My Disciples Are All Villains - Chapter 607 - To Teach

Chapter 607: To Teach

Lu Zhou beamed. ‘That was some good luck!’

He was familiar with the Strengthened Reversal Card. He had no complaints about reversing 1,000 days of life with every card.

‘What’s this Shining Stone?’ Based on his current knowledge, super heaven-grade was a grade above the heaven-grade. What could be better than the super heaven-grade?

Lu Zhou recalled his battle with Liu Ge. He had broken Liu Ge’s super heaven-grade weapon, High Void, with Unnamed. In that case, what was Unnamed’s grade?

He flipped his palm around, and Unnamed appeared in his hand. “Use Shining Stone.”

“Ding! Unnamed’s grade will improve according to its host. It cannot be refined. Unable to use Shining Stone.”


‘F*ck you! Why did you give me a Shining Stone, then?’

Thinking that it was better than nothing, Lu Zhou stored it away. Then, He looked at the list of item cards.

After the system was upgraded, he had yet to look at the new item cards. After the system’s authority was unlocked, what were the new additions?

Lu Zhou scrolled down. Apart from the Disguise Cards and the Appearance Alteration Cards that were on sale, there were not many varieties of cards being sold.

‘You’ve got to be kidding me! Does the increased system authority only affect the Heavenly Writing scrolls?’

Lu Zhou closed the system dashboard. He did not purchase a Golden Lotus Leaf right away. He was in Dazheng Palace. If he sprouted a leaf here, he would easily attract trouble.

Then, Lu Zhou closed his eyes to meditate on the Heavenly Writing scrolls.

At this time, the sounds of faint footsteps reached his ears.

‘Someone’s coming?’

Lu Zhou continued using his Heaven Writing’s extraordinary power.

The footsteps were pacing on the steps outside the side hall. It did not sound like a spy or an Other Tribesman.

Lu Zhou expanded the range of the hearing power. Wisps of extraordinary power swirled around his ears. The range of his power expanded from Dazheng Palace to the nearby Evergreen Palace and did not show signs of stopping.

Soon after, he heard a buzz before all sounds were abruptly cut off.

Lu Zhou opened his eyes and muttered, “There’s a limit to the hearing power?”

Its range merely covered the palace. Naturally, it was still much superior to what ordinary cultivators were capable of. However, this was the Heavenly Writing power. Should it not be more powerful?

“Can I only use it to its full potential by increasing the system’s authority?”

Apart from that, he also noticed this power exhausted much of his extraordinary power.

“Forget it. I’ll just meditate.” Lu Zhou did not plan on using this power anymore.

At this moment, a voice rang from outside the hall.

“Greetings, master.”

Lu Zhou was familiar with the voice. “Come in.”

Ye Tianxin who was clad in all white strode into the hall.

Lu Zhou opened his eyes and looked at her expressionlessly. “What’s it?”

Ye Tianxin bowed and said, “I have a question, master.”

“Let’s hear it.”

“Although my injuries have been healing, there are times I feel weaker than I’d like,” Ye Tianxin said.

“Your vitality has been removed by the golden dragon talisman seal. It’s only natural you feel this way.” Lu Zhou was rather tactful with his answer. If he were to speak bluntly, he would say she had grown old.

Ye Tianxin asked, “According to the current cultivation theory, shouldn’t my lifespan extend whenever I sprout a leaf?”

“Indeed.” Lu Zhou nodded.

“Can I prolong my life if I cultivate to the Nine-leaf stage?” Ye Tianxin looked up at her master. She knew her question was bold. It was regarding the Nine-leaf stage, after all. It was not something that would be taught just because she asked about it.

Lu Zhou looked at her. After a moment’s silence, he said, “Your life can be extended. You’re searching for a way to reach the Nine-leaf stage?”

Ye Tianxin knelt and nervously said, “I daren’t make such a presumptuous request.”

“Since you return to the pavilion, as your master, I’ll teach you and guide you well. As a disciple, it’s your role to ask. As your master, it’s my duty to answer you. There’s no need for this. Get up,” Lu Zhou said.

Loyalty: +1%

“Ding! Guided and disciplined Ye Tianxin. Reward: 500 merit points.”

Ye Tianxin looked up, visibly touched.

“I’ve been in a dilemma lately,” Ye Tianxin said.

“Let’s hear it.”

“I’m thinking of severing my lotus,” Ye Tianxin said, shockingly.

Lu Zhou was not surprised. It was almost inevitable for Eight-leaf cultivators to think about the Nine-leaf stage.

“You’ll be re-cultivating from the One-leaf stage. Are you willing to do that?” Lu Zhou asked.

“With Second Senior Brother as an example, and you lighting the way, master, I have nothing to fear,” Ye Tianxin replied.

Lu Zhou stroked his beard and said, “There’s no need for that.”

Ye Tianxin said with puzzlement, “What do you mean, master?”

“Cheng Huang is a mythical beast. The ancient books say that anyone who rides it can live for another 2,000 years… Perhaps, that’s your ticket to the Nine-leaf stage.”

Ye Tianxin recalled everything that happened in the abyss. Indeed, her experience was nothing short of legendary and magical. There were many things that she could not comprehend with logic. Before she met Cheng Huang, she could not even imagine such things.

Lu Zhou continued to say, “The Golden Lotus absorbs life; this has been acknowledged by the cultivation world. If you can satiate the Golden Lotus, you’ll be able to overcome the great limit of the Eight-leaf stage. However, the longest a human can live is 1,000 years. Hence, nobody has overcome the limit yet.”

“I see. As the first Nine-leaf cultivator, you’ve already proven this, master,” Ye Tianxin said.

Lu Zhou coughed, He pretended as though he was knowledgeable about this, but he was helpless as well. He did not know how much life the Golden Lotus needed. Fortunately, the cultivation world did not wander down a strange path just because they were under the impression he was a Nine-leaf cultivator. Most of them walked down the path of severing their lotuses.

“However, Cheng Huang dwells in Moonlight Woodland. There are too many beasts in the abyss. Even Eight-leaf cultivators would have a hard time surviving there,” Ye Tianxin said with a sigh.

“Cheng Huang belongs to the fairfolks, to begin with. You’ll have to discover its mysteries yourself,” Lu Zhou replied.

“I see!”

“Ding! Taught Ye Tianxin. Reward: 500 merit points.”

Lu Zhou nodded and asked, “How’s your Blue Waves Technique coming along?”

Ye Tianxin said, “If I may be so bold, I’d like you to teach me something, master.”


‘Me and my big mouth…’ Lu Zhou did not think he would be able to replenish his extraordinary power any time soon.

At this moment, Zhu Honggong ran into the hall and cried out, “Master, a letter from Seventh Senior Brother!”

“Read it.”

Zhu Honggong read the letter aloud, “Master, I’m sure everything’s going smoothly in the Divine Capital. I know without a doubt you’ll have a firm grip on the Divine Capital. Hence, I drove a wedge between the Roulians. There’s no need to worry about Liang Province since I’m looking after things here. Also… I received an important piece of information. It’s highly possible that Great Yan’s Imperial tutor is still alive and that he’s now living among the Other Tribesmen.”

Lu Zhou was not surprised by this information. He had the same thought before this. If that person was still alive, it meant that they still had clues and a lead on the red lotus and the Luo woman. Hence, he said, “Tell him to continue his investigations.”

“Yes, master.” Zhu Honggong bowed. He glanced at Ye Tianxin and said with a chuckle, “Master, I have a question for you as well.”

“It’s good that you’re thinking of learning…” Lu Zhou was invested in this. After all, if he taught his disciples well, he could earn merit points faster compared to cultivation on his own.

“I don’t know why… but I have a feeling that someone’s been following me…”

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