My Children Are Fierce and Adorable! - Chapter 267 - Numbing and Spicy Vegetables and Balls

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Chapter 267: Numbing and Spicy Vegetables and Balls

Ye Lulu picked up the spatula to stir-fry. The temperature of the fire and oil was just right. With a sizzling sound, a strong smell rose.

Moreover, it swept out domineeringly to the surroundings.

“What’s that smell?”

“Hiss… What’s that smell? It’s so fragrant.”

“This smell is too strong. It smells so spicy. Where did this come from?”

Some people around the stall had already looked over with strange gazes.

No matter what they were thinking, they were already attracted.

The oil was boiling and bubbling. The smell of various ingredients and chili was maximized. At this moment, it was already extremely fragrant.

There was a clear sound…

Ye Lulu scooped up the pork bone soup that she had simmered the entire night in the big pot beside her and poured it into the stir-fried base.


That fragrance… was indescribable.

Everyone smelled the spicy soup mixed with a mellow fragrance. It was even more fragrant and alluring. It could not help but attract more people’s attention.

Some people really followed the smell and came over. Some people who were in front stopped in their tracks and stood in front of the stall.

The soup continued to boil and bubble. At this moment, Ye Lulu started to add ingredients.

This bowl…

She wanted to eat it herself!

She was starving. In order to avoid hypoglycemia, she only drank a bowl of sugar water with eggs early in the morning. It was not because the Guan family did not make breakfast, but because she had also drooled the entire night and was looking forward to eating Malatang this morning!

How long had it been since she had eaten such food since she came to the ancient times? Ye Lulu couldn’t even count clearly.

Usually, at the Guan family, she could cook anything she wanted. However, such soup was not prepared every day, and the variety of dishes was not always complete. The things she wanted to eat could only be gathered today after setting up the stall.

On one hand, Ye Lulu was attracting the gazes of others, but on the other hand, she wanted to eat it herself. Her heart was filled with the mellow and fragrant soup boiling in the pot. When she saw that there was a small fire under the stove, she immediately used her long wooden chopsticks to pick up the ingredients she wanted to eat and put them in at the optimal time.

Mushrooms, tofu, radish, potatoes, fishballs, chicken filet, vermicelli, meatballs… and finally, beancurd sheets.

That’s right. In order to open the stall, Ye Lulu had made a few new ingredients in advance. Fishballs were not worth mentioning. There were also chicken filet and beancurd sheets!

There was vermicelli, to begin with. The Shang dynasty already had this, as well as mung bean jelly. Ye Lulu did not know which dynasty this was from, but there was plenty of such stuff.

There were only things like chicken filet that came from the modern era. However, it was not impossible to make, just that it was a little troublesome. Usually, there was no need to do it, but now, in order to set up a stall, Ye Lulu did it!

Then she could eat it herself!

She had also processed the beancurd sheet a little. It was not difficult to make it because the Shang dynasty’s tofu-making process was quite advanced.

At modern video streaming sites, one could see the methods of preparing beancurd sheets from user-generated videos.

Ye Lulu had prepared all the ingredients. After having transmigrated such a long time ago, she was already craving them. When the dishes were cooked, she immediately took a wooden bowl and scooped out all the ingredients. Finally, she used a long wooden spoon to scoop a large spoonful of soup and pour it in.

The rich color was dyed with the bottom of the spicy red soup, soaking all the ingredients in the wooden bowl. There were mushrooms, potatoes, and meatballs. They floated and sank, looking extremely rich.

This bowl looked very enticing.

Ye Lulu swallowed hard and let the soup base simmer in the pot. She quickly picked up the bowl and prepared to eat.

The babies loved solid food and always had goat milk, so Ye Lulu had been preparing to stop breastfeeding them recently. She could finally eat something spicy…

Ye Lulu glanced at the sauce on the wooden table and took a small breath. She even reached out to scoop a small spoonful of bright and rich chili sauce and poured it on top of various ingredients.


Smelling the stronger fragrance, Ye Lulu couldn’t help but hiss.

But wait, why did the hissing sound seem so loud?

Ye Lulu couldn’t wait any longer. She picked up a snow-white and tender fishball with her chopsticks and placed it in her mouth. She took a bite and realized that it was juicy, tender, and smooth. There was a very strong fresh fish flavor, but there was no fishy smell at all. There were also other ingredients added. This fishball was made with the best texture and taste. After being cooked by the soup of Malatang, the fire was just right. As soon as she ate it, it was simply delicious.


Ye Lulu closed her eyes and cried crazily in her mind. It was too delicious. After transmigrating to ancient times for so long, she had finally eaten Malatang that was close to the modern version!

She did not have the proper taste and variety of ingredients like the modern Malatang, but with the addition of the fresh and sweet fish meat from ancient times, which was natural and free of impurities, she imperceptibly felt like crying when she ate the Malatang fish balls.

… Eh, that’s not right.

Why was this sound so loud?

Ye Lulu finally came back to her senses. When she looked up, she almost took two steps back and threw the bowl in her hand.

Woah, when did such a large group of people gather in front of the stall? There were at least dozens of people. All of them were piled together and their eyes were focused on the Malatang in her hands.

Did people come so quickly?

In the blink of an eye, so many people had appeared in front of her.


Ye Lulu looked at the person in front of her and didn’t forget to pick up another mushroom to eat. Damn, it was tender, juicy, and sweet. It had a superb texture and had the lingering fragrance of Malatang. It was simply a good dish.

The group of people in front of them couldn’t help but swallow their saliva as they watched Ye Lulu eat the smooth and red mushroom.

“You… what are you eating?”

“What’s in the pot? It’s spicy and fragrant!”

“Oh, there’s so much red oil… It’s not very spicy, right? You’re not pretending, right? Can you eat it?”

“It’s really fragrant… What’s this called? A new stall?”

Everyone looked at her stall and seemed to be sizing her up and testing her. They even scrutinized her a little.

Ye Lulu ate the mushroom and picked up the chicken filet with her chopsticks! The chicken filet was fried just right. It was fragrant and crispy looking. It was natural chicken meat. It was unlike the modern world where other things could be added. She took a bite…

Oh my, the secret recipe was fragrant and tender. It was the flavor of the modern era!

Ye Lulu cried.

She was not someone who missed old things and did not like change. Therefore, after transmigrating, she only had one life left. She pretended to blend in very normally.

But how could she not miss the past at all?

After eating the taste of modern food, all sorts of feelings welled up in Ye Lulu’s heart. Her eyes were moist.

Everyone was shocked.

What kind of food was this? Could it be that there was food so delicious that it made people cry?!

Was this true?!

However, no one could cry just like that, right?!

Ye Lulu had no idea that she was being mistaken for crying as it was too delicious.

Everyone stared at her with wide eyes. Someone looked at the soup base and fresh ingredients on her wooden cart and couldn’t help but ask, “You’re setting up a stall, right? What are you selling? Are you selling them now?!”

Ignoring everything else, they were really craving for it. Furthermore, there was a good opportunity today. It was the first day of voyages. To the commoners in Yuan City, it was also the first day of spring. Therefore, there were many people who wanted to try something new.

Therefore, some people could not help but ask Ye Lulu.

However, Ye Lulu bit off a large piece of chicken filet and chewed it in her mouth in an intoxicated manner. Her expression did not change as she said, “I’m opening a stall, but I won’t sell it now. I’ll start selling it after I finish it.”

The expressions of the surrounding people changed.

What? Not selling?! There was actually someone who came out to set up a stall and not sell anything?!

Ye Lulu calmly finished the chicken filet. As it was too fragrant, everyone in front of her swallowed their saliva crazily.

Ye Lulu held the wooden bowl and stood behind the stall. She ate quickly and enjoyed it. The problem was that although she was so eager to eat, she was still very refined and did not spill any soup.

It was simply incomparably natural.

Ye Lulu felt like she was buying cow intestines from those small shops on the modern streets in the past.

They were indeed too attractive.

Someone couldn’t help but ask Ye Lulu, “Not selling?” As Ye Lulu ate Malatang in an intoxicated manner, she replied clearly, “Yes, not selling now. I want to finish it before selling. I can’t wait anymore. I’ve been craving this for too long.”

Everyone was speechless. “…”

If you can’t wait, what about us?

You’re a stall owner, and you’re the one selling this food. How dare you say that you’re finally eating this…

Ye Lulu was not joking. She really planned to finish it before selling Malatang. Firstly, she was joking. She was selling Malatang herself, so how could she not be addicted to it first?! Secondly, it was to also arouse the greed of the surrounding people…

Ye Lulu ate the bowl of Malatang calmly and attentively, making the surrounding people wait…

Some of them felt that Ye Lulu was too pretentious. They snorted in disdain and left, but Ye Lulu did not notice at all as she was focused on the wooden bowl in front of her.

Guan Chibei stood beside the wooden cart and looked at her calmly.

Ye Lulu opened another stall to do business. Most of the Guan family members were helping Mother Rong. It was equivalent to her starting a new business and finding Old Aunt Xu and her grandson outside to help.

However, no matter what, Guan Chibei would naturally follow her to set up a stall. As her ‘husband’, Guan Chibei would help her no matter what she did.

When Ye Lulu calculated the manpower, she naturally included him as well, so she only hired Xu Huang and that was enough for the time being.

When Ye Lulu saw him, she widened her eyes and quickly swallowed the soft and fragrant radish. She said to Guan Chibei, “I forgot about you. I’ll cook you a bowl first. You didn’t eat much breakfast today. Come, pick the ingredients first. What do you want to eat?”

Guan Chibei’s expression was calm. He did not reject her suggestion and walked over. He picked up the huge wooden spoon beside him and started to pick up the ingredients.

Not bad. This act of picking up food with a spoon even restored the style of the Malatang restaurants in the alley outside many big schools in the modern world.

It could be said that it was very localized.

This was also specially designed by Ye Lulu to find some consolation in small details.

Guan Chibei went forward and took a few meatballs. He also took fishballs, vegetables, mushrooms, radish, and chicken filet.

Ye Lulu glanced at him and found that he was quite good at eating. He buried his head in his food and chewed noisily. The hot soup coupled with the fragrant and spicy taste and the toughness of the vermicelli were delicious.

After finishing that mouthful of vermicelli, Ye Lulu let out a breath and lowered her head to drink another mouthful of soup.


When Guan Chibei saw her actions, he paused and added another bunch of vermicelli.

Ye Lulu ate a few mouthfuls of vermicelli. The people who had been watching her actions also swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva, their eyes anxiously focused on her.

Ye Lulu put down the wooden bowl and walked over to help Guan Chibei heat the vegetables.

“Where’s mine?!” Guan Chixi leaned over, his expression filled with even more desire. He rubbed his hands together. He had always been the most enthusiastic when it came to delicious food.

“Go and get what you want to eat.” Ye Lulu cooked the vegetables and said, “Xu Huang as well.”

She said what she wanted, so Xu Huang did not decline. Instead, he silently went forward and picked up a wooden spoon.

The Malatang was cooked very quickly. This was also one of the reasons why Ye Lulu supported the idea of Malatang. It was too suitable for her to set up a stall to sell!

After cooking for Guan Chibei, she handed the bowl to him. Guan Chixi and Xu Huang’s portions were served.

Guan Chixi was very well-equipped. He took a variety of ingredients and tried everything. As for Xu Huang, most of them were vegetables. Only a portion of beancurd sheets was made from beans. Then, he took a large bundle of noodles, which was not very suitable for Malatang but was good at withstanding hunger.

Ye Lulu made Malatang from the Shang dynasty. Since it was being sold in ancient times, it would naturally be a local version. The most expensive ingredients like vermicelli were priced the highest and only a little was prepared.

As for the rest, they were not suitable for making Malatang. However, Ye Lulu had prepared a lot of handmade noodles that were suitable for the current situation. White flour was of the highest grade. There were also two-flavored noodles, three-flavored noodles, and even black noodles.

Although the noodles would ruin the soup base for Malatang, and it didn’t taste that good when cooked, Ye Lulu was still prepared because many commoners couldn’t eat vermicelli.

Xu Huang was holding black noodles, which were of the worst quality.

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