Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 8 - I Don't Like Little Kids

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Chapter 8: I Don't Like Little Kids

Translator: Yunyi

Song Yaoyao's eyes were dark and seemingly clear, but when one looked directly into it, they would find themselves being drawn in and unable to see the other end.

"If you can, then why can't I?"


Song Jingwan had been wearing a mask for a long time, so she managed to maintain her calmness. But her trembling fingertips proved that she was actually panicking.

Huo Ningxi's doubts grew as his gaze alternated between Song Yaoyao and Song Jingwan. From a biased perspective, he naturally believed Song Jingwan more. However, she claimed that Song Yaoyao wanted to kill her without any evidence to back her claim. How was he to believe that?

After her panic faded, Song Jingwan realized this and understood that even though she couldn't accept it, she had to. Fortunately for her, they were returning home soon. She was bound to find a way to deal with Song Yaoyao!

The Song Family only had space for one precious daughter, and that was her, Song Jingwan!

"I must have been imagining things because I didn't sleep well," Song Jingwan said between gritted teeth as she revealed an ugly grin.

"Oh, me too."

After she finished her congee, Song Yaoyao smiled and stood up, "But Sis, don't worry, I won't compete with you over anything. Look at the way you're acting so affectionate with my fiance. Did I make any comment about it?"

She spread her palms and deliberately emphasized the word, 'fiance'.

After she was done talking, she walked away confidently without looking at Huo Ningxi and Song Jingwan's uncomfortable expressions and left behind a crowd of silent onlookers.

Not long after she left, news began to spread about how her personality had changed after falling into the water.

Meanwhile, Song Yaoyao arrived at the bottom of the mountain in the car provided by the resort. Just as she stepped out of the car, she spotted a familiar figure in the window of another car.


She happily skipped over and leaned against the window with a smile.

"Gege, are you returning today as well?"

When he heard the familiar voice, Huo Yunque glanced up slightly and said in a cold tone, "You should call me Small Uncle."

Song Yaoyao pouted and secretly glared at Huo Qi.

It appeared as though this bigmouth had gone back and told Huo Yunque everything.

"Why must I call you Small Uncle? Gege clearly makes you sound younger," Song Yaoyao said, pretending to be oblivious.

Huo Yunque closed the files in his hands and looked Song Yaoyao up and down as he held back a smile. "I am Huo Ningxi's elder. Are you calling me Gege because you want to be his elder too?"

Huo Yunque said this as a casual comment, but to his surprise, the girl immediately blushed.

There was a gleam of water in her eyes. As she blinked, she twisted her body and said, "'s not impossible~"

Huo Qi: "???"

Miss, don't you think you're being too ambitious?!

But, reality proved that Song Yaoyao could do anything as long as she set her mind to it.

Huo Yunque let out a laugh. Stretching out his long slender hand, he pressed it against the head that was almost inside his car and pushed it away. In a deep voice, he said casually, "But I don't like little kids."

Faced with rejection, Song Yaoyao felt aggrieved. "I'm still young! I will grow!"

Huo Yunque: "Grow?"

He raised an eyebrow in doubt.

Song Yaoyao immediately felt unhappy: "..."

F*ck, why did she have to be short in both lives? Since she was given the chance to live again, why couldn't the Gods be generous and give her a few extra centimeters?

Song Yaoyao turned and left without hesitation. Her face drooped and she had an unapproachable vibe that gave off a deadly warning for anyone that dared to get close.

At that moment, Huo Qi said the wrong thing at the wrong time: "Sir, is Miss Song angry?" Is it because you said she was short?

"I guess girls also care about their height. But, then again, I think Miss Song is quite cute. She's petite and delicate. I would..."

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