My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 926 - Chapter 926 Third Young Master Ye, Come And Acknowledge Your Children! (IX)

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Chapter 926: Chapter 926 Third Young Master Ye, Come And Acknowledge Your Children! (IX)

Then, Chu Wuyou really saw Ye Lanchen standing outside. At this moment, he was leaning against the car door, looking up at her…

Although the distance was a little far, the lights in Chu Wuyou’s room were on, so Ye Lanchen could see her.

The moment Ye Lanchen saw her, he could not help but smile.

“It’s so late. Why are you here?” Chu Wuyou could not bear to see him standing outside alone.

“I was worried when you didn’t pick up the phone.” Ye Lanchen’s voice was obviously gentler. He just wanted to see her.

“Then why don’t you just come in?” Chu Wuyou secretly sighed. Although the Tang family was somewhat dissatisfied with him and Madam Tang had said that she would not let him into the Tang family, if he really wanted to come in, who could really stop him?

When did he become so obedient?

“Come down.” Ye Lanchen did not explain further. If he wanted to go in, naturally, no one could stop him. However, he did not want her to be caught in the middle and make things difficult for her. Moreover, he could hear bursts of laughter coming from the room from afar.

They were so happy. He did not want to let his appearance remind them of those unhappy things and affect their mood.

But now that the other members of the Tang family were asleep, he could not quench his thirst by looking at her like this. He wanted to hug her, he wanted to kiss her, and he wanted more, a lot more…

At this moment, Third Young Master Ye’s voice was slightly hoarse.

“Oh, okay.” Chu Wuyou thought that he must have waited for a long time. She understood his temper. If she did not go down, he would not leave so easily, so Chu Wuyou subconsciously agreed.

Chu Wuyou turned around and happened to look at Tang Zhimo. Tang Zhimo was short and stood inside, so Third Young Master Ye would not be able to see him from outside.

Chu Wuyou looked at Tang Zhimo and was stunned. The corners of her lips were slightly pursed.

“Woman, you’re going soft now?” The corners of Tang Zhimo’s lips twitched slightly. His voice was not loud, and he was quite a distance away from Chu Wuyou, so Ye Lanchen on the other end of the phone definitely could not hear him.

The corner of Chu Wuyou’s lips twitched violently. What kind of words were that?! He referred to her in that way?!

Chu Wuyou agreed, and Third Young Master Ye was currently very happy. However, when he saw Chu Wuyou turn around but stop in her tracks, he was a little puzzled and could not help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

Chu Wuyou held her phone and looked at Tang Zhimo, her eyes subconsciously blinking.

“If you want to leave the two children that need to be taken care of and go on a date with your man, I can’t stop you.” Tang Zhimo looked at her. She really did not know what to say in reply.

Chu Wuyou’s lips could not help but twitch again.

“However, remember what you promised us. Don’t tell him about me and my sister for now. I still have plans in the future.” Tang Zhimo’s eyes glanced towards the window. Actually, he could not see Ye Lanchen from where he was standing, however, his eyes still flashed subconsciously.

This time, he could not let his mother marry him so easily. Moreover, there was still him and his sister. He had to figure out Ye Lanchen’s attitude first. This test could not be skipped.

If he did not figure out the Ye family’s situation, he was afraid that his mother would be wronged in the future.

“Oh, I understand. I promise you.” Chu Wuyou nodded and agreed.

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