My Children Are Fierce and Adorable! - Chapter 320 - Who Came to the Guan family’s Door

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Chapter 320: Who Came to the Guan family’s Door

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Hence, the old auntie’s family followed Tian Laoqi and ran to the Guan family.

Bang! Bang! Bang! In the strong wind and rain in Yunwu Village, the Guan family’s door was knocked. It was mixed with the sound of the heavy rain, so they couldn’t hear it clearly.

Tian Laoqi was carrying Tie Wa in his arms. His entire body was drenched. One of his shoes had dropped off, and he didn’t wear his outerwear well. The thin outerwear covered only an innerwear, making him look extremely sorry.

Tian Laoqi had no time to care. He pounded on the Guan family’s door anxiously and looked at Tie Wa in his arms. He had already closed his eyes completely and no longer had any temperature. His body was still trembling non-stop. Tian Laoqi shouted at the top of his lungs:

“Open the door! Open the door! Guan family, open the door!”

“Guan Chibei! Guan Chibei!”

“Open the door. Help me. Is anyone there in the Guan family?!”

Even though the village usually treated the Guan family with jealousy and mockery…

It only showed during moments like these that…

If something really happened, everyone actually believed in the Guan family the most and relied on the Guan family’s strength the most. They also felt that the Guan family was the most capable and could help them.

For example, now that Tian Laoqi was in a rush to seek treatment, he didn’t even remember the village doctor. The people he thought of first were the Guan family.

The Guan family went to the city to set up a stall every day. They might know how to save his Tie Wa.

If the Guan family went out to do business, they might be able to save him after coming into contact with so many people.

“Where’s the Guan family? Mother Rong, Guan Chibei!”

The old auntie’s family chased after them and followed Tian Laoqi. They knocked on the Guan family’s door. With the few of them together, the Guan family’s door was about to collapse.

In the house closest to the door in the Guan family’s house, Mother Rong and the rest finally vaguely heard someone shouting ‘open the door.’ She was shocked and asked Father Guan, “Is someone knocking on our door and asking us to open the door?”

Father Guan was also surprised and uncertain. “No way? There seems to be some sound, but it’s raining.”

“Open the door! Someone’s going to die.”

When Tian Laoqi saw that Tie Wa had stopped trembling, not only did he not feel at ease, but he also trembled in fear. He suddenly shouted loudly.”

This shout pierced through the rainy night and even reached the houses of the other families in the village. Other villagers heard this shout and were shocked and puzzled. Who was shouting?!

How terrifying!

Not only did Mother Rong and the rest finally hear this shout, but everyone in the Guan family’s other houses also heard it! Inside Ye Lulu’s house, the three babies clenched their fists and ate their hands. Upon hearing this cry of despair, the three babies were not shocked at all. They were very accepting of negative things. This was determined by their birth identities.

They were the sons of the God of the Netherworld, and the yin energy they carried was extremely strong.

Ye Lulu looked up and felt that something had happened.

When Mother Rong heard the exact shout, she quickly got off the bed and put on her shoes and a straw raincoat. This cry was too despairing. Something big must have happened. She had to open the door.

“Who is it?”

People from the other houses also ran out in surprise. “Is someone asking our house to open the door?”

“There’s really someone knocking on the door.”

“Who’s in such a hurry to come to our house when the rain is pouring?”

The ones who spoke were Eldest Brother Guan, Second Brother Guan, and the two sisters-in-law. Everyone put on straw raincoats and came out into the rain.

Mother Rong was the closest and had already gone to open the door.. As soon as the Guan family’s courtyard door opened, a few people rushed in.

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