Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 436 - The Evil Lord

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Chapter 436: The Evil Lord

Gu Yunhe was surprised. He did not expect that Lord Huai would respond to this casual excuse he had just come up with. However, after being surprised, he again became joyful. So Lord Huai was willing to give him an opportunity?

As long as he was showing himself off in front of Lord Huai, he was definitely going to be better than Gu Yunxuan. At that time, he was definitely going to torment Gu Yunxuan.

He showed a flattering smile and nodded. “Okay, okay!”

Then he gave Chen Fu a blink and asked Chen Fu to show the way.

During this interval, Gu Yunhe exceeded Gu Yunxuan so he took a step closer to Zhou Huaijin. Then he showed a proud look to Gu Chaoyan. Yes, this girl was marrying Lord Huai, but he did not think that Lord Huai would listen to everything she said. People from the imperial family were only out for business.

He was the Young Master of the Gu Mansion, and he was going to become the future Old Master. Besides his sister was the Equal Princess Consort of Lord Ling. So no matter what Lord Huai was doing, he had to stand by his side after all. Gu Yunxuan and Gu Chaoyan were nothing to him.

Just look at what Lord Huai was doing for him right now?

Gu Yunhe could not help showing a proud look on his face.

Chen Fu nodded at the vacant seat and then Gu Yunhe hid his proud smile and pointed at the empty seat. “Lord, take this seat.”

Zhou Huaijin nodded expressionlessly. Then he took the central seat and then turned to Gu Yunxuan and Gu Chaoyan. “Take a seat too.”

Hearing these words…

Gu Yunhe also took a step forward and was about to sit down on the vacant seat.

Zhou Huaijin threw a look at him. “Since you are done with your work, you can leave now. You must have a lot to do since your sister is getting married, don’t you?”

Gu Yunhe almost sat down when he heard the words. He stiffened and showed a look of disbelief. So what he did was guide the road?

He could not believe that that was what Lord said, so he again tried to take the seat when Fu Bao stopped him, as he showed another direction. “Please, Young Master?”

Gu Yunhe looked embarrassed.

He threw a look at Zhou Huaijin, who was ignoring him, but spoke with Gu Yunxuan instead.

He was extremely furious and unconvinced. What in the hell was Gu Yunxuan doing! He was about to say something when Fu Bao stopped him.

So he had to leave with Chen Fu. So he was in the same status as Chen Fu?

Gu Yunhe got extremely angry, so he gave Chen Fu a few more kicks after they were a few meters away. “You old servant, what are you doing?”

If not for Chen Fu, he would not have been treated in the same way as that housekeeper!

Chen Fu was not young any more, he could not stand up after being kicked. He was supporting his waist with his hands. He had no intention of coming here, it was the Young Master who had no idea where Lord Huai was supposed to sit, so he came along to help him. Why was this his fault? The Young Master was so unreasonable.

Chen Fu watched the man leaving the site, as the pageboy helped Chen Fu up and reminded. “Housekeeper, you have to get up and deal with the errands there.”

Chen Fu struggled to rise. However, the moment he arose, he collapsed again.

“Are you okay?” The pageboy got anxious too – the Young Master had kicked him hard.

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