My Children Are Fierce and Adorable! - Chapter 323 - The Children Survived

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Chapter 323: The Children Survived

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Was this… learned long ago or learned on the spot?

They could not learn it on the spot, right?

Then wouldn’t these babies be amazing?!

After bathing Tie Wa and Ren Shen Guo, they were changed into new clothes. They were stuffed onto the bed to sleep with the three babies. The two of them would stay here tonight, while the rest…

Of course, they all went back first. Ye Lulu still had to sleep with the babies.

Although Ye Lulu was not very willing to let outsiders sleep on her bed, she knew that this was a life-saving measure. The three babies did not have much of a reaction like her, but the youngest child had already shown his characteristics.

The expression on his face was especially foul. He crawled up from the furthest spot and buried his head in the crook of Ye Lulu’s neck. His entire body was glued to Ye Lulu. Then, he closed his eyes weakly and stopped moving.


Ye Lulu could only reach out and hug his soft body. She also accidentally moved the youngest son’s foot to be on top of the eldest son’s shoulder. She could only move him aside awkwardly.

The night passed. The next morning, Tian Laoqi and the old auntie’s family arrived early. The ground in the village was still wet. When Mother Rong opened the door, the two families followed behind her gratefully as if they had seen their benefactors.

Ye Lulu got up and washed up. She looked at Tie Wa and Ren Shen Guo, still sleeping on the bed. It looked like their skin color had recovered by ninety percent. Their looks were ordinary and no longer pale. Their eyebrows had also relaxed a lot. They were nestled by the bed and sleeping soundly.

Ye Lulu retracted her gaze. When she looked at Tie Wa, she was not considered indifferent.

This was because other than Auntie Tian, Tie Wa, the brat, was also involved in causing harm to her and the children.

Even though he was a child, she never forgave him for no reason. He was not an immature two or three-year-old child. At this age, people like Damao and the rest knew how to think and refute what the adults said.

Furthermore, Tie Wa was targeting the three babies. At that time, they had just been born. Could it be that she would forget because the babies were fine and they grew up?

It was just that it was a human life, after all. In front of human life, there was no such enmity.

Tian Laoqi and the old auntie’s family entered. Guan Chibei followed suit.

When they saw that Tie Wa and Ren Shen Guo had survived, Tian Laoqi and the old auntie’s family cried tears of joy. They picked up their children and almost kowtowed to Guan Chibei and his family to thank them.

Especially Tian Laoqi, who hugged Tie Wa. He seemed to have woken up overnight. The heavy rain last night seemed to have washed away the drowsiness in his mind. He looked at Ye Lulu with sincere gratitude in his eyes. He knew how much Ye Lulu’s family had let bygones be bygones by being willing to save his Tie Wa.

However, Ye Lulu did not look back at him. She had saved Tie Wa last night without asking anything because it was a human life. It had nothing to do with Tie Wa and Tian Laoqi.

The two families each led their children out the door. The children had not woken up, but their breathing was stable and they looked very safe. It was certain that their lives were not in danger.

However, they still had to bring the children out to the medical center in the city early in the morning to confirm that there was nothing wrong with the children’s bodies.

After everyone left, only Guan Chibei was left.

Ye Lulu looked up at him and said, “So, can you tell me now…”

“Why did the two children, who suffered from the lightning last night and had a yin-yang collision in their bodies, recover after sleeping in our house for a night?”

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