My Children Are Fierce and Adorable! - Chapter 285 - Proficient in Feng Shui

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Chapter 285: Proficient in Feng Shui

Blood sprayed out and splashed everywhere in the shop.

There was also blood on the boss and lady boss.

Those maidservants had deliberately designed this. They looked straight at the boss and lady boss, but there were relieved smiles on their faces. In the end, they collapsed.

The boss and lady boss were both stunned—they were completely stunned on the spot.

They could not react to what had happened.

After they came back to their senses, their entire bodies constricted as if they were shocked. The hairs on their bodies stood up, and their backs suddenly felt extremely cold. They suddenly felt numb…

The boss and lady boss trembled. They were almost scared crazy by the scene in front of them…

These maidservants had died too tragically. This shop became a fierce house filled with blood and hatred. The boss and lady boss could not stay for another day. Furthermore, because the lady boss knew that the maidservants were forced to sell their bodies, they moved out to find a place to stay for a few days. They were still trembling and had frequent nightmares at night. They were extremely afraid.

In the end, the two of them could not stay any longer. They packed their bags and moved out of Yuan City to Yingzhou.

This was the so-called ‘the entire family moved to Yingzhou.’

Coincidentally, in order to give the owner and his wife the greatest impact, these maidservants rushed out early in the morning. The boss had not even opened the door.

Apart from the owner and his wife, no one else knew.

The owner and his wife lowered their heads and discussed among themselves. In order not to let others know that people had died in this shop and it had become a bloody and fierce house, they simply hid the news and decided to sell this shop to the public.

Only the brokers from the broker house knew about this. This was because when the previous owners put the shop up for sale at the broker house, they had to sign an agreement. If they lied and something happened, the previous owner would not be able to get a single cent according to the rules.

The owner loved money as much as his life. After some calculations, he told the broker house the truth. No matter what, the broker house wanted to sell the shop at a high price like them, so it was fine to tell them.

Therefore, when the broker introduced this shop to Ye Lulu, he knew that this shop had once been involved in a prostitution business. There were also a few maidservants who died.

The wall he mentioned was still as clean as new because the maidservants’ blood was everywhere at that time. In order not to be discovered, the owner specially spent money to repair the wall and the floor…

However, in the second son’s eyes, he could sense the truth of the shop the moment he entered.

The second son’s eyes could also see the yin energy everywhere. In his eyes, yin energy was almost tangible. He could see everything.

That was right…

The second baby was born with a special talent. He knew Feng Shui well and could sense yin and yang. He could see through one’s life journey at a glance and judge Feng Shui matters!

The broker did not reveal the slightest truth. He was still smiling at Ye Lulu and advising her. The second son did not relent and howled in Ye Lulu’s arms. When he saw that Ye Lulu had not left, he kept wriggling in Ye Lulu’s arms.

Ye Lulu felt that she could not hold on to this baby anymore.

Was her second son a caterpillar?

Ye Lulu quickly hugged him tighter, afraid that the baby would fall. She could not help but whisper, “Sigh.”

Could it be that her baby was too sad that he had not seen the world before and became too excited on his first trip?

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