My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1147 - Could I Have Missed Her?

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Chapter 1147: Could I Have Missed Her?

Huifeng directed the hidden guards to put out the fire with a sullen face. However, this underground fire burned abnormally swiftly and violently, accompanied by several explosions in the distance.

Mo Lian creased his brows, and he motioned to stop, saying, “No need to search, let’s go.”

It seemed that the opponent was not so simple-minded. Certainly, if that were not so, then it would be impossible for them to secretly operate so many underground bases without being discovered from beginning to end.

“Your Highness, we can still make a quick search.”

“There is no need. Since they have already given up on this place, they won’t have left any evidence behind.” Mo Lian said insipidly, “Let’s go. The most important thing is to first find the crown prince consort.”

Mo Lian creased his brows imperceptibly. Could he have missed the little fellow, with her heading back to the Mo Kingdom capital by herself first?

His thoughts were fairly unsettled, wandering back and forth in his mind. He felt as if something bad had already happened!

—-My Lian’s section break—-

Two days later, on a bustling main street in Guanlan City.

“Young Sir. Young Sir, Young Sir! I have finally found you.” A little lass with extremely tender looks panted as she caught up to a bewitching man dressed in purple. She breathed in and out slowly before looking at him joyfully.

Yet Ding Yun looked at her in displeasure. “How did you find me.”

The methods Beijing Manor used to search for people were a bit special. Ding Yun was worried that Baoyan, this lass, divulged his tracks, which would lead his Mom over.

Even so, Baoyan shook her hands quick-wittedly and asserted, “I-I did not inform Madam! Young Sir, I saw you twice inside the forest, but you did not pay me any attention the whole time when I called for you! I chased after you all this way and finally caught up now.”

Cult Master Ding stopped, swaying twice in fatigue.

He had spent a good deal of energy to shake off Heavenly Law’s d*mned fetters these two days. This abominable Heavenly Law was truly poking its nose into other people’s business. Was it too idle or what!

It chomped at him like how gangrene was bound to the bone, almost annoying him to death!

Fortunately, he had finally shaken it off temporarily. Seems like he should be more careful and prudent about using spiritual energy in the future.

“Young Sir.” The little lass Baoyan hastily went up to support his arm, and she looked at him worriedly.

“You used spiritual energy, is that right?”

“You had personally promised the old madam that you would not carelessly use spiritual energy in the outside world!”

“I’m fine.” Cult Master Ding indifferently brushed away the lass’s arm while knitting his brows. “Alright, you return to the manor first.”

“Why, Young Sir. You are not going back with this servant?”

Ding Yun shook his head. “Not for now. Go! Remember not to tell anyone my whereabouts.”

“I am not leaving!” Baoyan stomped her foot and cried out, “I finally found Young Sir after so much difficulty. I am not going anywhere. I will just follow you.”


“Young Sir, why are you not going back? You have not gone back to the manor for more than two years already. Madam misses you very much.”

“How are there so many whys and wherefores.” Cult Master Ding became increasingly irritated, and he turned to look at the abnormally apathetic little lady who was as lukewarm as water.

“Young Sir, who is she?” Baoyan was immediately on guard as she scrutinized Qiao Mu, who was standing on the side.

It was this young lady, right, who angered Miss Xin into crying.

Of her five senses, Qiao Mu had just recovered her sight, so she looked at everything curiously.

As she glanced around, her gaze settled on a restaurant’s signboard.

Morning Cloud Restaurant!

She instinctively wanted to step inside.

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