My Disciples Are All Villains - Chapter 609 - The Mysterious Man Intends To Kill Zhu Honggong

Chapter 609: The Mysterious Man Intends To Kill Zhu Honggong

In just a blink of an eye, Lu Zhou came between Zhu Honggong and the middle-aged man. He struck with his palm that glowed with a blue light. His palm was, shockingly, not aimed at the middle-aged man but Zhu Honggong.


Zhu Honggong instantly felt as though his world had been turned upside down. He pointed at Lu Zhou, who was in disguise, and said, “S-sneak attack… I… You… You’re dead. My master… isn’t a… pushover.”

“…” Lu Zhou suddenly felt that he should have hit Zhu Honggong with more force.

After saying those words, Zhu Honggong’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and fell to the ground.

Lu Zhou stood next to Zhu Honggong. He surveyed the streets’ surroundings before he said, “Now that no one’s here, bring me to your master.” This was the reason Lu Zhou had hit Zhu Honggong.

If Zhu Honggong was truly concealing his strength, this middle-aged man might not be able to take him down. However, judging from the middle-aged man’s words, he had someone else’s support. If Lu Zhou had made a move on the middle-aged man, he would only alarm him. At that time, the middle-aged man would likely not reveal the person behind him.

Moreover, Lu Zhou could feel the middle-aged man did not intend to kill Zhu Honggong.

The middle-aged man took a step back and asked, “You are?”

“My surname’s Lu,” Lu Zhou answered honestly, ‘Is there anyone who’s more honest than me?’

“Thank you for helping me, Old Mister Lu. Please leave him to me, Old Mister Lu,” the middle-aged man said.

“I can leave him to you, but I have a few questions,” Lu Zhou said without beating around the bush.

“Let’s hear it, Old Mister Lu.”

“What’s your name?”

“Jiang Pu.”

“Why do you want to take him away?” Lu Zhou asked.

“Old Mister Lu, you must’ve misunderstood me. We’re old friends who met after a long time. That’s all,” Jiang Pu said.

“If that’s your answer, I’m afraid I can’t let you take him… Why don’t we kill him and make a name for ourselves?”


At this moment, Zhu Honggong flipped around and pointed at the sky. He said groggily, “Who… W-whoever… lays a finger on me… My master… My master isn’t a push… a pushover…”


Lu Zhou kicked Zhu Honggong. ‘You bastard. Is that how you talk behind my back?’

“Don’t…” Jiang Pu cried out. He quickly spread his arms out. “Don’t kill him! We can talk things through!”


“Old Mister Lu, why must you put him through this? Aren’t you worried the Evil Sky Pavilion will come looking for you? Moreover, this is the Divine Capital. Any commotion will certainly catch the Nether Sect’s attention,” Jiang Pu continued to say.

“You’re afraid of the Evil Sky Pavilion?” Lu Zhou asked.

“Not exactly afraid, but just fearfully respectful…” Jiang Pu said, “Let’s do this. You can bring him with you. You’ll know everything once you meet my master.”

‘That’s exactly what I intend to do.’ Lu Zhou calmly replied, “Alright. Lead the way.”

In front of a remote courtyard in the Divine Capital.

“This way.” Jiang Pu led Lu Zhou and the unconscious Zhu Honggong into the courtyard.

Once they entered the courtyard, a few lively young men appeared and looked at them curiously.

Lu Zhou scanned them and tossed Zhu Honggong on the floor.

Jiang Pu bowed at his master’s room. “Holy Master, I’ve brought him here.”

“Very good.” A clearly exhausted wizened and gruff voice rang from the room.


The door opened.

Lu Zhou stood with his hands on his back. Who was this person who stalked Zhu Honggong? Was it Great Yan’s Imperial tutor or was it someone like those from the ten great sects who were waiting for a chance to strike at the Evil Sky Pavilion? Perhaps, it was just as Zhu Honggong had said. The stalker is just an overzealous fan.

The person who emerged from the room was a slightly hunch-backed old man with gray hair.

When Lu Zhou saw that man, his eyes brightened. ‘So, it’s you! Come to think of it, Ji Tiandao’s relationship with him runs quite deep.’

The old man was Zhu Tianyuan, the Ancient Saint Cult’s Holy Master who had retired long ago.

However, this was no time to reminisce. Lu Zhou had to act as though he did not recognize Zhu Tianyuan to see what this old man was after.

“All hail, Holy Master!”

The people outside the room bowed.

Jiang Pu made the introductions. “Holy Master, this is Old Mister Lu. With his help, the young master was knocked out and brought back.”

There was nothing wrong with his form of address.

Lu Zhou nodded.

Zhu Tianyuan, the Holy Master, looked at Zhu Honggong who was lying on the floor like a dead boar. He frowned and said, “I knew nothing good can come from having a master like him! Look at him, he’s unpresentable! He looks nothing like the Master of the Ancient Saint Cult!” After criticizing Zhu Honggong, he looked at Lu Zhou and asked in confusion, “Aren’t you shocked or afraid?”

“Why should I be shocked or afraid?” Lu Zhou retorted.

Zhu Tianyuan appraised Lu Zhou. He nodded. “Interesting.”

Jiang Pu said, “Old Mister Lu, to tell you the truth, the Evil Sky Pavilion’s Mister Eight is the Holy Master’s son.”

‘Tell me something I don’t know. I knew this the moment I met him.’ Despite his thoughts, Lu Zhou replied, “I see.”

“That’s why you can’t kill him,” Jiang Pu added.

“No wonder you stopped me earlier.”

The Holy Master, Zhu Tianyuan, said, “No matter… You merely wanted to help. We don’t owe each other anything. See the Old Mister off.”

“Wait,” Lu Zhou said.

“Is there something else?”

“I’m curious… Since he’s the Evil Sky Pavilion’s disciple, why don’t you visit him directly instead of sending someone to stalk him?” Lu Zhou asked. He would not leave until he figured out what was going on. Moreover, it was clear the old man did not want to reveal anything to him.

“Old Mister Lu, I think you’re overstepping your bounds.”

“I was the one who brought him here, after all. It’s only natural for me to want to know more about this,” Lu Zhou replied.

Zhu Tianyuan frowned. “Who are you to mind the Ancient Saint Cult’s business?”

“That’s not the answer I wanted.”

This reply puzzled Zhu Tianyuan. He studied Lu Zhou again before he said, “You have a wonderful cultivation base. That explains your confidence… I heard Jiang Pu mention you wanted to kill my son?”

Lu Zhou deliberately said, “Shouldn’t villains be killed?”

“The times are different now… Although I don’t like Old Villain Ji very much, he’s the first Nine-leaf cultivator in the world. The powerful has the final say in everything in this world. He used the golden mirror to expose the Other Tribesmen and kill them. Regarding this, I’m impressed… His first disciple, Yu Zhenghai, supported the empire and protected the people’s lives at the expense of his own. Aren’t these feats worthy of your respect?” Zhu Tianyuan asked.

At this moment, Zhu Honggong regained consciousness. He shuddered before he rose to his feet.

Jiang Pu had been ready for this. He tapped Zhu Honggong’s meridian points with two fingers and said, “Young master!”

Zhu Honggong looked at his surroundings before he asked indignantly, “Who’s your young master? Where’s this place? Who hit me earlier? That shameless fiend! Be a man and fight me directly!”

Lu Zhou. “…”

‘Indeed, I was too gentle when I hit this rascal earlier.’

“Calm down, young master! The Holy Master has been waiting for you for a long time!” Jiang Pu said.

Zhu Honggong looked past Lu Zhou at Zhu Tianyuan who was standing in the corridor before the door.

The young men in the surroundings fell to one knee. “Greetings, young master!”

Zhu Honggong was clearly baffled.

Zhu Tianyuan stepped forward, slightly excited. He said, “My son… You’ve endured many hardships under Old Villain Ji! You’ve lost weight!”

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