My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 911 - Worrying

Chapter 911: Worrying

Qiao Mu turned to look at Shaoyao in astonishment. “That’s not possible, right?”

“How is it not possible!” Shaoyao was almost about to be defeated by her little master.

“I am a big living person! Doesn’t he only steal things? Why would he steal me?” Yet Qiao Mu was stunned, and then she shook her head, saying, “Wouldn’t he have an extra mouth to feed after stealing me? That’d incur a loss.”

Shaoyao could only look at her with both amusement and exasperation. “Miss! Obviously, that Ding Tingding’s goal right now is to provoke His Highness! Could he be short of that bit of food for you?”

These two days, Mo Lian was so busy that he didn’t even come over, so Qiao Mu wondered if it was because he was investigating that Ding Tingding in secret.

Nevertheless, after she finished putting away her ebony tablets, Qiao Mu was in a rather excellent mood, so she turned to tell Shaoyao, “Shaoyao, we’ll be having extra dishes tonight!”

However, Shaoyao didn’t show much of a reaction even after hearing that they would be having extra dishes. She instead had a sour expression on her face as she continued looking at Qiao Mu in worry.

“What’s wrong. You’re not even happy when we’re having extra dishes.” Qiao Mu went up to grasp her small hand, comforting, “Let’s go, let’s go. Come with me to the kitchen to see what dishes we should add. Do you want to drink chicken soup?”

“Miss, how can you not be a bit worried at all!” As it turned out, Miss was completely muddled and ignorant when she received the news several days ago, unaware that Ding Tingding’s target this time was her!

No wonder she spent these past days rather carefree and without worries…

“What should I worry about.” Qiao Mu clicked her tongue derisively. “If he dares come, I’ll just take this chance to butcher him, and then wouldn’t everything be just peachy.”

Shaoyao spun her head around, and when she observed that her miss’s expression was particularly serious, not like she was joking, she couldn’t resist chortling in laughter. “Yeah, that’s right. My miss is so amazing, so how could she let that punk have his way.”

“Come!” Qiao Mu pointed in the direction of the kitchen before dragging Shaoyao with her in a run. “Shaoyao, how about having Mo Lian withdraw some manpower. I heard that when my dad went out for a stroll yesterday, he almost couldn’t get back inside when he returned home.”

Even so, Shaoyao hastily shook her head. “It’s better if you didn’t. Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival, and that Ding Tingding said that he would take Miss away between 9 to 11 o’clock in the evening. Who knows if he will be resorting to trickery and secretly move up the time. It’ll really be impossible to guard against it then.”

Taking me away? Darling Qiao rolled her eyes. That made it sound as if she were an item.

She was a big living person, after all. He said that he was going to take her away, but would she just foolishly leave with him? It’s not like she was sick in the head!

“Alright, alright, don’t worry anymore. We’ll worry about tomorrow’s matters tomorrow. Let’s eat a good meal tonight first…”

Once Shaoyao recalled the chicken soup that Miss had mentioned, she couldn’t resist smacking her lips as she grinned like a Chesire cat.

The next morning.

Mo Lian personally came to the Marquis of Jiayuan’s Estate to escort his Father-in-Law’s family into the palace.

The palace was hosting a Lantern Festival feast at noon, and the attendees were the people they had seen at the New Year’s feast that day, the families of high officials third-rank and above.

The feast would end at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and at that time, everyone could leave the palace and engage in their own activities.

The Luo Family Troupe would sing traditional opera in the palace for the entire day. Hence, the madams and misses who were interested had arrived at Clearwater Fine Park bright and early to listen to the opera.

At night, the entire Mo Kingdom capital would be celebrating, and there was also going to be a grand lantern fair ceremony, so the noble madams and misses were all planning to go join in on the fun.

After the carriage entered the palace without any hitch, the old king had summoned Mo Lian to the study.

Nevertheless, he repeatedly exhorted her to be safe and take care of herself before leaving in a hurry.

“Miss, there’ll be a lot of miscellaneous people around today, so you really have to be on guard.” As if faced with a formidable foe, Shaoyao was vigilant as she intermittently inspected the people that were walking past them.

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