My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1236 - A Date

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Chapter 1236: A Date

“Let’s wait until after your coming-of-age hairpin ceremony.” Mo Lian helped her smooth out her hair. “It’s been so long anyway, so she should have gotten used to it too.”

Qiao Mu couldn’t resist wanting to laugh. Could someone get used to staying in a dungeon?

“Better not. There’s nothing to do tomorrow anyway, so I’ll sneak out. Mom won’t notice either if I have my younger sister help cover for me.”

With his eyes lighting up, Mo Lian cuddled his wife as he promptly nodded with a grin, “Okay, okay. Then let’s also go boating and listen to music along the way.”

“Bah.” Pushing him away, Qiao Mu said with a harrumph, “Forget about going boating. What if a mutated fish monster suddenly pops up in the middle? That wouldn’t be pretty.”

“Aiyah, how could there be such a coincidence.” Mo Lian wheedled while nuzzling his little wife, “Let’s just go for a bit. I’ll escort you home in two hours.”

Qiao Mu prodded his forehead. “You’re so fussy.”

As they were chatting, Shaoyao returned. As soon as she came inside, she curtsied toward Qiao Mu and Mo Lian; however, she was clearly irritated. “Your Highness, Crown Prince Consort, I’ve already asked around. That Zhou Yuan sure enough is as Second Master described. He is an awful b*stard to the letter.”

“Luckily, the guards that Master dispatched there helped ward him off when he went to cause trouble for Miss Pu today. When the two sides clashed, Miss Pu’s wrist got twisted.”

“Is it serious?”

“It was not too bad. I left Miss Pu medicine, so she should be fine after applying it for a few days.” Shaoyao couldn’t resist scolding, “But that d*mn bastard just keeps going to look for trouble! With this continuing to happen every single day, how soothingly can Miss Pu spend her days?”

Qiao Mu creased her brows. “Go again tomorrow, but bring my invitation to Pang Dahai and have him go along with you to seize anyone who is making trouble. After getting arrested two to three times, no one will dare to go look for trouble again.”

“Will this work, Miss.”

“Of course it will.” Qiao Mu curled her lips and said, “Have Sir Pang throw them into prison and then find several people to give them a scare.”

“Alrighty, Shaoyao will be handling this matter tomorrow.”

After finally sending away that vexing guy with much difficulty, Qiao Mu started to concoct the antidote pill for the devil grass.

The next day, Qiao Mu grabbed Qiao Lin, making the little lady stay in her room while she snuck out.

Having been confined at home for many days already, Qiao Mu swiftly flipped over the rear wall. She saw Crown Prince Mo standing there with a grin while in a suit of moon-white casual clothes.

Qiao Mu jogged over, and she hooked her arms onto his naturally. “You’ve waited for long?”

“It hasn’t been that long.” Mo Lian winked at her. “You won’t get caught by Mom if you sneak out, right?”

“It’s fine, I have my younger sister covering for me.” Qiao Mu said while holding his arm, “Let’s first visit Sikong Fuling in the dungeon.”

“I’ve investigated this Sikong Fuling’s identity. It’s quite special. It turns out that she is the Saint of the Demonic Cult.” Mo Lian stroked his chin as he contemplated, “Previously in the dungeon, she even used a flute and nearly made an escape.”

“That flute is the nightmare demonic flute. Previously, I almost fell for it at the small base.”

After ushering the carriage back to the Eastern Palace, the two people strode toward the dungeon while conversing in soft voices.

Just as they stepped through the entrance of the dungeon, they heard a heart-wrenching shout resound. “Why are you detaining me in here; I wish to see your boss. I already made a clean confession, so why aren’t you releasing me already!!”

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