My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1590 - Exerting Pressure

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Chapter 1590: Exerting Pressure

“You can go over. Next!” The city guard shouted in a low voice, and like he was shooing a fly,he urged on an elder who was pushing a wheelbarrow.

He urged him to hastily enter the city and make way for everyone else.

That elder’s left leg was limping slightly, making him lurch. His actions had also slowed down.

The soldier was filled with impatience after urging the elder on several times.

After the elder entered the city, a middle-aged woman behind him caught up to his footsteps and curtsied to the city guard with a basket in hand.

“This young woman had left the city to do some small business funded on small capital. Can you waive my entry fee? I had just paid two spirit currency yesterday.”

“How dare you actually raise such a presumptuous request.” The soldier shouted with a sullen expression. “If I waive your entry fee today, what will the other people think?”

“When the city lord searches for someone to blame, who is able to shoulder this responsibility? Can you shoulder it, or can I?” The soldier chastised sternly.

The young married woman sobbed and sniffled, “But those who do business with small capital often have to enter and exit the city. Besides, we only earn a piddling amount each day. If we have to pay two spirit currency every time we enter and exit the city, then wouldn’t that mean we don’t earn anything at all. I have a residence permit that has not expired yet. I… Sir Soldier, can you not make an exception?”

“These are the rules! You want to break the rules? Do you think that I won’t arrest you!” The city guard hollered with a sullen expression.

“Do not waste everyone’s time! If you don’t want to enter the city, quickly scram aside! People who want to enter come enter, and those who don’t want to pay up can scram! This is the rule that the city lord set. You must pay a fee of two spirit currency every time you enter the city! There are no exceptions!”

The young married woman wept. Without a choice, she could only take out two spirit currency and hand them to the soldier. Afterwards, she sighed pitifully and trudged into the city with a stooped back.

Qi Xuanxuan frowned at this. “Tsk, so unamenable to reason! You were right, Qiaoqiao. They are so greedy. They must have the appetite of a lion to want each person to pay two spirit currency!”

“How abominable. This is double Julu City’s entry fee.”

“Forget it, we’ll be spending money to ward off disaster. It’s only a bit of money. Don’t haggle over it with them,” Qiao Mu commented indifferently. They followed the line and soon reached the city gate.

Qiao Mu took out four spirit currency and tossed them to the city guard as she swept him an icy gaze.

“Can we go inside now?”

The city guard did not know why his heart quivered fearfully when he heard this cold and crisp voice. He hastily nodded and responded, “This way, please.”

Originally, he had been thinking that the little lady in front of him was super pretty. However, he felt a splitting headache coming on when he gave her a few more glances. He immediately dared not look at her recklessly anymore.

Wengka City was the largest city in the northern part of Shuntian Prefecture.

Its architectural style was similar to Julu City’s. There were blockhouses built from lofty stacks of buff-colored boulders everywhere.

A spacious official road stretched out in front of them once they entered the city. There were many stalls lined up along the sides, with most of them selling small products.

All the stall owners were promoting their products with glib tongues to the people who had just entered the city.

There were very few people who were selling food. Although there was an occasional stall selling fruit, most of it had already turned black or become rotten. It was evident at a glance that it was not fresh at all.

How could Qiao Mu take a fancy to these?

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