Museum of Deadly Beasts - Chapter 743 - Treatment Accident

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Chapter 743: Treatment Accident

Appraiser Tan looked composed as usual. After all, he was a man of experience and also the most veteran appraiser in Jade Dragon Kingdom. As the Beast Appraisal Association Headquarters’ supporting pillar, he had to be steadfast.

“Appraiser Tan!” The young appraisers immediately saluted him upon seeing his arrival.

“What happened?” Appraiser Tan asked gently. Despite his calm tone, he gave off an oppressive vibe.

The young appraisers immediately elaborated what had happened.

The northern man spoke up as well. “Old mister, my name is Hu Dabiao. I have traveled far from home, all the way from North Continent to Jade Dragon City for your Beast Appraisal Association’s reputation. I thought this place would be filled with skilled appraisers as Appraiser Lin had once been here before, but I didn’t expect your appraisers to be so unskilled. My rare beast ended up dying after a treatment here.”

It became obvious that being boisterous was Hu Dabiao’s character. He wasn’t intentionally trying to pick a fight.

Tan Xun nodded and then looked at the beast being carried on a stretcher.

It was a male eagle.

The creature was quite large but didn’t move at all, showing no signs of life.

Tan Xun went to get a closer look and frowned.

He was one of the most experienced Rank 3 beast appraisers in Jade Dragon’s Beast Appraisal Headquarters. Possessing competent beast appraisal skills, he immediately noticed the eagle’s unfavorable condition.

Indeed, the creature was a rare beast, a natural-born Rank 3 thunder eagle.

It was an outstanding creature even among rare beasts and was worth a lot. In other words, if the creature truly died because of carelessness on their association’s part, things were sure to get ugly.

As Lin Jin’s reputation had spread throughout the continents, many foreigners had come to visit. Some were here for treatment or appraisal, some were here to challenge the local appraisers for the sake of improving their own reputation, while others were just here to watch for any commotion.

Hence, the headquarters had been incredibly occupied these past few days.

As everyone had a great deal to do, mistakes were bound to happen. So Tan Xun was silently disappointed. Still, being a veteran and a sensible character, aside from looking solemn, Tan Xun showed no other expression. Instead, he began examining the thunder eagle.

It had indeed died.

It wasn’t breathing, and had no pulse. It wasn’t externally wounded and its bones felt fine. Tan Xun examined its eyes, mouth, and nose too but found nothing out of the ordinary.

In a brief moment, Tan Xun had thoroughly examined the thunder eagle but he knew these were only external examinations.

And so, he turned to ask, “Who was responsible for treating this eagle?”

A young appraiser stepped forward and saluted. “It was me, Appraiser Tan.”

“Tell me the situation,” Tan Xun instructed calmly. Perhaps seeing his composure, everyone else around them calmed down so the atmosphere was no longer as tense as before.

After the young appraiser was done explaining, Tan Xun frowned hard.

Based on his knowledge, it looked like he already noticed the flaws in the young appraiser’s handling method. However, the thunder eagle did indeed have a strange illness because the young appraiser’s treatment method shouldn’t have caused the creature to die.

So there must be some hidden problems here.

Tan Xun didn’t suspect Hu Dabiao for deliberately causing a scene by faking an accident either. No one would be foolish enough to use such a rare thunder eagle to fake an accident.

After all, a rare creature like this one had the potential to evolve up to Rank 4 easily. No sane person in today’s world would use a Rank 4 beast as cannon fodder.

Moreover, a thunder eagle’s growth potential didn’t just stop at Rank 4.

Anyway, this incident only happened due to incorrect diagnosis and medication.

However, the thunder eagle was already dead, so no matter how skillful Tan Xun was, he couldn’t do anything to help.

One of Tan Xun’s good traits was honesty.

Although he knew admitting their fault would affect headquarters’ reputation, asking him to lie for the sake of something so superficial didn’t bode well with him.

Tan Xun then elaborated on the situation and Hu Dabiao obviously couldn’t accept it. Though, he evidently still respected Tan Xun’s character because other people would lie their way out at a time like this to try to confuse the victim.

Hence, although Hu Dabiao was furious, he minded his manners.

“Appraiser Tan, I am not a very educated man. Under normal circumstances, I shouldn’t be pursuing this matter anymore as I understand there would be mistakes in diagnosis sometimes. But… but this rare beast isn’t mine. If it’s mine, I can only blame my fate. But this rare beast belongs to our Khan. It was me who asked to bring it to Jade Dragon for treatment. And now that my mission has failed, I will surely lose my life once I return,” Hu Dabiao said.

Tan Xun was shocked to hear this.

If this incident ended up costing someone’s life, how could they ever let their conscience rest? They wouldn’t even be able to sleep at night.

“Uhm…” No matter how rational and experienced Tan Xun was, he, too, was suddenly at a loss of what to do.

After all, the eagle had already died and Hu Dabiao didn’t look like he was lying. Even if they were to compensate him with a mountain of fortune, it might not help.

Not that the Beast Appraisal Headquarters have that amount of fortune to compensate for this loss.

What should they do?

“This is a careless mistake on our part. I would like to apologize to you,” Tan Xun said as he gave a low bow. Hu Dabiao was obviously the type who was amenable to coaxing instead of coercion. If Tan Xun had been insistent like the young appraiser, Hu Dabiao would have surely lashed out.

Yet, he couldn’t do that to Tan Xun.

“Sigh, perhaps this is a trial I am meant to face. Forget it. Appraiser Tan, it’s not your fault. Our Khan’s eagle was already on the verge of death and we were just desperate to try everything. If it could be treated, I would have been headed for success. But if it couldn’t, then I would die. I’ve accepted the consequences. We shall bid our farewell here, Appraiser Tan.”

Hu Dabiao was quite the man. After seeing Tan Xun apologize to him in public, he actually stopped pursuing the matter as he knew that there were no absolutes when it came to treating patients.

Since the treatment failed, he could only blame himself for being unlucky.

Some of Hu Dabiao’s comrades were anxious instead. They tried persuading Hu Dabiao to press the issue as he would be in danger if he just went home like this. However, Hu Dabiao seemed like a resolute person. Since he decided not to hold anyone accountable, he would stick to his word. Even if his subordinates wanted to cause trouble, he would remain firm.

Lin Jin had been watching from the crowd and understood the entire situation. He also had a good impression of Hu Dabiao.

All else aside, the man’s straightforward and easy-going attitude was very impressive.

And so, Lin Jin went over.

Someone tried to stop him but realized they couldn’t move the instant they tried. Also, Lin Jin had concealed his aura before coming out. The scene had been rowdy with people trying to talk above each other and beasts were howling and crying out. However, when Lin Jin came out, all the beasts suddenly fell silent as if someone had seized them by their throats..

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