My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1881 - A Very Bright Candle  

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Chapter 1881: A Very Bright Candle

Mo Lian looked at that plate of white mantou in distaste. He took the mantou from Qiao Mu’s petite hands and tossed it back onto the table. “Qiaoqiao, I’ll go back to our room to cook you porridge.”

Mentor Wei Xu was so infuriated that his nose nearly distorted! He shouted at the two people who swaggered off, “We’re just about to set off!” Yet you were still gonna cook porridge?

“Your mentor really has a fiery temper. Hubby is scared.” Mo Lian hugged the little fellow’s waist as he whispered into her ear.

“Don’t be scared. I’ll beat him to death if he dares yell at you,” Qiao Mu comforted him softly.

However, everybody present had superior hearing, so they naturally heard the two people’s conversation.

Mentor Wei Xu’s face darkened even further.

Feng Chen gave Crown Prince Mo’s back a look of contempt. It was disgraceful to act cute!

“Looks like we have to go back to our rooms to pack up and get ready to depart!” The Gingko Immortal giggled.

Everyone: “…”

Let me just ask you what the heck do you have to pack up?

Which person present didn’t have an inner world or a bag that they carried on them?

After the couple returned to their room, Mo Lian patted Qiao Mu’s petite head and brooded in heartache, “Qiaoqiao, you haven’t been eating or sleeping well recently, right. You’ve gotten so much skinnier.”

Qiao Mu touched her face: Strange, why didn’t she feel like she got skinnier!

“The food this tavern serves is awful,” Mo Lian commented as he took out two meat and two vegetarian dishes from his two inner worlds. He also took out a pot of fluffy white rice with translucent grains, as well as a jar of sparerib soup.

Just as he finished setting the table, someone pushed open the room door.

Feng Chen snuck in with a flash and rolled his eyes at the two people. “You guys have the heart to let me eat crude mantous downstairs alone?”

He just knew that this guy had been busying about in the backyard bright and early to cook a meal for Qiaoqiao. Yet he just had to come down and put on an act before leading Qiaoqiao back upstairs again.

So stingy! He only cooked enough for Qiaoqiao and himself!

Mo Lian rolled his eyes at him. However, Qiao Mu scooted to the side to make room for Feng Chen, and she asked him in a rare amiable mood, “Peach Blossom. How was it inside the Punishment Tower?”

“Of course it wasn’t good at all!” Feng Chen complained in a huff, “There was neither good wine nor food. I don’t even know how I hung in there.”

After saying this, he gazed pitifully at Qiao Mu with his charming eyes.

“Then do you want to go to Paradise Planet and play with Little Water for a bit?” Qiao Mu asked gently.

“Okay, okay, yes!” Feng Chen’s eyes lit up as he nodded repeatedly.

“No.” Mo Lian swept him a gruff look, and he filled up a big bowl of rice before stuffing it into the latter’s hands. “Scram after eating!”

Don’t bother them from chatting as a couple!

“How are we going to explain to other people if you suddenly disappear after following us upstairs?”

Feng Chen pursed his lips and negotiated with Qiao Mu, “Qiaoqiao, then if I get tired when we travel to that whatever Mount Tai, bring me inside okay.”

Crown Prince Mo’s handsome face darkened. “Hurry up and scram back to the sacred domain.” This shameless guy was actually wheedling his Qiaoqiao. Sure enough, he couldn’t let his guard down for even a moment!

However, Feng Chen shook his head vehemently. “No!”

He gave an especially resolute response. He had already cleared the Punishment Tower, so did he still have to go back and continue enduring those frustrating days without wine or meat in that white and hazy forsaken place?

“Qiaoqiao, send him back!!”

Qiao Mu blinked her large eyes. Summon him back? Could a summoning talisman send back a venerable immortal realm expert?

Qiao Mu held her small bowl of rice and gazed exasperatedly at the two men who took swipes at each other. She involuntarily gave a sigh.

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