My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 925 - Chapter 925 Third Young Master Ye, Come And Acknowledge Your Children! (VIII)

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Chapter 925: Chapter 925 Third Young Master Ye, Come And Acknowledge Your Children! (VIII)

So, Tang Boqian wanted to use the case as an excuse for Sister Hongling to bring the two darling babies back?

Fortunately, Sister Hongling insisted on bringing the two darling babies back first.

“Sister Hongling…” Chu Wuyou hugged Yue Hongling tightly. For a moment, she had a thousand words but could not say it out loud.

She thought about how Sister Hongling did not go back according to Senior’s instructions. Would Senior be angry? Would he do something to Sister Hongling when the time came?

Chu Wuyou wanted Yue Hongling to stay, but she was afraid that Tang Boqian really had an urgent case…

She was afraid that she was overthinking.

“What, what? Are you acting coquettish like the two darling babies?” Yue Hongling was stunned and deliberately teased her. “Let me tell you, it’s useless for you to act coquettish.”

“Wuyou, is this your friend?” Feng Miaomiao looked at Yue Hongling, her eyes clearly shining. This girl looked pretty good, and she quite liked her.

“Eh.” Chu Wuyou could see through Feng Miaomiao’s thoughts with a glance, and could not help but laugh.

“Let your friend stay at home for a few more days.” Feng Miaomiao’s gaze became even more obvious.

“Auntie, I’m sorry. I have some urgent matters to attend to, so I have to go.” Yue Hongling also liked this family very much, and she could not bear to part with her two darling treasures. However, she had a mission, so she had to go back.

“Ah? Why are you leaving? It’s not easy for you to come here.” Feng Miaomiao was very reluctant to leave let her leave, but when Feng Miaomiao saw that Yue Hongling was really going to leave, she called out to Tang Ling repeatedly, “Tang Ling, send her off.”

“Eh, okay.”Tang Ling knew that Yue Hongling had booked a plane ticket, so he agreed very quickly this time.

Feng Miaomiao smiled exceptionally happily.

In the Tang family, there were often urgent missions that required leaving. Although everyone was also reluctant for Yue Hongling to leave just like that, they did not say much.

Because of the two treasures, the Tang family had been smiling and laughing all day long. The smiles on the faces of Madam Tang and Elder Tang did not stop. The number of times Tang Yuncheng laughed today was probably more than the number of times he had laughed in his entire life.

Feng Miaomiao was so happy that she almost could not tell north from south.

After Tang Ling sent Yue Hongling to the airport, he returned to the Tang family. However, the two darling babies did not stick to him, so Tang Yuncheng chased him off to the army.

At night, everyone was reluctant to sleep until very late. Only when they saw that the two darling babies were a little sleepy did the elders reluctantly let Chu Wuyou bring the two darling babies back to their rooms to rest.

They also wanted to sleep with the two darling babies at night, but the children was definitely the closest to their mother. Wuyou had been separated from her children for so long, so she definitely missed the children.

Chu Wuyou returned to her room and wanted to give Tang Zhixi a bath, but Tang Zhixi insisted on taking a bath herself. She said that when she grew up, there was no need for her mother to take a bath anymore.

Chu Wuyou had no choice but to let her be. Anyway, the weather was hot now, and taking a bath was simple. It was fine to let her exercise for a while.

Tang Zhimo was very strange. As soon as he entered the room, he was straightening up his luggage.

Seeing Tang Zhixi enter the bathroom, Chu Wuyou picked up the phone that she had forgotten in the room and realized that there were a few missed calls.

They were all from Ye Lanchen.

Chu Wuyou was about to call Ye Lanchen when Third Young Master Ye called again.

Chu Wuyou glanced at Tang Zhimo, who was tidying up his clothes, and then picked up.

“What are you doing? Why aren’t you picking up your phone?” As soon as the call was picked up, Ye Lanchen’s voice sounded. It was obvious that he was a little anxious, but he was also visibly relieved.

“I didn’t hear it just now.” Chu Wuyou secretly sighed. She was too happy that the two darlings had returned, so she had been accompanying the two darlings downstairs.

“If you still don’t pick up the phone, I’ll just rush in,” Ye Lanchen said suddenly after a moment of silence.

“Rush in? What do you mean? Are you outside the Tang residence?” Chu Wuyou was stunned. She subconsciously walked to the window, and through her window, she could see the situation outside the door.

Did he mean that he was outside the Tang residence?

Then, Chu Wuyou really saw Te Lanchen standing outside. At this moment, he was leaning against the car door, looking up at her…

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