My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1460 - Leave No One Alive

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Chapter 1460: Leave No One Alive

“Qiaoqiao.” Mo Lian set the little fellow on his legs and gazed at her solemnly. “Were you trapped inside your nightmare earlier?”

Qiao Mu nodded, and she immediately reached to hug his neck. She snuggled against his body like a small creature and whimpered, “Someone was whipping me, and it hurt.”

A vicious current flitted across Mo Lian’s eyes. “Who.”

Qiao Mu shook her head. “It was blurry and I couldn’t see her face. But if I encounter her again, I will definitely recognize her.”

Mo Lian patted her back twice and then carried her over to the bed. “Don’t think too much. We will naturally make those who owe us pay back their debts one by one. Why don’t you sleep some more.”

Right now, the little fellow looked lethargic and especially tired. It made Mo Lian’s heart ache dearly.

“Qiaoqiao, my mind is only at ease when you are alright,” Mo Lian murmured. He half-laid on the bed while hugging her and stroking the poofy hair on her head. “Sleep now. I’ll be keeping watch over you.”

Tilting her petite head, Qiao Mu laid on top of him. She hugged his waist and burrowed into his embrace. “Don’t you need to attend morning court today.”

“I’m not going. I’m not going anywhere, just staying here to accompany you.” Mo Lian patted her lightly. “Alright, don’t talk and go to sleep. Leave everything for after you’ve replenished your energy.”

Qiao Mu grunted in response and then laid her head on his chest. With his steady heartbeat thumping by her ear, she quickly turned drowsy and fell asleep.

Mo Lian grasped her petite hand lightly. He had originally planned to treat the red marks on her wrist with medicinal power again, but he could not help but be astonished when he glanced at her wrist again.

Her petite wrist was fair and tender, without the slightest trace of any red marks.

Tut, the little fellow’s recovery ability really was quite astonishing. Even he, who possessed medicinal power, might not be able to heal so swiftly.

After kissing her fair wrist gently, Crown Prince Mo wriggled out from under the little fellow’s body. He then settled her properly on the bed before covering her belly with a blanket.

After erecting a defensive boundary inside the bedchamber with a snap of his fingers, Mo Lian quickly pushed open the door to leave.

“Dispose of this person on the return journey.” Mo Lian waved his hand apathetically, and a dozen hidden figures left swiftly and stealthily.

Huifeng lowered his head as he appeared beside the crown prince and reported quietly, “Lightning and his team are aware that they have failed to protect the crown prince consort and have already returned to Martial Mountain for punishment.”

When he thought of Lightning and that group of unlucky comrades, Huifeng couldn’t resist… twitching his mouth.

Crown Prince Mo’s gaze flickered, and then he nodded tepidly. “Got it.”

“Do you want to transfer Ao’ye and them back?”


“Ao’ye is still quite reliable in handling matters, Your Highness.” When he thought of Ao’ye, that big bro, Huifeng couldn’t resist putting in a good word for him.

“Humph.” The crown prince ordered with displeasure, “Have Mei’ye lead a team to eradicate them. They can draw up a list of whatever mystic weapon or spiritual weapon they will need.”

“But, what if Young Chief Asi and his group don’t return that soon? It is possible that they will stay in our Guanlan City for some time?” Huifeng proposed weakly.

“Then just let them live for several more days.” The crown prince outlined wrathfully, “At that time, I will have Little Seven accompany them to deal with that ancient python bull, while Mei’ye and his team will be responsible for eliminating the other people. He must be sure to not leave any of them alive.”


Huifeng silently lit a candle for Asi in his mind: Better wish for the best, Young Chief Asi!

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