No, we gave it to Ares and Agares. After all, that item is not easy to move. Ares and Agares lost their bodies because of their recklessness. That will be considered a punishment for them,” Gaia replied.

“That item? What is that?” King Landhar III was only listening from the side. When he heard Baldur mention something, he could not help but ask.

“It’s nothing. It’s just a gift that we prepared for Watson. Watson is strong because he has that item in his body. However, that item is not invincible. The item we prepared can temporarily cut off the connection between Watson and that thing in his body,” Baldur said indifferently.

As an experienced god, he knew what the thing in Watson’s body was. Naturally, he had a corresponding countermeasure. If Ares and agares had not been too anxious and thought they could subdue Watson with their own strength, they would not have delayed it for so long.

At that time, the six gods that participated in the hunt would have descended simultaneously. With the addition of that thing, they would be able to seal Watson’s power and remove the thing inside his body to ensure that nothing would go wrong.

After pondering for a moment, Baldur collected his thoughts and shrugged. “King Landhar III, including Sidi, we have four gods here. We are still lacking Ares and Agares. I wonder what bodies you have prepared for them.

“There is no need to be anxious. I have already prepared for those two. Please follow me.”

In front of the King’s bedroom in the royal palace.

The three princes stood in front of the bedroom, pacing and talking.

“Father told us to wait for him in front of his residence, but why is he not here?” The second prince held a gift box in his hand and muttered to himself with a frown.

The first prince heard his words and glanced at him. He said, “What’s wrong, Second Brother? Father must have his reasons for asking us to come here at this time. Perhaps Father has been delayed by some important matters. Aren’t you willing to wait for a little while?”

“Who says I’m not willing? Eldest Brother, don’t spout nonsense. As long as Father wants me to wait, I’m willing to stand here for an entire day, let alone an hour.” The second prince stuck out his chest and defended himself. He glanced at the similarly beautifully wrapped gift box in the first prince’s hand. “However, it doesn’t matter how long we wait here. Before Father called for us, he specifically instructed us to bring the treasures he had previously asked us to collect. The quality of the treasures is the most important.”

To prove their worth, King Landhar III had previously asked them to each collect a treasure that was not inferior to the one made by Watson to prove their worth. If they could not collect them, they would be severely punished. The time was not up yet, and King Landhar III had asked for it. They could only do their best to bring the treasure that they thought was precious.

“Second Brother, don’t worry about that. The treasure I found is quite good. It will definitely satisfy Father.”

“Is that so? I am also very confident in my treasure. Eldest Brother, you are so full of yourself. If Father is not satisfied, you will be slapped in the face.” The second prince’s eyes flashed. He turned his gaze to the third prince, who had been standing behind them with a big box in his arms. He had not spoken since the beginning. “Third Brother, I wonder what treasures you have collected.”

“My things are not very valuable. They can’t be compared to my two older brothers’ treasures.” The third prince smiled awkwardly. His face looked a little worried.

Just a few days ago, when King Landhar III issued the order for them to search for treasures, his two older brothers immediately headed to the kingdom’s border, Watson’s hometown, under the army’s protection. They were prepared to search for treasures in Watson’s hometown.

He had wanted to go with them, but his carriage encountered problems halfway, causing him to arrive at the border a whole day later than his two older brothers. When he arrived at the border, his two older brothers had already obtained the corresponding items. He did not know what his two older brothers had obtained, but he only knew that the things he had acquired were not very good.

The gift he prepared for King Landhar III time was very simple. It was just a few magic crystals. Those magic crystals could record images. If it were a normal purchase, the price would only be a few hundred gold coins. He had used those magic crystals to record some of the customs at the border, including the wealth they possessed. Those were counted as the magic crystals’ added value.

Recalling the contents recorded on the magic crystals, the third prince looked a little hesitant. He was sure that everything recorded at the border was worthy of being called a treasure, so he chose to bring the magic crystals back and hand them over as a treasure, but he was not sure if that would satisfy his father. If his father had known everything about the border, then the things he recorded were not precious, and they were also trash.

Unlike his two older brothers, he had always been quick-witted. He would use an alternative method to answer every question that King Landhar III asked. The benefits of doing so were eye-catching, but the disadvantages were also noticeable.

While the third prince was in a dilemma, a dignified voice suddenly came from behind them.

“You’re all here. It seems like I’ve made you wait a long time.”

Turning around, the third prince realized that the person behind them was their father, King Landhar III. Besides King Landhar III, the leader of the Dragon Knights, his dragon, and a red-haired girl with horns on her head were also there. The girl was wearing a long dress and had a petite figure.

It seemed like that girl was a dragon in human form. After all, only giant dragons in human form could retain dragon horns to distinguish themselves from humans. However, the girl did not look like one. Some kind of platinum-tier steel supported the two horns on the girl’s head. Whether it was the arc or the reflection of the platinum arc, they were all filled with the aura of artificial sculpting.

Furthermore, the girl’s face looked very familiar to the three princes. She looked very much like someone they knew.

‘Is that Augustus?’

The three princes could not help but think in their hearts. The girl looked exactly like Augustus, even though she seemed gentler than Augustus. Had Augustus become a woman?

That should not be the case. It was also possible that the girl was Augustus’s sister, so they looked alike.

While the princes were guessing, King Landhar III waved his hand and motioned for Baldur and the others to go to the side. Then, he went to the three princes and said, “I have given you a task—to search for treasures. How did you do?”

“Don’t worry, Father. In order to search for treasure, I’ve traveled tens of thousands of miles to the kingdom’s borders! Father, you can’t imagine how different the current border is from the legends of the past. It’s a majestic mountain, and beneath the mountain is an endless amount of seawater.” The first prince was the first to walk forward. He spoke with confidence and assurance. Halfway through his words, he was interrupted impatiently by the second prince. “Eldest Brother, do you have to talk so much? If you don’t want to give the gift to Father, then let me go first.”

A trace of anger flashed through the first prince’s eyes. He snorted coldly, “I’ll give the gift to Father now. Second Brother, you’d better wait! The gift I want to give Father is a medicine called the Blessings of the Gods and Demons. I believe Father is no stranger to that medicine. It is this medicine that can transform a human into an angel. It’s the same as the prescription Watson gave the Abedor family, except that it’s the finished product.”

Previously, Watson had given the Abedor family the prescription. That matter was known to King Landhar III; he did not ask for the prescription. Instead, he gave water from the Spring of Life to the Abedor family, hoping that they could help develop a platinum-tier medicine that could turn a person into an angel.

The Abedor family was very grateful toward King Landhar III. They had been working hard to develop a platinum-tier Blessings of the Gods and Demons. Although they had the complete formula and materials, it was not easy to create a platinum-tier potion. So far, the Abedor family had not succeeded. The first prince had taken Blessings of the Gods and Demons from the border, and it was the only one in the capital.

“As long as you take this medicine, you can become an angel, Father. I wonder if you are satisfied with this?”

He revealed a black and white ball that flickered with an ancient and mysterious luster. His eyes subconsciously fell on the ball in his hand during that process, and he swallowed his saliva.

He had paid a great price to obtain the Blessings of the Gods and Demons from the border. If it were not for his father’s satisfaction, he would have eaten that Blessings of the Gods and Demons to become a platinum-tier angel.

Becoming a platinum-tier elite in one step was a temptation that even he, as a prince, could not resist.

“Not bad.”

King Landhar III nodded.

“Next is me, Father. My gift is better than Eldest Brother’s!” Without waiting for King Landhar III, the second prince hurriedly opened his gift box. Inside was a sapling that was inserted into a ball of magic-made soil.

The second prince threw the sapling onto the soil on the ground and started to chant a few incantations. The soil melted into the ground, and the originally small sapling seemed to have absorbed nutrients and grew rapidly. Soon, branches, leaves, and tree trunks grew, turning into a several meters tall tree. The tree was like it was made of jade, and every leaf was sparkling and almost transparent. When the wind blew, it made a crisp sound, and the clear air that was full of vitality overflowed.

“This is a World Tree sapling that I had spent a lot of effort to get from the border. With this sapling, we can grow a World Tree. When the World Tree ripens, it will bear the sun and moon fruits, and it can even produce a Spring of Life.”

The second prince could not help but be proud, as he announced with a smile.

That sapling was cut from the World Tree’s root. It did not have such great vitality, but on his way back to the capital in a carriage, that sapling had experienced something. It had burst forth several times its vitality. As long as it was not in a sealed environment, it would grow crazily. That made him confident of his gift.

There was no need to say more about treasures like the World Tree. In the entire world, only the Elven Kingdom had one. Although that thing grew slowly, it was of great significance to the future development of the Holy Dragon Kingdom. Perhaps there would be another forest similar to the Forest of Eternity in a few hundred years. It could protect the Holy Dragon Kingdom for thousands of generations. That was obviously much better than the blessing of a mere god.

As expected, his eldest brother frowned, his expression turned ugly.

“The sapling of the World Tree. You are very thoughtful.” After seeing the verdant trees in front of him, King Landhar III could not help but laugh, appearing to be in a perfect mood.

“Father, you flatter me. To be able to search for treasures for Father is my duty as a prince and son.” Although he was ecstatic, the second prince did not show it. Instead, he lowered his head and humbly replied to his father.

“Alright, I have seen your gifts. Now, it is the third prince’s turn.” The first prince and the second prince turned to look at the third prince. The second prince had a calm expression. Judging from the third prince’s troubled expression, his gift must not have been something good. He concluded that his father would like his sapling gift the best.

The first prince’s thoughts were not quite the same. He thought that the Blessings of the Gods and Demons could not be compared to the sapling of the World Tree. At that moment, he had lost to the second prince. He could only hope that the third prince’s gift would be even more rubbish than his. At the very least, he would not be the worst.

While everyone had their own thoughts, the third prince hesitated and placed his hand on the gift. After thinking for a moment, he gritted his teeth and opened the outer packaging, revealing a few sparkling magic crystals inside.

“What is this? Are those magic crystals? Magic crystal can be bought for a few hundred gold coins in the royal city?” The first prince laughed and heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Following that, the second prince beside him wore an even more disdainful expression.

“That’s right. My gift for Father is magic crystals. I used those magic crystals to record scenery from the border! There are things that we did not know about the border before. I hope that these crystals can help Father understand the border better. That is my gift, Father.” The third prince clenched his teeth. He pretended not to see the contempt in the eyes of his two brothers.

“Using magic crystals to record the scenery? Were you on a trip? Third Brother, if you don’t know how to choose a gift, then you can choose not to do it. Or you can ask us for our opinions. We will definitely help you. You should not have chosen such trash.” The second prince sighed. He pretended to be regretful that the third prince did not look for him.

“Bring me those magic crystals. Let me take a look.”

King Landhar III did not get angry at the third prince, as the first prince and the second prince had expected. Instead, his eyes lit up when he saw the magic crystals and waved at the third prince.

“Yes, Father.”

The third prince respectfully handed the magic crystals in his hands to King Landhar III. At the same time, he began to explain.

“Father, the first thing I recorded was the appearance of the border. The current border is completely different from the past. The entire border is like a high mountain floating in the sky, and an endless sea is beneath the mountain! It’s hard to imagine that such a structure exists in the world. I don’t know how such a huge mountain can float in the air. Previously, when the Dragonspine Snow Mountain collapsed, I was worried that the Winter Nation would take the opportunity to attack the border and plunder our land. But now, I’m not worried because that vast ocean is more like a natural moat than the previous Dragonspine Snow Mountain. Everything put into the ocean, be it stones or feathers, will sink. Nothing can swim across that ocean.”

“If you want to pass through that sea, you’ll have to walk through the sky, and the sky is not that easy to walk through. There is a special World Tree growing at the border. Its branches and leaves spread out to cover the sky and the sun. Although it is not as tall as the one in the Forest of Eternity, its height is far higher than the Dragonspine Snow Mountain. In addition, there is a mountain peak named Mount Creation between the sea and the World Tree. The current border is more like a natural moat than what the Dragonspine Snow Mountain was in the past. I am certain that it is a defensive measure against the Winter Nation, and the Winter Nation will not be able to attack the border.”

The third prince pointed at the image on the first magic crystal and said, “The second one shows the scenes of Mount Creation, the World Tree, and even the ocean below. Mount Creation majestically. The ocean below is also magnificent.” King Landhar III could not help but narrow his eyes when he saw that image.

“Those are only changes in the appearance of the border. The differences inside the border are even more dramatic!” The third prince pointed at the second crystal. “Father, please take a look. On Mount Creation, there is a ladder made of pure platinum-tier materials. That platinum-tier ladder can send people to wherever they want to go without any command. If the kingdom has such a ladder installed everywhere, you can imagine how convenient it is to transport our supplies to everywhere in the world in an instant.”

“I went up that ladder, and I saw an even more astonishing scene! There were platinum-tier wheat fields everywhere. The wheat fields bore platinum wheat, and fruit trees surrounded the wheat fields. The fruits on them were the sun and moon fruits that had gained popularity in the capital. Even their equipment and clothes were platinum-tier, and there were even quite a few diamond-tier ones too. When I first saw those people, I thought I had gone to the wrong place. It was as if I had gone to some divine kingdom.”

Following the third prince’s words, a few pieces of magic crystals in King Landhar III’s hands lit up, displaying the entire content of the third prince’s narration, including the platinum-tier wheat fields that moved with the wind. Some farmers were lying under fruit trees, enjoying the sun and moon fruits as ordinary wild fruits, or casually throwing diamond-tier hoes to the side.

In the sky above those people, one could occasionally see angels with wings on their backs gliding by, carrying supplies in their hands, or training in groups in the sky.

“Next, I will introduce the most important part of the border. Currently, the border consists of five towns, namely Fairy Town, Blackmoon Town, Torch Town, Monte Town, and Vermillion Town. Except for Blackmoon Town, the other four towns are located in the north, south, east, and west of Mount Creation and are responsible for different tasks! As for the owner of Blackmoon Town, Edward, it’s said that he was originally from the Saint Laurent family in the royal city. Later, he betrayed the family. Watson was one of the eight men in Edward’s family. When I was recording the scenery at the border, I received special treatment from their family. I found out quite a bit about Watson’s childhood. According to his family, Watson has been a monster since he was young. He did not have any magic talent, but one day, he suddenly learned magic. He even turned all their 1,000 ordinary hens in his family into Pentacolor Fragrant Chickens and began to expand. Even the border count was polite toward him.”

“It’s not just Blackmoon Town. The entire Mount Creation is Watson’s handiwork. On Mount of Creation, in addition to the abundant resources, there are also many powerful armies. Those armies are known as the Blackmoon Knights. Each of them has taken the Blessings of the Gods and Demons. They are platinum-tier angels! According to my estimation, there are at least tens of thousands of people in that army. It’s a pity that some places are important in Blackmoon Town. I could not enter them without any permission. Otherwise, I would have been able to obtain more information.”

The third prince sighed as he said that. The magic crystals in King Landhar III’s hands were all displayed at that moment. King Landhar III’s gaze fell on the few magic crystals behind him; those magic crystals recorded Mount Creation’s skyline. Soldiers dressed in black armor that looked like angels of the night flew across the sky in an orderly manner. The sky was close to the World Tree, and a glass walkway extended infinitely upward. The walkway was filled with countless supplies.

A golden dragon and the phantom of a blue Phoenix burning with white flames could be vaguely seen in the high clouds.

“I expected the border to be Watson’s birthplace. With Watson’s help, it will definitely develop well. However, I did not expect the border to be so powerful! Even the farmers have diamond-tier farm tools? Why didn’t Watson do the same thing in my royal city? There are also tens of thousands of platinum angels. That means Watson can mass-produce the Blessings of Gods and Demons. He told me that he obtained that potion from an ancient ruin. Other than the dragons, there are also Phoenixes at the border. It seems like what Watson has shown in the royal city is only the tip of the iceberg. He can hide quite well, indeed.”

King Landhar III exerted a little force in his hands, and he managed to cause a few cracks on the magic crystals. King Landhar III snapped back to his senses and let go of his hand.

He was furious. He wanted to go to the underground prison immediately and use those magic crystals to interrogate Watson. What had happened? At the same time, he was also glad that he had sent people to the border to learn about the army that Watson had created. Otherwise, he might have been caught unprepared if he had made an enemy of the border without knowing about the tens of thousands of angels in his army.

“Since I’ve seen all your gifts, it’s time for me to give you an answer. Which gift gave me the most satisfaction? Previously, I told you to search for sufficiently precious treasures. Whether the treasures are precious or not varies from person to person. My firstborn has given me a Blessing of the Gods and Demons. With the formula and raw materials, that thing can be quickly manufactured by someone else. It’s not considered precious.”

King Landhar III’s words made the first prince’s gaze dim. The second prince looked proud. Unfortunately, his expression did not last long when King Landhar III said, “World Tree sapling given by my second son looks good. If it can be cultivated continuously, it can create a protective net similar to the one Forest of Eternity had. It can even create a Spring of Life! That is very good, but it is not good enough. Only my third son’s magic crystals, which recorded information about the border, make me satisfied. That is because information about the border is equivalent to our enemy’s lifeline. If I want to obtain the Blessings of the Gods and Demons and the World Tree’s sapling, I can get them at any time. I can even obtain Phoenix eggs and other precious weapons. That is the importance of information. I declare that my third son is the victor in this test.”

“Third Son, you can leave now! The remaining two can stay behind. I have something to say to you. It must have been hard on you when you went to the border. I want to reward you well.”

“Yes, Father.”

The three princes responded respectfully to King Landhar III. They looked puzzled. The third prince was not the only one who was puzzled. The first prince and the second prince were also a little confused.

First of all, the King had liked the third prince’s gift the most.

That was something they had not expected. Furthermore, the third prince had the best gift, but he was not told to stay to receive a reward from the King. It was strange to keep the first and second prince there instead.

However, they did not overthink it. In any case, it proved that their father still held them in high regard. The second prince rejoiced. Even though his father said that his third brother had the best gift, perhaps he still liked the sapling the best.

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