My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1126 - Mirage Talisman Matrix

Chapter 1126: Mirage Talisman Matrix

With this, Mu Boming finally perceived what was happening. His expression changed drastically as he shouted, “It’s a mirage talisman matrix!”

Qiao Mu herself wasn’t here at all, so it was futile no matter how they chopped at her.

It took them half the day to realize that they had been completely played with by a talisman matrix.

Upon coming to this realization, everyone had either turned green or pale with wretched countenances.

Mu Boming suddenly shouted, “A mirage talisman matrix cannot exist too far away from the caster’s physical body. She is nearby!”

After saying this, he abruptly rushed into the woods nearby.

Qin Xuan followed behind closely, scoffing, “Family Head Mu, you are already getting on in your years, so why are you still so fiery.”

However, Mu Boming pretended not to have heard as he flitted past.

Everyone started combing through the nearby area. Sure enough, in less than half an hour, they found Qiao Mu’s physical body behind a concealed bush.

At the moment, she was standing behind a scorched tree, looking cold and cheerless in her pale-colored clothing. She was expressionless as she stared at them with an extremely icy gaze.

What sent them in a frenzy was that a faint red light was hovering about her body, as if her entire body was bathed in a wisp of bright and beautiful flames.

“It’s the phoenix egg!! The bloodfire phoenix egg!” A Mu Clan disciple cried out excitedly.

Sure enough, they saw that that round phoenix egg was serenely “squatting” there beside Qiao Mu.

Mu Zijun, who was usually rather composed, couldn’t keep calm and collected this time either. He held his breath and walked up, suggesting with cupped hands, “The phoenix egg is here. It goes to whoever has the greatest capability.”

Yet Eldest Young Sir Qin couldn’t help but snigger. “What can having the greatest capability do? Could it be that you can strip someone else’s mental contract and form a new contract with the phoenix egg? Even if you are fantasizing about this, you have to see if the phoenix egg itself is willing!”

“Mental contract??”

Everyone was taken aback, finally noticing Qiao Mu’s present state.

Her body was not only wrapped by a faint red light, but there was even a cluster of burning flames leaping about the middle of her forehead.

“The marks of a beastial contract!”

“D*mn it, we were one step too late!”

“Miss Qiao has already formed a contract with the phoenix egg!!”

“Ah! My phoenix egg, you actually, you actually contracted with my bloodfire phoenix egg!!” Yang Fengyan shrieked with uncontrollable hatred.

Eldest Young Sir Qin couldn’t resist laughing. He curled his thin lips as he glanced at Yang Fengyan derisively. “Cousin, I recall that you are but a level-four mystic cultivator right now. What kind of contract are you speaking of! You seem to be quite a ways from forming a beastial contract, no?”

Beneath her veil, Yang Fengyan’s face immediately burned red.

She had planned to be thick-skinned and beg the family head to keep the phoenix egg for her. With her aptitude, she would certainly break through to become a level-10 mystic cultivator in less than 10 years. Wouldn’t she be able to contract with the phoenix egg then?

The eldest young sir deigned to heed this laughable cousin who had her head in the clouds, and he turned to ask Qiao Mu, “Xiao Bao, are you still here because you haven’t finished forming the contract?”

Yet Qiao Mu merely “looked” at them coldly.

Dou Fengchi berated, “What kind of look is that, do you believe that I will gouge your eyeballs out!”

Ever since forcibly getting transferred out by the secret realm, Dou Fengchi had been stifling her anger until now. Upon seeing Qiao Mu now, new hatred piled on old as it all surfaced in her heart.

Before Family Head Dou could stop her, Dou Fengchi pounced over while drawing her sword, thrusting it straight at Qiao Mu.

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