My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 1152 - Chapter 1152 Goddess Chu Was So Domineering! (V)

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Chapter 1152: Chapter 1152 Goddess Chu Was So Domineering! (V)

Chu Wuyou was stunned. Where did this bodyguard take him to? He had been with Chu Zhijiang for so long?

“Where did you take him to?” Chu Wuyou looked at the bodyguard and could not help but ask.

“I was merciful and didn’t kill him.” The bodyguard might have gotten used to following Third Young Master Ye, so the way he spoke and thought was somewhat different.

He thought Chu Wuyou was asking him how badly he had beaten the man up.

Chu Wuyou was stunned for a moment, then the corner of her lips twitched violently. Alright, she understood what Third Young Master Ye meant when he said to take good care of him.

He had not been killed, so the bodyguard was merciful!

Chu Wuyou went back to the Tang family. Secretary Liu took her, but Ye Lanchen still asked the bodyguards to follow. However, when they arrived at the Tang family, the bodyguards did not go in. They wanted to wait outside.

Chu Wuyou asked Ye Lanchen for permission to let the bodyguards leave, but the condition was that she had to call Ye Lanchen when she came out of the Tang family.

Chu Wuyou sighed lightly, but she did not say anything else.

Chu Wuyou had not slept for the entire night, so she was really tired. Chu Wuyou thought of going to check on the two darlings before going upstairs to sleep.

However, before Chu Wuyou entered the hall, her phone suddenly rang.

Chu Wuyou took out her phone and saw that it was an unfamiliar number. Chu Wuyou’s brows furrowed slightly, but she still answered it. “Hello, who is this?”

“Are you Tang Xin’er, Miss Tang?” On the other end of the phone was a man’s voice. It was low and slightly hoarse, making people feel a little heavy and depressed.

“I am, who are you?” Chu Wuyou’s eyes flashed. She had never heard this voice before. She should not know this person either.

“I am Ye Bowen.” The man on the other end of the phone hesitated for a moment before introducing himself.

When he said this, he faintly exhaled. He seemed to be a little nervous, a little afraid, he appeared to be anticipating something.

Chu Wuyou’s eyes narrowed rapidly.

Ye Bowen?! Ye Lanchen’s father, Ye Bowen?!

The Ye Bowen that she suspected had something to do with her mother’s death?!

At this moment, Chu Wuyou was really surprised, even stunned. Why did Ye Bowen suddenly call her?

To be honest, she had not seen Ye Bowen when she went to the Ye residence that time. After that, she had not specifically investigated Ye Bowen anymore.

So many years had passed, and she knew that there were some things that she might not be able to find out even if she wanted to.

Moreover, for some reason, she did not want to investigate anymore!!!

Perhaps it was because of Ye Lanchen, or perhaps it was because of something else. She could not explain it clearly.

But now, Ye Bowen had called her?


“Mr. Ye, is something the matter?” Chu Wuyou secretly took a deep breath to calm herself down. Her voice was as calm as usual, and there was nothing strange about it.

“Miss Tang, can we meet?” Ye Bowen directly requested to meet. Since he had already decided, he naturally could not back down.

“Meet? Why?” Chu Wuyou’s eyes flashed quickly. She had spent a lot of effort to find Ye Bowen previously.

“Miss Tang, we’ll talk when we meet.” Ye Bowen did not say it explicitly. He paused slightly before adding, “Don’t worry, Miss Tang. I won’t hurt you.”

When Ye Bowen said this, there was an obvious hint of a strange emotion in his voice. This kind of strange emotion could not be heard through the phone line.

However, Chu Wuyou could tell.

The strange emotion in Ye Bowen’s voice made Chu Wuyou’s eyelids subconsciously twitch.

Chu Wuyou thought of her mother’s death and the photo of Ye Bowen that she found in her mother’s belongings…

“Okay, when? Where?” Chu Wuyou thought about it and agreed. She had too many doubts about what happened back then. Now that Ye Bowen had taken the initiative to ask to meet her, there was no reason for her not to go.

Moreover, she also wanted to know why Ye Bowen suddenly asked to meet her. She wanted to see what Ye Bowen wanted to do…

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