My Children Are Fierce and Adorable! - Chapter 338 - The Popularity of a New Store

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Chapter 338: The Popularity of a New Store

After all, it was indeed unreasonable to let others change things that did not cost money.

In that case… almost all the customers still asked for the sour and spicy chicken feet. This meant that everyone wanted to take advantage of the free food.

“Dear guests, you can order now. Order from the servants.” Ye Lulu looked at Guan Chibei, who was standing behind the counter, and signaled him to look ahead. She then turned around and entered the kitchen.

“Order from the servants?”

When they looked up, they saw some bamboo plates hanging on the wall. They were made quite exquisitely and there were names of dishes written on them. It seemed that these were the special dishes that would be served today.

Many people came in to see what the inside of this ‘dangerous building’ looked like, but it was fine to have a meal while they were at it so that they could try the dishes of this new restaurant.

“Let’s see what special dishes there are today…”

“Boiled Fish? What is that? Using water to steam the fish? How is it delicious? Wouldn’t it be so fishy that it’s hard to eat?”

“There’s also steamed fish head with chopped peppers? Fish head…? You can even use a fish head to cook? How can there be meat to eat?”

“Why is this restaurant especially using pickled goods to cook? Is it the boss’ pickled goods or do they look down on us for coming in to eat? They keep making dishes that we don’t know if we can eat.”

“There’s a secret braised pig trotter. Is this pork shoulder? This is considered normal.”

“There are only these three special dishes today? To be honest, although they’re strange, their names are uniquely straightforward. I quite want to try them.”

“If you don’t like special ingredients like fish head, there are also ordinary dishes. The three dishes on the wall are just special dishes. I’ve indeed never heard of them in other restaurants.”

“There are ordinary dishes. There’s chicken, goose, duck, and fish. There are also stir-fried mushrooms, clear bean sprouts soup, stir-fried eggs with chives, stir-fried pig liver, stir-fried meat… There are quite a lot of dishes, eh? They’re ordinary but it’s just that it’s the first time I’ve heard of such names.”

“In any case, I don’t care. Yuan City has a new shop, so of course, I have to try new dishes. I like spicy food. That… steamed fish head with chopped peppers. It sounds spicy, right? The shopkeeper wouldn’t bring up a pot of bones, right? There must be something to eat. I’ll order this steamed fish head with chopped peppers!”

After a while, a crisp voice sounded.

“Alright!” A man who looked to be only thirteen or fourteen years old was wearing clean clothes. He was this shop’s servant. Although he was a little shy, he still answered the customer. “Dear guest, what do you want?”

“Let me see. There are five of us. One special dish is definitely not enough. Boiled Fish… That sounds light. I’ll also order the secret braised pork trotter and try this special dish of your restaurant.”

“In addition, we want stir-fried mushrooms, stir-fried eggs with chives, and stir-fried pig liver. Serve the steamed buns!”

They were a few merchants who looked like they came from other places. These men had plenty of money, and they were indeed more decisive.

“Dear guest, the steamed buns might not be suitable. White rice would be better to match those dishes.”

After Ye Lulu’s training, the servant mustered his courage and said.

“Huh?” The guest looked at the servant in surprise. He did not expect the servant here to dare to give him an opinion. However, he really did not know what the special dishes were. He just casually mentioned steamed buns. Since the servant said that white rice was more suitable, they could eat white rice as well.

“I want a secret braised pork trotter as well. This looks the most stable… Let’s get white rice as well. That’s enough. I like meat and I hate vegetables the most!”

“I also want a secret braised pork trotter and clear bean sprouts soup. Hmm? Why is there a wall with soup and noodles over here? Is it specially for soup noodles? Minced meat noodles with fried egg. This sounds good. I’ll order this!”

One of the customers turned around and saw that beside the menu was a small wall with soup noodle dishes. There were various kinds of soup noodle dish names written on it. The plainest one was pork bone soup noodles. Apart from the broth being pork bone soup, there was nothing else. Following that were vegetable noodles, egg noodles, minced meat noodles with fried egg, braised pork noodles, pork cartilage soup noodles, soup noodles with Char Siu, shredded chicken soup noodles, and so on.

In short, there were more than ten types of soup noodles. Just by looking at the names, they inexplicably felt very enticing. It was unknown where so many types of soup noodles came from. Even in a proper soup noodles restaurant, there were usually only a few types. Minced pork, minced mutton, Yang Chun noodles… All these types of noodles were unheard of!

What was pork cartilage soup noodles?

What was pork cartilage?

It had to be said that this attracted many people to click their tongues in wonder. Following that, another batch of customers ordered various kinds of soup noodles.

In the newly opened shop, the hall was filled with people. There was an uproar and it was considered lively.

On the first day, this scene was not bad.

Outside the building, there were some villagers from Yunwu Village who had come out early to squat down and see how the Guan family’s new shop was doing on the first day it opened. Initially, they were thinking that although the Guan family had bought a shop, they didn’t have any influence in the city. Guan Chibei’s wife was also a village woman and wasn’t famous. Perhaps she wouldn’t even have a customer on the first day the shop opened?!

Unexpectedly, they saw that there were already so many people rushing into the restaurant. Even though they were outside the door, they could hear the bustling noise inside.

They were so capable?

The expressions of the villagers from Yunwu Village froze. No one knew what they were feeling.

The weather was good today. Golden sunlight scattered on the building and Yuan City, making them look like pieces of gold, dazzling and bright.

Not long after, Mother Rong and the brothers from the Guan family carried out pots of dishes from the kitchen.

To be honest, many people were looking forward to it. They had never heard of the special dishes in this new restaurant, but they were very attractive. They wanted to try it.

The first one to be out was…

Boiled Fish.

The reason was simple. Boiled Fish was the fastest to be cooked. Ye Lulu had stir-fried the Mala ingredients in advance, so once the water boiled, it would be ready once the sliced fish were added.

Therefore, Boiled Fish was the first dish to come out. Many customers couldn’t help stretching their necks to see. However, their expressions immediately became surprised.

This was because they had yet to see the dish clearly, but they could already smell a strong and domineering smell.

This smell was a little domineering. It made people feel very excited!

This smell was still spicy, but it wasn’t choking. It only made one’s heart itch…

“What dish is this?”

“Oh, I know. This is steamed fish head with chopped peppers, right? From the name, it sounds spicy.”

“It smells so spicy. Is this edible? But it does smell quite good.”

“It’s fragrant. Even though it’s really spicy… damn, why am I drooling?”

“Me too.” Someone swallowed their saliva as well and said, “What’s up with this? I have a craving.”

Mother Rong carried the large pot of food to one of the tables and reported the dish. “Boiled Fish is served.”

The person, who had ordered the dishes, and the surrounding people were stunned and said in surprise, “This is Boiled Fish?!”

This dish was actually Boiled Fish!

Was the Boiled Fish that spicy?!

From the name, it sounded like boiled fish meat in plain water. Unexpectedly, it was actually a pot of spicy and fragrant ingredients!

Everyone was stunned. It was completely beyond their expectations. The person who had ordered the dishes was even more stunned. Mother Rong observed his expression and asked, “Boiled Fish is spicy. Dear guest, can’t you eat spicy food? I can serve you a bowl of cold water so that you can rinse the fish meat before eating.”

“Oh… No.” The man came back to his senses and said, “It’s not that I can’t eat it, but I’m a foreigner. The passenger ship I was on came from Wu Zhou. The crew on the ship were all from Wu Zhou. The food they provided was spicy. I wanted to eat something light, but didn’t expect this to be spicy as well…”

This customer was the most inconspicuous one who had ordered food in the bustling hall just now. As everyone thought that Boiled Fish was the blandest, no one ordered it.

Under the shouts of ‘secret braised pork trotter’ and ‘steamed fish head with chopped pepper,’ this customer could be considered ‘silent’ when he ordered the Boiled Fish.

However, he was the first to cause a stir.

Mother Rong looked at him and said, “That’s not a problem. Dear guest, it depends on your mood. If you want to try the original taste of the Boiled Fish, eat it directly. If you don’t want to eat spicy food, pour some cold water over it to rinse the spices off before eating. You can also order stir-fried vegetables and eat them together. It’s salty and light.”

The person glanced at the Boiled Fish and saw a large pot of thick red soup in the white pot. Chili, garlic, and even pepper were floating on the red soup. It looked very spicy.

At the top, there was a layer of oil… It didn’t look exaggerated, but it was inexplicably tempting.

In the rich soup, there was white fish meat floating. It looked very fresh and tender. It was obviously ordinary fish meat but seemed to have become extremely delicious.

That person could eat spicy food, to begin with. He hesitated and said, “I’ll order a clear bean sprouts soup.”

“Alright.” Mother Rong agreed quickly and reminded him, “There are bean sprouts under this Boiled Fish as well.”

It was the first day the new shop had opened… Mother Rong and the rest could not contain their joy and naturally didn’t set up their stall for the day. They came to the new shop to take a look and help out and see how the situation in the shop was.

She looked so happy…

Of course, the entire Guan family was here.

Furthermore, they tried their best to wear new clothes. The family was full of vigor. They were pleasantly surprised and could not contain their excitement at the opening of the shop.

When the firecrackers were set off at the door just now, the entire family was present. After business officially started, the two sisters-in-law of the Guan family entered the kitchen to help Ye Lulu.

The two sisters-in-law helped to slice fish and solved Ye Lulu’s problem.

The others were helping to attract customers in the hall.

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