Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 575 - I See How Charming Yaoyao Is

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Chapter 575: I See How Charming Yaoyao Is

Song Yaoyao was struck by man’s handsome looks and her mind went blank.


She felt a pain on her lips.

Song Yaoyao whimpered as her waist was grabbed by a pair of big hands. They lifted her up and placed her on the railing.

Brilliant fireworks bloomed in the night sky and the wind kissed the back of Song Yaoyao’s neck. She was so scared that she quickly wrapped her arms around Huo Yunque’s neck. “Gege…”

“Yes, I’m here.”

The man’s hoarse voice and the thrill of knowing nothing was behind her made Song Yaoyao shudder.

Through the fabric of her clothes, Song Yaoyao could feel the boiling temperature of the man’s body, as well as the faint smell of cedar coming from his body.

Song Yaoyao’s heart beat fast.

Huo Yunque tilted his eyes slightly. During the moment of silence after the fireworks, he could clearly hear the sound of the little girl’s heart pounding.

His light-colored lips slowly curled up, and he lowered his head beside her ear. “Miss Song Yaoyao, you should show Mr. Huo some concern too.”

The man’s voice was like wine, and it was slightly bewitching.

“H-how should I show concern…” Song Yaoyao muttered. The man’s powerful large palm gently caressed her back, smoothing out her slight fear.

“It should be different from others…”

Before Song Yaoyao could react, she had already fallen into a warm embrace.

The man carried her into the room.

His broad chest covered the noise outside the window.

Song Yaoyao finally realized something…

Her body fell onto the big bed. The man bent his knees and half-knelt on the edge of the bed, slightly leaning over.

“You want to see a picture of me naked?”

Song Yaoyao’s breathing stopped. “…”

Her eyes flickered, and she held onto the quilt, not daring to make a sound.

“It’s ready-made. Do you want to see it?”

Song Yaoyao looked at the man’s hand. His fingers were slender and well-proportioned. No matter what he did, he gave off an elegant and pleasing feeling.

His hand landed on the top of his shirt. One, two, three…

Song Yaoyao’s ears turned blood-red. She pretended to be calm and looked up. Her gaze fell on the moving Adam’s Apple.

The restlessness in the room surged.

Her eyes were fixed on Huo Yunque, causing him to laugh.

“Look. Do I look good?”

Song Yaoyao’s breathing quickened. Her eyes darted around, but she did not dare to make eye contact with Huo Yunque.

This was bad…

Gege must be drunk again!

She licked her lips. “Y-you’re alright…”


Huo Yunque raised his eyebrows. “Just alright? Student Song, you must have really high standards.” His voice was slightly drawn out, and his eyes were filled with a hint of playfulness.

Song Yaoyao was caught off guard as he suddenly leaned forward…

While she was confused, she vaguely heard a melodious voice. It was low and pleasant to the ear.

“I see how charming Yaoyao is, so Yaoyao should see how charming I am.”

Before she went to bed, Song Yaoyao weakly curled her fingers and thought, what kind of nonsense is this.

Wasn’t the drunk Gege too indecent?!

Compared to other people’s liveliness, the Song Family was much quieter.

Song Jingwan was sitting on the sofa playing with her phone while Zhou Manli was on the phone with her younger sister.

The entire villa was silent. Only the faint sound of fireworks coming from God knows where could be heard.


Song Jingwan’s eyes rolled as she lowered her head and swiped on her phone.

Ruoyao: Jingwan, you’re so mean for not telling me! Are you planning to enter the entertainment industry? Did Uncle and Auntie agree? You’re the female lead right from the start. Congratulations!

Song Jingwan was stunned.

Jingwan: What do you mean?

Yaoyao: Are you still hiding it from me? It’s official on Weibo! It’s clearly your photo!

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