My Children Are Fierce and Adorable! - Chapter 337 - Open for Business

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Chapter 337: Open for Business

Haha, didn’t Nangong Yupiao look down on Ye Lulu very much and want to give credit to Guan Chibei? Now, Guan Chibei said that Ye Lulu was the one who had asked him to save her.

Should Nangong Yupiao be grateful to Ye Lulu or not? How could she drag Guan Chibei into this matter?

Ye Lulu almost laughed as well. She bit her lip and held it in.

Nangong Yupiao widened her eyes and was caught off guard by Guan Chibei’s words. She did not know what to say.

Guan Chibei held Ye Lulu’s hand and continued walking forward. At the same time, he said to Nangong Yupiao, “Please go back, Miss Nangong. I’ve only saved you. I’ve saved people eight hundred times a year. I can’t count them all.”

About saving people…

He did it eight hundred times a year…

Nangong Yupiao could not believe what she had heard. This man today was completely different from what she had imagined. She really did not know what it meant to save eight hundred people a year. This was also a reason to reject her gratitude?!

Nangong Yupiao was confused.

As for the other villagers, they understood this immediately. Oh, so it was Guan Chibei who had saved this noble miss. She then came over to thank him personally.

However, the truth was that Guan Chibei’s wife had asked Guan Chibei to save her. Hence, it could be considered that Guan Chibei’s wife had saved her.

Oh, then this noble miss had to thank Ye Lulu.

In this matter, Ye Lulu’s presence immediately became stronger. Nangong Yupiao could not say a single word, and the ignorant villagers no longer felt that there was anything between Guan Chibei and this noble miss.

Nangong Yupiao was speechless and did not know what to do. However, when she saw the man’s handsome and clean face with a unique charm, she could not help but feel her heart skip a beat. She looked at Guan Chibei and said:

“No matter what, you’re the one who saved me. Think about what you want first. I’ll come and find you next time.”

With that, she did not give Guan Chibei a chance to mention the rest and left with the maidservants and guards.

As they looked at Nangong Yupiao’s noble figure as well as the sedan chair carried by the guards, the villagers were filled with amazement and reverence in their hearts. No one dared to offend her.

Ye Lulu felt that this noble miss was quite funny and annoying. Her expression was calm, and Guan Chibei dismissed Nangong Yupiao. He did not take this to heart and continued down the mountain with Ye Lulu.

They were preparing to open for business. They were very busy. There were always some trivial things to do and they had to do them personally. They almost left for the city every day.

Everything in Yuan City was proceeding as usual. It was still crowded and the city was always bustling. The docks and the Yuan River were busy.

Among them, a restaurant by the Yuan River opened for business that day.

First, Ye Lulu and the rest had placed firecrackers at the entrance of the restaurant which burned for fifteen minutes.

It could be said that it was one of the longest firecrackers in Yuan City.

Furthermore, the shop was by the Yuan River, and there were slightly remote empty spaces around. There was a residential alley just diagonally ahead. It was very suitable for setting off firecrackers.

Deafening crackling sounds lasted for a while, causing the ears of the busy people at the docks to echo.

It was finally over.

The loud firecrackers also directly highlighted the opening of the new shop, attracting many people.

After the firecrackers were burnt, red papers were scattered all over the ground. Ye Lulu and Guan Chibei stood at the door and smiled. There was no special ceremony as they announced the opening of the new shop.

No red cloth unveiled the plaque. It was already hanging high up there a few days ago.

Many people had seen it in advance and it caused a discussion. This move was indeed a little extreme. Without Ye Lulu’s publicity, ‘Linhe Zhai Xing Lou’ had long been mentioned among people.

Although no red cloth was unveiled to signify that the restaurant was open for business that day, the effect was much stronger than usual.

After Ye Lulu said that it was open for business, she opened the door with Guan Chibei and let people in. She did not say anything.

However, the strange thing was that there was no need to advertise. There were indeed people who were eager to try and walk in!

There was no other reason. As this ‘dangerous building’ had been bought and renovated to become a new shop, many people were interested in this place and wanted to know what it was like inside.

Therefore, Ye Lulu’s new shop had the effect to bring along the crowd. Everyone had waited for the shop to be open for a while. Furthermore, there were many people at the docks who had some money.

Many people entered the shop.

In the new shop.

Everyone who entered looked around and their gazes became surprised.

So this was the arrangement inside the ‘dangerous building’!

It was similar to what they had imagined, but it did seem more special.

In fact, Ye Lulu’s design was not very special. Instead, there was a normal shopkeeper’s counter. There were tables and chairs in the spacious hall.

However, the tables and chairs were arranged in a rather thoughtful manner. In the middle was a normal arrangement of tables and chairs in the main hall of a restaurant. It was obvious at a glance that it was filled with people. When it was bustling, it was very noisy.

However, at the two sides of this hall, there were two long and exquisite screens. They were slightly curved and crooked, making them seem not so rigid. There was also a concept behind them.

Words were carved on the screen. Although it was simple, it had to be said that it was also elegant.

Miraculously, following the angle of the screen, there were a few tables and chairs placed intermittently behind the screen. These tables and chairs were the same as the ones outside, but they were half-hidden behind the screen.

This was the meticulous design. The tables and chairs on both sides were blocked by a screen. Behind the screen, they spent some effort to arrange them.

Those who did not prefer the crowd in the hall could sit in these seats, thus separating them from the liveliness, leaving behind the effect of a quiet environment.

The effect was practical.

Moreover, it looked elegant!

It could be said that this small design made people feel that there was something different. Moreover, it was unknown if it was an illusion or if it was because this building was built by the river. They felt that as soon as they entered, their auras would flow more freely than other places. The hall was refreshing and pleasant. It was especially comfortable.

What surprised them was…

As soon as the opening ceremony was announced, many people rushed in. After everyone chose a seat and sat down, 70% of the seats in the hall were filled!

The opening of this new shop already had good business. A lot of support was provided.

More people came in from behind and marveled at the building. There were no exaggerated or special arrangements, but it made people feel that this was how the ‘dangerous building’ was. They were not very disappointed.

“What delicious food do you have here?!”

“That’s right. As a food merchant, are there any special dishes?”

“If the food isn’t good, the restaurant can’t be opened.”

“It’s your first day opening today. Do you have any promotions?” someone asked.

Ye Lulu had not entered the kitchen and was still in the hall. She smiled and said, “This is a specialty restaurant, so naturally, there are special dishes. They differ every day. There are also all the other ordinary dishes. Everyone can look at the wall. There are updates every day.”

“In addition, there will be a discount activity today. For every ten taels of silver spent, there will be a discount of one tael. For every five taels of silver and above spent, there will be a discount of half a tael. For every tael of silver and above spent, there will be a discount of one coin.”

“All the customers who have eaten in this restaurant will be given a secret gift when they leave.”

“Also for today, every table will be given a special cold dish, sour and spicy chicken feet.”

As soon as Ye Lulu finished speaking, someone asked in confusion, “Chicken… chicken feet?! What are they?”

Was it really what they were thinking?

Could this be… a chicken’s foot?

Ye Lulu nodded and said, “It’s that chicken foot that everyone is thinking of. However, no one has to worry. It can be eaten. The food made in this shop will definitely be edible. We won’t force everyone to try it. If anyone doesn’t want it, you can tell the servants not to give it to you.”

“Wow, this new restaurant just opened for business but they sure talk big… A discount of one tael for every ten taels of silver spent. This building looks quite elegant, but I’ve never heard of this shopkeeper’s background. Who can casually eat ten taels of silver worth of food at an ordinary restaurant? It’s too rare.”

A customer said.

It was not their fault. There was a huge difference in the food and drinks industry. Wine and dishes were expensive in the famous restaurants in Yuan City, but expenditure was not high in most of the other restaurants.

After all, everyone had a limit. It was considered a lot to spend one tael of silver per meal, let alone a few taels or even ten taels of silver.

The expenditure of ordinary people was about this amount, but it was different for those who had crossed a level. Rich families, perhaps officials or nobles with power, would spend much more. It was common to spend a hundred taels on one meal, let alone ten taels. The largest restaurants in Yuan City were extremely extravagant and usually served these customers.

In short, the difference was huge.

“If I take the initiative to not want this cold dish, this… chicken feet, would there be other compensation?”

“That’s right. If we don’t want it ourselves, we’ll have less food than others. There should be something to make up for it, right? Otherwise, how can it be fair?”

Another person asked.

“No, dear guests.” Ye Lulu’s expression did not change as she said, “The cold dish is free. It’s a gift from our restaurant and not something you ordered.”

“Therefore, if any customer doesn’t want it, this is your choice. There’s no reason for our restaurant to change it.”

“After all, this isn’t a dish the customer ordered. It can’t be that if you don’t want this, you can change to another one, right?”

Ye Lulu’s tone was calm. After hearing that, some customers thought for a while and agreed.

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