My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1591 - Blocking the Way

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Chapter 1591: Blocking the Way

“Qiaoqiao, how about we first find an inn to stop over at. Once we settle down, we can come out and explore the city. What do you think?”

In actuality, neither of them were carrying much luggage. However, in order to conceal their identities while traveling away from home, they both slung a bag over their shoulders in pretense.

Other than a set of old clothes and some food, there basically wasn’t anything else in this bag.

The two girls were meticulous and also low-key.

Additionally, Qiao Mu’s new aura-repressing talisman had reached the yellow rank. It could completely conceal all traces of cultivation in their bodies.

Once they applied it, it could last for one month. It made the two of them look like normal people while they were traveling.

Other than Qiao Mu’s appearance which attracted a lot of attention, no one would know that they were great mystic cultivators level 13 and over.

Traveling outside was different from being at home. It was naturally best to be careful and take preventive measures.

Qi Xuanxuan exclaimed with a smile, “Ay, that owner of Deyi Inn does have a conscience! When we left, he gave us ten buns for free, and meat buns too. It is rare for him to be so generous for once.”

“If not for these ten buns, I would have surely destroyed his Deyi Inn before leaving! He truly is a profiteer to have charged us so much for lodging. Twenty spirit currency per day! With food expenses, that’s forty per day.”

“The most abominable part was that the guy was unwilling to lower the price! He looked like I was going to take his life when I asked him to waive some of the fees. Simply incomprehensible!”

Qiao Mu twitched her mouth and looked at her helplessly. “Actually, it’s all only a small amount of money.”

They had spent a little over 200 spirit currency staying at Deyi Inn for six days. It wasn’t considered too expensive! Nouveau Riche Qiao mused.

Previously, the traveling expenses for riding the terrestrial whale had cost her 480 spirit currency.

“Even though it’s a small amount of money, you can’t let profiteers swindle it from you either.” Qi Xuanxuan puffed out her cheeks.

“Alright, I know you are strict at budgeting for expenses.” Qiao Mu nodded and said, “Then the mission of finding a good inn will be on you.”

Hearing this, Qi Xuanxuan gave a wide smile. “Alrighty, just watch me. I will surely find an inexpensive and comfortable inn.”

After all, they would probably be staying in Wengka City for a period of time before enrollment. The most important task at hand was to find a comfortable place to stay.

The duo passed through the bustling main street of Wengka City toward the inner district.

Vendors’ cries came from both sides of the street and mixed in with the noisy crowd. They interwove into a vibrant and lively scene.

Qi Xuanxuan skipped up ahead. Sometimes, she would run up to the front of the crowd and watch the acrobatics. At other times, she would watch other people’s transactions just to get in on the excitement. The wide smile on her face was full of vigor the entire time.

Qiao Mu had been observing her for a long time. She reached up to rub her own icy little stoic face and lamented: This was probably how girls her age normally acted.


Suddenly, a large folding fan that could cover her entire face whipped open in front of her.

On the fan was inscribed: ‘Elegant and unrestrained, savoring delicacies for half a lifetime. A jade tree in the wind, tasting the resplendence of all ages.’

There were even four saucy characters written in the center: ‘A beauty as exquisite as jade!’

Simply bullsh*t!

Qiao Mu looked up and saw a man around 27 or 28 who had a large hairy mole at the corner of his mouth.

He leered at Qiao Mu with his beady eyes, almost unable to contain his drool.

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