Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 361 - Madame Gu Asking for You

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Chapter 361: Madame Gu Asking for You

Gu Chaoyan nodded. “Yeah.”

“Then when are you giving it to us? Can Yunhe go and fetch them with you at the Qiong Pavilion now?” Gu Zhenkang asked anxiously. He just could not wait.

Gu Chaoyan frowned. She thought of Mrs. Lin – could Mrs. Lin have been forced to share the doweries little by little years ago? She felt so disgusted by Gu Zhenkang.

“I will give them to you on the day I return to school.” Gu Chaoyan answered calmly.

Gu Yunhe got a little bit displeased hearing this. He was about to say something when Gu Zhenkang stopped him. She already made the promise, so it did not matter when that would be. Also, she had just saved the Young Duke and should not be scolded now.

He stopped Gu Yunhe and then smiled. “You are tired, go and have some rest.”

Gu Chaoyan nodded, and left directly without showing any emotions.

They had just walked out of the yard, when Sword One said angrily, “Elder Miss, are you really going to give them the prescriptions? How can you give that to them? They are using those things for their own interests! Lord Huai will definitely help you, even if you don’t give them a thing.”

Gu Chaoyan smiled briefly at Sword One.

Sword One was so honest, just like Fu Bao who was always so down-to-earth.

“Mom left me no prescriptions. But I can give them some, if they want some.” Gu Chaoyan said with a smile.

Sword One’s angry face stiffened.

So she meant… She meant that there was no such thing as a prescription? So all Elder Miss needed to do was to make some scribbles on the paper?

As she realized what happened, Sword One started to laugh. “Oh Miss, how could you!”

“Well, even if I told them that I haven’t got any, they would not trust me and would think that I was hiding them. So why not just give them one.” Gu Chaoyan shrugged and said nonchalantly.

They went back to the Qiong Pavilion together.

The Qiong Pavilion was a little far from the front yard, and it took quite a lot of time to walk between, but Sword One tended to tell some jokes, which made the whole walk much more interesting.

They were just laughing when someone rushed out and stopped Gu Chaoyan. Gu Chaoyan took a look at her and recognized that it was Cai Ming, Madame Gu’s maid.

Cai Ming looked messy, probably because she had been hiding.

She kneeled down directly at the sight of Gu Chaoyan. “Elder Miss, please go and take a look at Madame Gu. She used to take care of you!”

Gu Chaoyan frowned. She had not expected that Madame Gu wanted to see her.

Normally, she should have desired to meet her son and her grandson, not her!

Gu Chaoyan had intended to leave, when Cai Ming kneeled down directly in front of her. “Elder Miss, please!” Then she kowtowed to her.

Gu Chaoyan frowned. Instead of helping her up, she said, “Please rise, and lead the way.”

Hearing the words, Cai Ming kowtowed some more as if she had heard some wonderful news. Then she got up, wiped her tears and lead the way.

Gu Chaoyan and Sword One followed her.

After they walked for a long while Gu Chaoyan realized that something was wrong. They were not heading towards Pear Garden!

Gu Chaoyan found that something was going on. She looked at Cai Ming cautiously, “Where are we going?”

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