My Children Are Fierce and Adorable! - Chapter 276 - Opening a Shop

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Chapter 276: Opening a Shop

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It was Ye Lulu’s first time today, so she had also prepared a lot of ingredients.

Furthermore, Ye Lulu could sell Malatang alone much faster than Mother Rong, so she sold out quickly.

Before Guan Chixi could calm down, he quickly told them about the noble who had spent ten taels of gold to buy Ye Lulu’s recipe.

Mother Rong and the rest had never heard of this before. Their legs went limp and they almost fell at the courtyard.

“Ten taels. Ten taels… of gold?!”

Mother Rong’s voice trembled. The other Guan family members were shocked and almost had their souls fly away. What?! Ten taels of gold?!

After digesting it for a while, Mother Rong barely came back to her senses. However, she was worried about the recipe for Malatang. “Then… then Lulu, how are you going to do business after selling the recipe? What should we do?”

Ye Lulu said, “The madam only bought the recipe back to her mansion. It won’t affect our business if she doesn’t take it out to do business. Furthermore, they’re definitely not from Yuan City. It’s fine.”

“Oh… Oh…” Mother Rong was finally at ease, but she was still in a daze over the ten taels of gold.

Oh my!

Even if they did business now, she did not know if the Guan family could earn ten taels of gold in their lifetime.

Now, it was the first day Ye Lulu went out to do business and she could earn this amount so easily?!

Moreover, Ye Lulu did not look very excited. If it were her, she would probably be overjoyed by now…

Ye Lulu calmly threw out another bomb. “That’s right. Moreover, I have a use for these ten taels of gold. I’ll use it on our family’s shop.”


Mother Rong had just returned to her senses when her soul immediately left her body.


Father Guan was washing the vegetables when the wild vegetables in his hands fell to the ground in the courtyard. They were instantly dirty.

The Guan family’s courtyard was silent for a moment.


Then, Mother Rong’s incredulous scream sounded. “There… there’s a shop?! We have a shop? Where… where is it?”

Mother Rong asked in a daze.

We have a shop?! Where is it? Why didn’t she see it?

Ye Lulu said, “I haven’t bought it yet. It should be one of those in the city. Take a look. See which one you like.”

Mother Rong was speechless.

Not bought yet?

One of those in the city?!

If that was the case, she could even say that there was a shop at home?!

Mother Rong was speechless. “…”

“Then… then Lulu, do you mean to use those ten taels of gold to buy a shop?” Mother Rong held her chest and calmed down before carefully asking Ye Lulu.

As for the Guan family, they were all shocked and speechless.

Ye Lulu nodded. “A shop is always the most secure. Moreover, we are respected now. This business can continue for a long time. There’s no need to worry about other factors.”

“Besides, we have so many children at home. Opening a big shop will earn more money to better support everyone.”

“Then… then…” Mother Rong was already stunned by this news.

To be honest, no one in the mountains had come into contact with the concept of ‘opening a shop’. Furthermore, Mother Rong had always listened to Ye Lulu. Her mind felt like it was going to explode.

“We’ll listen to Lulu. You make the decision…” Mother Rong’s voice drifted. It was mainly because Lulu was good at cooking and doing business. It was also Ye Lulu who had suggested this previously. Even if she opened the shop herself, she would not know what to do.

Hence, Mother Rong said that she would listen to Ye Lulu.

Logically speaking, the ten taels of gold should have been for the family… However, no one in the Guan family had any objections when Ye Lulu said that she wanted to open a shop.

On the first day the Guan family set up their stall, the atmosphere was lively and jubilant. In the village outside, a storm had also quietly stirred.

The matter of the Guan family setting up a stall at the docks in the city had not been discovered by the villagers before the new year. However, on the first day of the voyage today, many villagers on the mountain had no food at home and had to go down the mountain to buy something.

There were also strong men who went to the docks to work. Their families followed them down the mountain to shop at the market at the docks.

Although the docks were huge, it was crowded.

However, there was still a person in the village who walked to Ye Lulu’s stall at the market and saw her selling Malatang.

Coincidentally, the surrounding people were discussing the fragrant Malatang. They said that they did not know what fresh food it was. It was spicy and fragrant, and the way they ate it was novel…

The villager’s eyes widened in disbelief. It was as if she had seen a ghost. She stood not far away and watched as Ye Lulu sold Malatang for a long time!

The slim and beautiful young woman standing behind the wooden cart was… Guan Chibei’s wife, Ye Lulu?!

Oh my, she… she was actually selling food at the docks?!

Was that new and imposing wooden cart hers?!

The village woman’s eyes almost popped out. She stood still for almost an hour… She saw countless people, one after another. The queue was very long. They were all buying food from Ye Lulu.

Ye Lulu’s hands never stopped moving.

Their business was so good. How much money did they earn?!

Furthermore, commoners kept walking past them. From time to time, discussions drifted into her ears… “That Malatang… It’s quite delicious! My appetite is whetted.”

“That’s right. In the beginning, I felt that it was too spicy, but I felt incomparably refreshed after eating it! It wasn’t spicy-spicy, but it was still spicy. It was very refreshing.”

“Yes, yes… And I still want to eat it. It’s very appetizing.”

“I’m covered in sweat from eating… but I don’t feel cold anymore.”

“…That stall is so novel. It’s just that there are too many people. It’s so tiring to queue. There’s a long queue too.”

“That stall selling Malatang…”

The people here were mostly talking about the stall over there.

The village woman’s eyes froze as she stared at Ye Lulu. After a while, she couldn’t help but reach out and grab a man who was passing by.

“Hey, what are you doing? Men and women shouldn’t touch each other!” The man wearing a hat dodged and retracted his hand desperately.

Only then did the village woman realize what she had done. She quickly let go of him and asked with a smile, “Brother, I’m sorry. I was stunned. Hey, I want to ask you, Brother. What spicy food is sold at that stall over there? What’s the price?”

The man looked at her in confusion and said, “It sells Malatang. It’s a pot of soup. The flavor is spicy and numbing. Then, there are many ingredients. There are vegetables and meat. Take whatever you want to eat and pour it into the pot. After it’s cooked, pour the soup over it. As for the price…”

“The price of vegetables is different from meat. It mainly depends on what you want to eat. You can take whatever you want.. The price depends on what you take.”

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