My Children Are Fierce and Adorable! - Chapter 343 - A Noble Arrives

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Chapter 343: A Noble Arrives

“Furthermore, Madam Ye, your husband… saved our Yupiao back then. I have to thank you and your husband. Madam Ye, don’t stand on ceremony with me. This is only right.”

Madam Rufei looked at Guan Chibei covertly. Nangong Yupiao had fallen from the building and this incident was related to the youngest prince. It was not appropriate for the matter that night to be on the table. Furthermore, Guan Chibei was an outsider, so Madam Rufei only talked to Ye Lulu.

At this point, Ye Lulu could only accept the mountain that was inlaid with gold and jade. Moreover, her attitude was not timid. She smiled generously at Madam Rufei and said, “Thank you, Madam. Did you bring Young Miss over today? Please come upstairs to the private room on the third floor, Madam. I’ll prepare some suitable food. Madam and Young Miss can enjoy them.”

As expected, Madam Rufei was happy to hear this. Nangong Qin was taken by a maidservant to buy candied hawthorn outside and came in late. Madam Rufei had sent someone to call them. As she nodded to Ye Lulu, Ye Lulu personally led them to the third floor.

The first floor was a hall. The second floor was also a hall but outdoors. The third floor was similar but smaller than the second floor. Ye Lulu had thought for a moment and built the third floor into the structure of a private room. The balcony was exposed.

The private rooms on the third floor were definitely reserved for the nobles.

Madam Rufei was invited upstairs. The environment was suitable for her.

Ye Lulu brought them up. Madam Rufei saw a bunch of flower names.

Ye Lulu asked Madam Rufei which she liked.

Madam Rufei showed considerable interest. After looking at them one by one, she asked with some interest, “Why are these all flowers and not dragons or tigers? If women can use them, does that mean that men can’t? Oh… there are so many flowers. Can I choose the ‘Narcissus’ room?”

Madam Rufei said, “I like narcissus. They’re noble and refined.”

“Of course.” Ye Lulu smiled. “You’re the first customer in our private rooms, so of course, you can choose as you wish. Our shop doesn’t have elegant rooms like Soaring Dragons and Leaping Tigers. We only have floral names. They’re a little more elegant.”

In fact, Ye Lulu did not want to open her shop and still showcase the authority of men. Once she followed the men’s wishes and named some private rooms Dragon, Tiger, or Leopard, which symbolized men, they would definitely suppress the ones with flower names, which symbolized women.

Perhaps at that time, all the guests would only be willing to go to the Dragon, Tiger, or Leopard rooms and wouldn’t treat the flower rooms as first-grade.

Or perhaps, they would automatically be divided into the private rooms that men should go to and the private rooms that women should go to. When the time comes, everyone would automatically be divided based on their attributes.

None of this was what Ye Lulu wanted.

She wanted to name all the private rooms as flowers. When men and women came, they could only choose the name of the private room with flowers. This was her territory, so they would follow her rules.

Madam Rufei liked the immortal aura, so she went to the Narcissus room. Soon, the young Nangong Qin was carried over by the maidservant.

Ye Lulu made a dish of Boiled Fish, steamed eggs with dried scallops, steamed chicken with Shiitake mushroom, and stir-fried vegetables. She sent them to the Narcissus private room.

“Madam, this is specially made for you and Young Miss. Boiled Fish has a strong taste and is numbing and spicy. You and Young Miss should eat it carefully. Steamed egg with dried scallops is the best for children. It’s nutritious and tender. The other two dishes are also suitable for you and Young Miss.” Ye Lulu introduced.

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