My Children Are Fierce and Adorable! - Chapter 290 - Fight to the Death!

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Chapter 290: Fight to the Death!

As for the more scheming people, they understood immediately when they heard this. If this recipe really belonged to Brother Ba, how did this woman take it away?

It was so profitable. Why would they let this woman take away so many days of business?

Furthermore, they came so suddenly. It was obvious that they were here to cause trouble.

“Also, this wooden cart of yours was made by our brothers. Otherwise, would a bunch of bumpkins like you be able to make such a cart?” Brother Ba said boldly.

They even wanted to take away the wooden cart.

“Young lady, you have to be sensible and know when to stop. Hurry up and return the stall, the recipe for Malatang, and the wooden cart to us.”

“Otherwise, our brothers won’t be leaving empty-handed after coming here today.”

After saying everything, Brother Ba went a step further. He and a large group of strong men walked forward and closed in on Ye Lulu, surrounding the entire stall.

It seemed that if she did not yield, they would become rough.

“Young lady, hand over your stall!”

When Brother Ba saw that Ye Lulu was still not moving or didn’t look like she was about to cry, he forced himself in front of Ye Lulu and threatened her again.

Ye Lulu looked at him sideways and knew that he was definitely here to cause trouble. She gave up on reasoning with him and sneered. “Your wooden cart? Your Malatang recipe? Try calling them. Do they respond to you?”

“You say it’s yours and so, it’s yours? I think you’re here to extort people!”

“Why? When you saw that my family’s new stall was doing well, you, a vicious wolf, wanted to bite off a piece of meat and even take over my stall?!”

“A bully is a bully. You must have done plenty of such bullying and plundering, right? Many stall owners at the docks have been bullied by you, right?”

“Do you still have the face to come out and walk around? You’re a bully in the end. Go to the river and see your face. What will you see?”

Ye Lulu finished speaking and pointed at the Yuan River.

Brother Ba and everyone else did not react for a moment. They followed Ye Lulu’s actions and wondered what they would see.

“You’ll see that behind you, there are many stall owners who have been bullied by you. They’re fighting to take this opportunity to kick you into the river.”

Brother Ba was speechless. “…”

Everyone was speechless. “…”

All of a sudden, the stall owners who had been bullied were speechless. “…”

“You…” Brother Ba couldn’t react earlier as Ye Lulu spoke too quickly. Now that he had calmed down, he immediately spoke.

He had just started when Ye Lulu’s little mouth shot off like a machine gun again. She continued, “Your mother will be ashamed of you. Your children will be embarrassed because of you. There are also uncles, aunties, and parents-in-law who are embarrassed because of you. They will be smashed by eggs if they walk out. Tell me, are you bad? Do you have any sense of shame at all? How dare you walk out of the house? Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“You…” Brother Ba did not manage to catch his breath.

“I’m a soft and helpless woman. I have elderly and children to raise. How dare you covet my stall? Aren’t you afraid of being taken in by the heavens?! Be careful not to step on dog feces, or drink water with cockroaches, or eat a bowl of noodles with half a fly!”


One of the onlookers had such a strong imagination that when the scene in his mind appeared, he felt so disgusted that he almost vomited.

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