Museum of Deadly Beasts - Chapter 744 - Bringing Back to Life

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Chapter 744: Bringing Back to Life

Not only did the beasts feel an inexplicable pressure, but the humans did too. All eyes then turned to Lin Jin.

Some of them recognized him but most people had never seen him before, so for a moment there, the crowd showed mixed reactions.

Tan Xun, for one, was definitely excited to see Lin Jin. He was just about to speak when Lin Jin said, “I’ve come to the headquarters in hopes of meeting you, Appraiser Tan. And since I ran into this incident, let me take a look.”

He had spoken passively, indicating that he would like to try diagnosing the creature.

Yet, everyone knew the eagle was dead, so what was there to diagnose?

Did this young man think he could bring it back to life?

Some people immediately showed contempt.

Tan Xun nodded without hesitation. “Be my guest. I hope that my earlier diagnosis was incorrect.”

Upon careful consideration, one would realize that Tan Xun meant he had no confidence when compared to this young man, that he truly wished his earlier diagnosis was wrong.

Lin Jin went over to touch the thunder eagle. One of Hu Dabiao’s men got annoyed and tried to stop him, but Hu Dabiao held his subordinate back instead.

“Don’t move,” Hu Dabiao commanded.

“Brother Hu, this young man is trying to cause trouble,” the subordinate said indignantly.

“Fool, look at his sleeve!” Hu Dabiao may not be very educated, but he was a meticulous man with keen observation skills. After he had spoken, the subordinate was stunned as he turned to look at Lin Jin’s sleeve.

He had beast-patterned rings on his sleeve.

That proved he was an official beast appraiser. However, this was Jade Dragon City’s Beast Appraisal Association where official appraisers were found everywhere. This shouldn’t be anything surprising.

But soon, this subordinate noticed the difference in the man’s sleeve.

Beast appraising was a reputable profession in every continent on the mainlands. Hence, everyone knew how beast appraisers were ranked, and that was to look at the rings they had on their sleeves.

The young appraiser who previously treated the thunder eagle had two rings, making him a Rank 2 appraiser while Tan Xun a Rank 3.

The higher the number of rings, the higher the person’s rank.

The subordinate noticed how the newcomer’s sleeve had one, two, three, and four—four rings on his sleeve.

A Rank 4 beast appraiser?

Ridiculous! How could there be such a young Rank 4 beast appraiser? Even those who had little knowledge about beast appraising would know that intermediate countries didn’t have Rank 4 beast appraisers. For their North Continent, Rank 4 appraisers were as precious as stars in the sky. They didn’t even have Rank 3 beast appraisers, much less Rank 4.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have come all this way to Jade Dragon Kingdom to request treatment.

“Isn’t he just a con artist?” the subordinate blurted out. Hu Dabiao immediately covered his mouth. “You fool! Didn’t you notice our pet beasts cowering the instant this person came out? Have you forgotten whose reputation we had come all this way for? Think about it, a Rank 4 appraiser…”

With Hu Dabiao’s clues, the subordinate seemed to recall and his eyes widened. His fingers then began to tremble as he said in almost a whisper, “It’s Lin…”

His mouth was once again covered by Hu Dabiao’s large hand.

Now, everyone was quiet, fearful of disturbing Appraiser Lin.

After learning that this young appraiser was Lin Jin, Hu Dabiao and his men watched obediently without making any sound.

Lin Jin’s reputation was just too distinguished.

The common folk now thought of him as equivalent to an immortal, perhaps even more. The various rumors about him were exaggerated too, so Hu Dabiao and his men couldn’t be blamed for having such a reaction. They only knew how to behave this way before godly figures.

More and more people among the crowd recognized Lin Jin. They watched on with excitement and reverence, wondering if Appraiser Lin actually had other ideas.

But probably not since the eagle was already dead.

Even gods couldn’t bring a dead creature back to life.

Yet, the instant Lin Jin touched the thunder eagle, a blinding thunderflash shone. This light came so suddenly that everyone had to close their eyes. However, they may not be able to see, but they could hear, and they clearly heard an eagle’s cry.

Once their eyes had gotten used to the light, they now saw the supposedly dead thunder eagle standing tall and proud, flapping its wings.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Lin Jin patted the eagle on the head before entering headquarters with Tan Xun, chattering pleasantly as they went. Many appraisers followed behind them excitedly.

Hu Dabiao and everyone else were gaping.

This straightforward northern man suddenly extended his hand to slap himself across the face. It made a loud sound and his face was now swollen.

“Ouch! Sh*t, this isn’t a dream!”

He probably thought he was dreaming all this while.

“Brother Hu, Khan’s eagle is really alive! My gosh, it’s a miracle!”

Many northern men started cheering and shouting in joy. Some even got on their knees to pray to the sky.

The northern men aside, even the folks watching on were too stunned to speak. No doubt, this incident today would surely have another exaggerated version and would soon spread throughout the country and even other continents as rumors.

But for Lin Jin, it was something very insignificant.

The eagle hadn’t actually died completely, and Lin Jin could tell with his current abilities without even having to touch it.

However, from a certain angle, one could really consider it to have died with only a tiny trace of possibility to be rescued. And yet, not everyone could save it. What Lin Jin did was simple. He simply used the Purple Thunder Needle to defibrillate the eagle and jump-start its heart.

The eagle probably ‘died’ not too long ago, possibly just a few minutes earlier, so defibrillation worked well on it.

Factoring in the Purple Thunder Needle’s other unique characteristics, saving the thunder eagle was easy, especially for Lin Jin.

Inside headquarters, Lin Jin and Tan Xun were now engaged in pleasant conversation. The young appraisers following behind them watched on with awe and admiration.

Them aside, even Tan Xun was excited and careful as Lin Jin was no longer the old Lin Jin he once knew.

Everyone in the beast appraising community knew that despite Lin Jin’s Rank 4 title, his abilities had actually exceeded Rank 4 standard.

Even the appraisers at Heavenly Spiral Academy were extra respectful toward Lin Jin, and among them included a Rank 5 beast appraiser.

In other words, Lin Jin’s beast appraising standard had now reached Rank 5.

With this knowledge in mind, Tan Xun couldn’t keep his calm. Now, aside from age, Tan Xun was inferior to Lin Jin in every aspect..

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