My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 1150 - Chapter 1150 Goddess Chu Was So Domineering! (III)

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Chapter 1150: Chapter 1150 Goddess Chu Was So Domineering! (III)

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“I don’t want to repeat myself. I’ll give you one day to move your things out. When you move your things out, I’ll get someone to supervise you. You can’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to you. If you don’t move your things out today, I’ll get someone to throw everything out. Don’t even think about stepping into the Chu family again.” Chu Wuyou’s voice was not loud, however, it was exceptionally clear.

This time, Chu Zhijiang had really angered Chu Wuyou. She could let go of all the things that Chu Zhijiang had done to her, but Chu Zhijiang had caused Elder Chu to be in such a state without the slightest bit of guilt. This was something that she could not tolerate.

Previously, the Chu family’s mansion had already been mortgaged by Chu Zhijiang. As he had not been paying, logically speaking, the Chu family’s mansion should have been dealt with by the bank a long time ago.

It was just like the other properties under Chu Zhijiang’s name.

At that time, it was Ye Lanchen who bought the Chu family’s mansion and transferred it to her name.

Chu Wuyou only found out about this later. It was just that she did not tell anyone about this, including Elder Chu.

During this period of time, she did not chase Chu Zhijiang’s family out because of Elder Chu.

“Chu Wuyou, what right do you have?” At this moment, Chu Zhiyou no longer looked so casual. At this moment, he was clearly really anxious.

Since it was related to his own interests he knew how to be anxious.

Chu Zhijiang no longer had any money in his hands. The last of their money had been given to the kidnappers.

Now that Chu Zhijiang had been kicked out, he did not even have a place to live. Moreover, he was afraid that even eating would become a problem.

“I’m Chu Wuyou.” Chu Wuyou looked at him and said each word coldly. For a person who had no humanity, she did not want to talk nonsense with him anymore.

After Chu Wuyou finished speaking, she turned around and wanted to leave.

“Chu Wuyou, don’t go. Tell me clearly. What right do you have to chase me away? This old man didn’t even chase me away. What right do you have? What right do you have?” Chu Zhijiang came back to his senses and shouted loudly again

If he had not mentioned Elder Chu, it would have been fine. But now that he had mentioned it, Chu Wuyou’s face became even colder.

“Send Mr. Chu back. Watch him pack his things and then let him leave the Chu family’s mansion. Remember, don’t allow him to take anything from the Chu family.” Chu Wuyou did not turn around, nor did she look at Chu Zhijiang again, she only ordered a bodyguard beside her in a low voice.

Last night, Ye Lanchen had arranged for two bodyguards to come over. Ye Lanchen said that the some of the kidnappers might still slip through the net, so they could not be careless.

Chu Wuyou let him be.

“Yes.” A bodyguard agreed and directly walked towards Chu Zhijiang.

“Chu Wuyou, what right do you have to treat me like this? You shameless b*tch. I wanted to kill you, I should have got those kidnappers to capture you and use you to death. I should have got them to record a video of you being used by all those men and let you…” Chu Zhijiang’s words became more and more unpleasant, the more he said, the more unbearable it became.

Chu Wuyou’s eyes narrowed slightly. However, at this moment, Chu Zhijiang’s voice suddenly stopped.

Chu Wuyou was slightly stunned. Logically speaking, Chu Zhijiang had been just in the middle of cursing, so it was impossible for him to stop at this moment.

Chu Wuyou turned around and looked over. Then, she saw that Ye Lanchen had returned. At this moment, Ye Lanchen’s narrowed eyes were filled with a bloodthirsty killing intent, a killing intent that made one’s hair stand on end.

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