My Ex-husband Regrets After Signing The Divorce - Chapter 423 - Killing Without Care

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Chapter 423 Killing Without Care

These people should be the accomplices of the bandit leader’s son. When he thought of fighting them, Gu Qian felt that he had to take them seriously.

He stood in the crowd and stared at the criminals.

The spectators were still in high spirits. Xiao Bo pulled an uncle and asked, “Uncle, what’s going on? Why are there so many people around?”

When the uncle saw that someone was asking, he quickly praised, “Young man, you’re late. You didn’t see the scene earlier. It was really scary. These criminals are too detestable. It has only been half an hour, but five or six people have already been killed.”

Another person came over and said, “That’s right. Half an hour ago, this group of criminals was inside. Someone called the police. Hehe, I didn’t expect them to be even more excited. They didn’t care about the police at all and directly shouted at the police, saying that they had to prepare five million USD to let them leave. Otherwise, they would kill someone.”

A auntie beside her joined in the fun and said, “That’s right. The world is getting worse by the day. Tsk, tsk. When they encounter such a thing in broad daylight, those criminals aren’t afraid at all. They even said that as long as someone dares to touch their people, they’ll immediately kill five commoners. Furthermore, they’ve done what they said. They’ve already killed a few!”

It seemed like a murder had already happened here. Gu Qian knew what was going on.

Such a serious case was undoubtedly the biggest news this month.

Five million USD might not be gathered in a short time, but this group of people killed them just like that. They were indeed crazy. It was obvious that they were repeat offenders!


“Move, move, move. The police cars are here Move aside quickly!” There were too many onlookers. This group of people also enjoyed the commotion. The scene was blocked so tightly that even the reinforcement police cars could not enter.

Seeing that the police had just gotten out of the car, the lead criminal smiled evilly at the police car as if he was demonstrating. He dragged a trembling middle-aged man beside him and stabbed him in the heart.

The scene exploded. The scene was too cruel.

The man’s blood instantly exploded from his heart. Blood flowed all over the ground in a bright red color. Normal people would have nightmares for a few days when they saw this.

Gu Qian was experienced and immediately guessed that this group of people had prepared a time bomb!

Once the plan was revealed, they would immediately ignite the bomb and perish with the hostages at the scene. If they were unlucky, these policemen would not be able to escape death.

Gu Qian stared at the criminal with the dagger and immediately recognized him as the son of the bandit!

Like father, like son. This kid’s methods were ruthless and not inferior to his father at all!

Their original mission was to kidnap this fellow and ruthlessly extort that bandit before killing him.

Who knew that this kid would attack first!

Not only was the remaining crowd stunned, but even the police were shocked!

They did not expect the criminals to be so cruel. When the time came, they really began to kill the hostages again.

Forget it. Why did he have to choose such a terrifying method? The blood on the scene flowed to the feet of the onlookers. They were so frightened that they shrunk back.

The police officers who had just gotten out of the car were also very nervous. This was probably the first time they had seen such a big case.

“Hey, please don’t hurt innocent people. The money you want has already been agreed, but the amount is huge and you need to raise money. Let go of the hostages and wait patiently!” the police shouted at them.

Gu Qian sneered. If they could listen to this, they would not be called criminals.

Indeed, the criminal snorted coldly and provocatively grabbed an old woman before stabbing her neck.

“Ah!” The crowd was shocked.

Whose mother was this old woman? These damnable people! They were really too cruel!

The criminal finished killing without a word and even wiped his hands. His eyes were filled with disdain, as if he was handling an animal.

After a while, he said casually, “Don’t say such useless things. I know all your tricks. I only want money. You don’t have to say anything else. Now, I announce that before I receive the money, I’ll kill someone in three minutes. Do as you deem fit!”

The people at the scene were stunned. Three minutes!

There were at least 30 people in the bank. What he said might be true!

Gu Qian frowned. He did not expect them to be so calm. They were clearly trained robbers.

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