My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 913

Chapter 913: The Crown Prince Consort’s Reward

Was there someone like you who runs straight into someone else on such a broad path?

This was the palace. If this maidservant really were so careless, how could she still be alive?

Such a blind person would have long died from the royal concubines’ shenanigans.

It was obvious that the maidservant was just d*mn pretending, yet she was still attempting to deceive her?

Qiao Lin was also frowning in displeasure.

With Qiao Lin’s intelligence, even she could perceive that there was something very fishy about this matter, not to mention her astute and keen sister.

The junior royal maid had paled in fright, and she continuously peeked at Qiao Mu’s expression.

When she heard Qiao Mu calling her out, she had collapsed limply to the floor.

Beside her, Third Miss Zheng’s complexion had also paled.

She didn’t expect that the crown prince consort would be so merciless, punishing that royal maid for real without a second word. It was simply terrifying how she didn’t adhere to the systematic way of doing things.

Lightning and another person suddenly appeared, giving the noble ladies a bad scare.

When she heard the royal maid’s tragic screams from afar after watching those two hidden guards dragging her away, Third Miss Zheng’s small face turned ghastly pale.

After smoothing out the stains on her skirt, Qiao Mu gazed coldly at Third Miss Zheng. “Didn’t you say that you wanted to treat me to tea?”

As she nervously clenched the corner of her skirt, Third Miss Zheng nodded and responded with fear and trepidation, “Yes, that is so. S-Someone, prepare the tea.”

Soon, the tea had been prepared anew.

At this moment, Xu Mingzhu also felt apprehensive. She felt that nothing good would come out of the crown prince consort’s sudden acceptance. After all, she had clearly rejected the invitation earlier.

When Qiao Mu sat down before them, her austere gaze made it so that the young ladies were afraid to sit. They didn’t dare take a deep breath and just stood respectfully before her.

She leisurely lifted up the teacup and took a whiff before commenting faintly, “Superior-quality snow sprout tea. It seems that it is indeed heartfelt.”

“It’s good that the crown prince consort likes it.” While heaving a slight sigh of relief, Third Miss Zheng curtised in salute.

“Come over.” Yet suddenly, Qiao Mu raised her head and beckoned to Third Miss Zheng. “This cup of tea, I am rewarding you.”

Instantly, Third Miss Zheng began trembling all over in fright, retreating a good few steps instead of advancing forward.

Qiao Mu merely gazed at her coldly. “It’s obvious from your look of guilt and dread that you did something that weighs on your conscience. You spiked this cup of tea?”

Third Miss Zheng immediately shook her head in a panic. “No, no. How would this humble girl dare to conspire against the crown prince consort in broad daylight and under everyone’s gazes?”

Qiao Mu nodded in understanding. “Then it’s that you are worried that I have done something to this tea.”

“What if I insist on making you drink it right now?” Qiao Mu’s icy gaze stared deeply at the Third Miss Zheng, whose head was drenched in cold sweat.

After Qiao Mu lifted her chin faintly, Shaoyao immediately walked out from behind her and took the teacup from her hand. She strode forward vigorously and brusquely gripped Third Miss Zheng by the cheek, pressing her entire back backwards to the point where even the latter’s waist also bent downwards.

“Don’t be so ungrateful when the crown prince consort has rewarded you!” Shaoyao berated before directly pouring the cup of rather scalding tea into Third Miss Zheng’s mouth.

“Mfmphfm.” Third Miss Zheng, whose cheek was hurting terribly from Shaoyao’s grip, continued to resist in horror, causing the tea to splash all over her face. Nevertheless, more than half of the tea in the cup had been forced down her throat.

Crack! The teacup rolled to the floor and broke into pieces.

Third Miss Zheng staggered and limply sat down on her butt, with tea trickling out the corner of her mouth. She cut a very sorry figure as she doubled over and kept gagging, as if trying to vomit out the tea that had gone into her stomach.

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