My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 1151 - Chapter 1151 Goddess Chu Was So Domineering! (IV)

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Chapter 1151: Chapter 1151 Goddess Chu Was So Domineering! (IV)

Chu Zhijiang was obviously frightened by Ye Lanchen and did not dare to insult her anymore.

“Take him out and take good care of him. “Ye Lanchen saw Chu Wuyou turn around and look over. The killing intent in his eyes faded away, and he ordered the bodyguard in a low voice.

Hearing Third Young Master Ye say take good care of him, the bodyguard trembled slightly. He knew all too well what Third Young Master Ye meant by take good care of him.

However, Chu Zhijiang clearly did not know. When he heard Third Young Master Ye’s words, Chu Zhijiang’s face lit up and he could not help but thank him. “Thank you, Third Young Master Ye…”

“Let’s go.” The bodyguard looked on and took Chu Zhijiang away.

After Chu Zhijiang left, Ye Lanchen quickly walked in front of Chu Wuyou, hugged her, lowered his head, and kissed her hard.

When he thought of Chu Zhijiang’s words just now, he could not help but feel a little afraid. If she had been the one who was taken away by those kidnappers that night, he did not even dare to think about the consequences.

He thought that he would personally kill those people. He thought that he might even kill himself.

Fortunately! Fortunately, she was fine!!!

He absolutely could not allow that kind of thing to happen again.

Although she was fine, he would never let go of those who tried to hurt her, including Chu Zhijiang. Moreover, Chu Zhijiang had bumped into the muzzle of his gun today, so he could not be blamed.

“I’m fine.” Chu Wuyou knew what he was worried about. She leaned into his arms tightly and put her arms around his waist. “Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to me.”

In the past, she would not let anything happen to her for the sake of her two darling children. In the future, it would also be for his sake.

Chu Wuyou could feel his nervousness and fear just now. She raised her head and tiptoed, her lips pressing against his.

She knew that this man was very powerful, but he was also fragile at times and needed to be appeased.

Chu Wuyou originally only wanted to give him a light kiss, but Ye Lanchen hugged her and fiercely deepened the kiss.

There were not many patients on this level. It was very quiet and there was no one around. At this moment, there was only a bodyguard left. The bodyguard naturally had long since turned around with his back facing them.

“Eat your food first, then you go back and rest. I’ll watch from here.” After the passionate kiss, Ye Lanchen gently exhaled. Thinking about how she had been in the hospital the whole night yesterday, she must have been tired.

She was tired, but her heart ached for him.

“You should go back and rest too. You didn’t rest last night either.” Chu Wuyou was afraid that something would happen last night, so she stayed here. However, the doctors had come to see her a few times, and they all said that although the possibility of Elder Chu waking up was not high, the possibility of a sudden accident was also not high.

There would be people in the ICU who would take special care of them. Feng Miaomiao had also asked for special care, and both she and Ye Lanchen needed to go back and rest.

“What? Do you want to go back and rest with me?” Ye Lanchen looked at her and raised the corners of his brows slightly.

The corners of Chu Wuyou’s lips twitched slightly. Go back and rest with him? Would she still be able to rest well?

She would probably be even more tired!

In the end, Ye Lanchen still insisted that Chu Wuyou go back first.

When Chu Wuyou went down, Secretary Liu was already waiting for her.

Just as Chu Wuyou was about to get into the car, she happened to see the bodyguard who had escorted Chu Zhijiang back.

Chu Wuyou was stunned. Where did this bodyguard take him to? He had been with Chu Zhijiang for so long?

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